Create an AdSense Friendly User Generated Content

Google AdSense has a strict policy regarding hate speech and abuse being incompatible with AdSense ads. Google has published strategies for abiding by their guidelines.The following is my advice for turning around a community to make it more compliant with AdSense policies. The tips are based on 15 years of moderating experience. Generally, a word

Ultimate Blog SEO Improvement Checklist to optimize

Building any website or blog takes consultation, hard work, and commitment. It can be daunting to assess everything you will need at the outset and everything you should track in order to ensure that your people are doing a good job. Creating an “ultimate” blog SEO checklist does not necessarily mean implementing all ranking factors

Set up WordPress Amp to work perfectly

WordPress AMP Set up According to a study conducted by Google, over 50% of search queries worldwide are conducted via mobile devices. As such, ensuring that your WordPress site loads quickly (and looks great) for those searchers should be a priority. Fortunately, the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative makes this task much easier. In

With these 6 SEO’s you are good to go 2019

6 SEO strategies and Tips Almost 30% of most websites are built with WordPress. Infact WordPress is the industry leader when it comes to content management systems. Not only is it arguably the most user-friendly platform, it’s unparalleled when it comes to SEO. Even right out of the box, all the basics of SEO are