Where to sell your kidney and make money

Best place to sell Your body parts 

Some time ago, people always asked, “Can I sell my body for money?”. Interestingly, the question changed not too long ago to “where can I sell my body for money?”. It is really surprising that evolution even affects how we think about making money with our bodies.

Among all the illegal ways to make money, selling your body parts for money is the fastest and most secure. Just to let you know, why donate a body part when you could make millions even from the strands of your hair?

Selling your body part tutorial guideKnow the best places to sell your body parts and make fast money

I earlier dumped the fact that I could make money by selling my body. However, when I felt it was time to wave goodbye to poverty, I decided to be wise. The first thing that hit my mind was which part of my body could make me a millionaire overnight without claiming my life. The first thing I thought of was my kidney because selling my sperm may take a little time to gather millions.

In no time, I was already wondering, “where can I sell my body for money?” In this article, I will show you the legal places to sell any part of your body. In fact, you will be able to calculate your bank balance even before selling.

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I believe you are ready because I am very ready.

Where Can I Sell My Body for Money and Price of Body Parts

In this section, I will mention the 6 best places where you can sell your body for money. The interesting thing is that you can sell any part of the body that you prefer. For me, I preferred the kidney because of the high amount of money involved and the type of doctor.

Have you any idea what each body organ is worth? Do not worry if you do not because this list features the money paid for every 6 countries.

1. Iran

The so-called Kidney foundation of Iran founded by Mr. Hashem Ghasemi is now an umbrella for selling body parts for money. I recently looked at its motto and it read ‘healthy kidneys, healthy hearts’. But then, this organization has turned more into a body part market than a ‘profitless organization’ for saving lives.

There is something unique about Iran concerning body selling for money. The thing is that it is practically legal to sell your body organs out there, whether kidney, hair, sperm or whatever you can spare. Although it is ‘near legal’ to sell your body in Iran, you would have to pose as a donor.

Wondering what street to sell your body? I would recommend Tehran also known as ‘the kidney street’.

Do you know that even the Iranian government has almost no problem with body sell? I had earlier considered going to Iran; however, the cost of the kidney was too low compared to selling in the US. This is largely due to the fact that the body part market in Iran is quite competitive (filled with a countless number of willing sellers). No wonder the famous quote:

“You are worth more dead than alive.”

Body Parts that Sell Well in Iran

Here are the body parts that sell very well in Iran presently.

  • Liver – About $90,000
  • Kidney – $25,000
  • Capula joint – $20,000
  • Cornea – $20,000
  • Gallbladder – $2000
  • Sperm – $189
  • Skin – $30 per square inch
  • Pint of Blood – $15
  • Womb (surrogacy) – Worth $39,000

Hospitals to Quickly Sell Your Body in Iran

The top 5 hospitals include:

  • Tehran Clinic Hospital
  • Farabi Eye Hospital
  • Jam Hospital
  • Bahman Hospital
  • Erfan Hospital

2. India

India is regarded as the largest body organ market in the world. The pay is quite high and a friend of mine recently sold his bone marrow for roughly $3,000. The country is so engulfed in this business that they even sell the body of dead people for money.

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Apart from the crime rate, another issue the Indian government face is the control of body organ trading. Well, the government may never be able to curb this as millions of Indians make millions daily and monthly. Did I just write ‘Indians’? Well, it is not only Indians but others from various countries. Even I have experienced India while selling a tint of blood for money. Do you want to know what I charged for that tint of blood? Well, is all about choice and my blood group is O+ which means I sold it high.

Unlike Iran, selling your body in India is considered illegal. The law imposes an imprisonment term and a fine on an individual that specializes in it. However, since you are not a dealer, you can walk under the umbrella of ‘donation’ to make your money.

Body Parts that Sell Well in India

  • Sperm – $400 (You can possibly accumulate up to $1,500 in a month)
  • Plasma – Worth up to $600
  • Hair – Worth between $120 to $3000 (Depending on the size and quantity).
  • Eggs – $5,000
  • Bone marrow – $3,000 (Used for treating cancer patients
  • Cornea – $35,000
  • Skin – Worth $6,000

Hospitals to Quickly Sell Your Body in India

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Max Hospital
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Narayana Health
  • Medanta Hospital

Pick any of these 5 and make your money.

3. Facebook Groups

I tell people that Facebook is a very poisonous platform but only a few believes. As a webmaster, I can tell the abilities of Facebook and the sorts of things it houses.

While asking where can I sell my body for money, I met a guy who needed a kidney via one of the Facebook groups (groups name withheld) some months ago. Guess what, he was offering $50,000 for a kidney but that seemed too small though. To show you how desperate he was, he did not even care whether my BMI will turn out too low or thereabout. I requested $150,000 since he is from the US. Thinking he will give up, he begged until he offered to make it $100,000.

I would have rejected this but what if the next person turned out to be Iranian? Although Iran sells quickly, the price is usually a bit low. To cut the long story short, we set our bargained at $120,000. A week later, we started proceedings and he footed all bills including the flight down to the US. From there, you know the rest, don’t you?


If you are interested in the groups, feel free to signal me. Meanwhile, do not bother to run Facebook ads that you want to sell your body because it will be rejected. Facebook has its ad regulations and it does not agree with this. Being that Facebook does not read people’s chat, selling it quietly is the answer.

However, there are parts you can sell via Facebook Groups.

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  • Sperm – As a donor
  • Womb – Surrogacy
  • Blood – As a donor
  • Model
  • Tattoo advert

Body Parts that Facebook Ads Rejects

On Facebook, you can only sell depending on the country or quality of the body.

  • Kidney – Worth between $50,000 to $150,000
  • Eggs – $5,000
  • Cornea – $35,000
  • Capula joint – $20,000
  • Porn – About $10,000 per role (comes as wages)

4. Dark Web

The only reason why the dark web is still alive is that top organizations are using it for underground deals. Otherwise, nothing would allow such a place to stay alive still today. According to Who Health Organization (WHO), about 10,000 transplants that are illegal take place in the likes of China, Pakistan, and India annually. Out of this number, over 50% of purchases are done using markets in the dark web.

The first day I decided to go into the deepest part of the dark web, I was amazed. Do you know that apart from selling your body, you can as well buy and resell at a higher price? This is simply business and only those with ‘dark intelligence’ know how to go about with the entire thing. Just in case you are wondering is visiting the dark web illegal? There is no rule that says don’t visit the dark web in many countries.

Body Parts that Easily Sell on the Dark Web

Instead of going too far, just understand that there are no specific measures on how to sell your body on the dark web. This is to say that any part of the body could be sold and at any price.

However, I have gathered a list of the best selling body parts trending on the dark web. I retrieved this during my adventure on the dark web to find a client for someone who needs to sell his sperm for money.

  • Kidney
  • Body for Pornography
  • Liver
  • Sperm
  • Womb
  • Modeling
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Cornea

Sincerely, I can’t say the price for any of the above body selling means. What I know is that the dark web forums often have people bargaining the best way they can. But then, I have witnessed a bargain on the skin for tattoo and the pay was great. The seller was able to secure $4,000 for a temporary tattoo on his skin for an advert only.

Best Dark Web Markets to Sell Your Body

There are quite a number of them out there. However, I will only introduce you to just 7 of them.

  • Dream Market
  • Empire Market
  • Agartha
  • Nightmare
  • Silk Road
  • Zion Market

Comment for the URL to these dark websites. Meanwhile, there are 3 top ones that have been omitted. If you are interested, let me know.

I hope you know that these websites can’t be accessed with just any kind of browser? You need networks like Tor to access them. Also, without getting the proper URLs from us, you may have to search for it before visiting the market.

5. Philippines

You read about Filipinos often, but do you know it is a market place to sell your body today? You probably did not. While I surf some of the porn sites (adventurously), I look for sections named ‘Filipino’ to see their standard of body selling for porn. I am not so impressed with it but for the amount, it is great. Maybe the sponsors would pay you even more since you look more bodily, handsome or beautiful than a native Filipino.

Body organ sales like kidney sales have suffered a bit of backdrop in what you can earn in Filipino though. This is because a poor Filipino is already willing to sell his kidney for just $2,000. Others who know their worth try to sell it up to $10,000. So, while going through Abueva’s group (an association), they reported that kidney people who act as kidney brokers (buying and selling a kidney) constantly search for possible sellers. Their target is always the poor and less educated Filipinos in slums in Manila where they can easily convince.

I have a bit of bad news if you are selling in the Philippines as a Filipino. In 2008, their government banned foreigners from body parts transplants. The reason, I am sure, is because poor Filipinos were paid as little as $2,000 for their kidneys while the big hospitals there were charging up to $90,000 from the patient. In this case, use the umbrella of ‘donor’ to sell.

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Body Parts that Sell Well in Philippine

  • Kidney – Just between $2,000 to $10,000 (somehow, you can now charge up to $100,000)
  • Sperm – $1,000
  • Capula joint – $20,000
  • Body for porn – $2,000
  • Liver – $30,000
  • Modelling – N/A
  • Blood – $97

Best Hospitals to Sell in Philippine

  • Philippine General Hospital, Manila
  • Cagayan Valley Medical Centre, Cagayan

6. Thailand

Thailand’s government is trying to permanently stop body trading. However, the fact that people pose as donors makes it extremely difficult for them to do so. In 2014, a kidney could sell for between $3,000 to $10,000 in Thailand. Beginning from 2019, the price saw changes which means the least you can sell a kidney in Thailand is $70,000 with all medical bills handled.

Compared to India and Iran, the level of selling in Thailand is lesser. Also, the pay is higher in Thailand than India and Iran but lower than in the US.

Body Parts that Sell Well in Thailand

  • Cornea – $40,000
  • Eggs – $10,000
  • Plasma – $1,000
  • Porn – $50,000
  • Sperm – $1,000
  • Hair – Worth between $190 to $3000
  • Bone marrow – $9,000
  • Skin – Worth $6,000
  • Womb (Surrogacy) – $65,000

What to Consider Before you decide on where to Sell your Body Parts

Please take note of the following:
  • Blood

Blood type O (- or +) is the costliest of the blood types. So, if you have a blood type that is ‘O’, you stand a chance of earning very high within a few weeks. However, it is not advisable to sell blood frequently.

  • Iran is Not Very Profitable

Being that Iran is a body parts hub, the prices are often quite low.

  • Womb Sell

This branch of selling your body does not necessarily mean that your womb would be taken out. If this is the case, I advise against such unless you are tired of giving birth. Here, you are to be a surrogate mother. To qualify, you must be of the age between 20 – 43 and your BMI must fall between 19 and 32. Wondering what BMI is? Do not worry, the doctor will explain better.

  • Hospital

Be mindful of the hospital you opt for and make sure you run a survey on such a hospital.

  • What You Should Know About Selling Your Skin

Unlike some other body parts, your skin may most likely be needed for tattoos. This means that your skin will not be taken away from you if you sign up for this one. I have a friend who is into this means of making money and he charges for temporary tattoos.

How this works is that a company may contact you to allow them to advertise on your skin. If the advertisement is temporary, the pay is smaller but high if it is a permanent tattoo. I do not recommend a permanent tattoo unless you can charge the company a fortune.

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Final Thought

Selling your body part is strictly a game of choice and braveness. Moreover, it is an action that saves the lives of millions worldwide. While others prefer to save other people’s life, others prefer to watch them die. Instead of watching them die, why not take advantage of the situation for money? I understand that it’s not ethical to sell but is it then sensible to give out your body and have nothing in return?

Spare yourself some time and survey what donors have to say. The only occasion when a donor does not regret donating is when the person is so ‘dear’ to them. It could be the wife, husband or child. Other than this, several donors, after a while, return to show their displeasure over giving out. If these donors were compensated with money, they would not feel bad. Meanwhile, you can make money selling your sperm to people.

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