Military format, leave permit to bill your client 2022

2020 Military dating format yahoo guys use to collect money from clients

One of the best formats to bill a client easily is the military dating format and the 419 military format. These formats are popular because the average America citizens love their military men. For those who want to become yahoo boys, this article will help you.

Those military men put in lots of efforts to safeguard the country, so they deserve all the love they get from their citizens. In this article, I will be showing you all about the military dating format.

This article will show you the following;

  • What the military format is
  • How to use the military dating format
  • When to use the military dating format
  • And samples of this format.

I will also attach a pdf that you can download to access more of this military dating format. If you are ready to use this similar dating format to make money, I am also ready.

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What is the military dating format?

The military dating format uses the psychology of telling your client that you are in a faraway country fighting against Islamic terrorists. You will then explain how you guys are being maltreated and the government is making things worse for the soldiers.

The aim of the 419 military format is to make your client trust you as a good citizen of America and to avoid the whole brouhaha of video call and phone calls.

It is clear that you must have a good knowledge of the American military system before you decide to use the military dating format for any client you meet online.

The 419 military format for Yahoo is something that every yahoo boy or online scammer should know because it is also another sweet billing format for your client.

Advantages of the 419 Military dating format

  • It spikes up emotion in the heart of your clients
  • It removes the issue of phone calls
  • You don’t need to make video calls, so you can send them recorded videos from people’s Instagram account.
  • They will love you more once they believe that you are a soldier

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Disadvantages of the Military dating format

  • Everybody is using it
  • Most Americans already know this format
  • You will have a hard time convincing your clients that you are a soldier
  • They might not believe you

How to use the Military Billing format to scam a client

So here is where I will show you how to use the military format letter to scam any client you meet online. I have explained a bit when I explained the dating billing format. But this time, I will explain in details. How do you use this billing format?

Get a US Number

This is the first step to convincing your client that you are really a citizen. It is easy to get a US number, and I can do it for you (you will 3k Naira). Then you can be free to start giving out your number on dating sites.

They may want to call you to confirm, but you have to remind them that you aren’t allowed to take calls and the Network signal is bad.

Download Military Pictures from Instagram

A military picture from Instagram

This is the most important part of the whole scam. The best place to get most of these pictures is from Instagram.

Steps to get the pictures

  • Go to the search bar
  • Use # tags to search #usmilitary and stuff like that… to search for pictures
  • Screenshot as many as possible from a specific profile
  • Edit it to suit your dating profile picture and Whatsapp profile picture.
  • Then you are good to go

Go into Dating Sites

That is why this is called the military dating format. It goes hand in hand with the dating format. So you have to find a client who is lovesick on any dating site. The last time I recommended several dating sites to bomb good clients. You can see my secret dating sites here.

Just in case any of these ones I released here doesn’t interest you, just go ahead and check on Google on “best dating sites to see elderly women.” You will see lots of dating sites that you can bomb.

Get a client and move them to Whatsapp

If you don’t have a Whatsapp, then you can use Google Hangout. Still, on that, the truth is that you must have a Whatsapp with a US number. It will make you look credible at least.

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From Whatsapp, then you can start doing anything you want to do with the format I will give to you.

Sample Military Dating Format

I am a US military personnel based in Afghanistan for peacekeeping. I graduated from Valley Forge Military academy where I served as a company commander with the rank of a captain. From West Point in 1984, my first assignment after commissioning was to the second armored division at Fort Hood, where I served in a variety of platoon and company level leadership assignments with the 1st Bn, 66th Armor Regiment.

In 1989, I was assigned to the 2nd ACR in Bamberg, Germany, where I served until 1992, including the deployment to Operation Desert Storm… Wittmariane79…

I can possibly write everything here, so I will allow you to download it for free once you pay 3k for the formats. I will send you the completed format to your email and also add you to my special group on Whatsapp.

These formats are surely the best when you want a format to collect money from client. To explain just one of them, I will explain the military billing format for yahoo.

Steps to Use The military billing format for yahoo

This is one of the simplest yahoo billing formats; it is simply because it will always work no matter what. Every foreign woman loves military men, and that is why they love to marry them. Now, how do you start the military billing format for Yahoo? I will list the steps;

  • Find a good dating site – as I have explained before
  • Find a client – someone you want to run things with.
  • Exchange greetings with her and become friends
  • Tell her that you are a military man serving in Afghanistan
  • After a few weeks of chatting, tell her that you want to marry them and live all your life with her.
  • Make her fall in love with you
  • After two months, tell her that you want to leave the command base, but your superiors said that you must pay
  • Tell her to help you with money to pay and come back to be with her
  • Collect the money through a friend and run away.
When to use the military dating format

Depending on the client you are chatting with, you should know when to use the Military dating billing format. These are the signs to watch out for, and then you can use the military dating format.

  • If she is an old woman or an elderly woman
  • If she doesn’t keep too many friends (because she can ask them about you)
  • Check if she is an introvert (If yes, then go ahead)
  • If she hasn’t been scammed before or knows about Nigerian scammers.

All these are what to check before you send her the military format letter. If you do your homework well, then you are sure that the 419 military formats will surely work.

Mistake Hustlers Make When Using the Military Dating Format

There are lots of mistakes G-boys make when they are using the military dating format, and I will list them out.

Always chatting with your client every time of the day.

When you do this, it makes your client suspect you. They will be asking themselves if you don’t have any job other than chatting with them all the time. So just make sure you limit the way you chat with your client.

Most of your clients are asking Google if “Can deployed soldiers text?”

You see, that is why they know that you are a scammer. When you start texting anyhow, they will figure out that this person isn’t a real soldier.

When you have a client that is always asking you to call or text, don’t fall into that trap. They are looking to know if you are a real soldier or a fake one.

Use Your Head!!!

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Mistakes in English

Anybody that is a military person in the US, is always intelligent. So once you are chatting with your client and make mistakes, they will suspect you are not real. For this reason, I suggest that you use Grammarly as a correction tool while chatting with a client. I explained it initially in my first post on how to become a yahoo boy.

Downloading Pictures from Google

Please and please, don’t download images from google and show your client. There is a way they find out internet downloaded pictures. Once you show your client your picture, they will use the Google reverse search tool to find out if you are real or fake.

Trust me, they will surely find out. So just make sure you don’t download any picture from Google. If you need pictures, visit Instagram and download pictures from Instagram.

So if you are looking for the following;

  • military format letter
  • 419 military format
  • military dating format
  • military dating format pdf
  • leave and vacation permits military format 

Then you can go ahead and download it once you have made payments. I will give you the format that I use for my own work. It is working like magic.

leave and vacation permits military format 

For those into yahoo military scam, i have new scope for you guys which is usa army yahoo format – military vacation request permit,

This is a new method currently and you have to utilized this opportunity to cash out.

Military scam have different formats which you can use, dating is one of them also charity format too.

So in this military leave or vacation format  you will use dating Method in which your client will be insisting he wants to see you, or you can tell her you want to see her but on one condition that she will write a mail to usa military headquarters for your leave and vacation permits.

Tell her you could like to visit and spend some time with her

Hello love we have been here talking for long and you always wanted to see and meet us together likewise me too, you know the nature of our job but i want to make out time for you now , but you will help me write a mail later to usa army headquarters tell them you are my wife (Sgt Harrison Stone (SSN 32006) and you want to see me so they can grant/approve my leave permit.

Send the mail to [email protected]

Before sending this format to her, go and create gmail account related to usa army name example “[email protected]”, so you will send the mail address and format together.

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As soon as she send the letter writing to that gmail, reply the mail with your payment address that she will send the money, see the format below.

hello mrs Albert,

On behalf of General Benjamin Hanks, Leave Permit Processing Dept., New York, New York, United States.

We have received your mail containing the request for your husband to come and visit you (leave permit). However with the work load over here your husband is not schedule for leave now

But your wish can be granted if you can meet up the demand fee .

Kindly fill up the form attached to this mail and pay in the the sum of $800.

That fee should be send to the financial secretary to the below address:




ZIP : 45501-0271

Sign: office of LPPD

Thats all, and if she is proving stubborn from paying that amount keep persuading her that you want to come and visit her, show her love and she will definitely pay.

Enjoy 😉

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Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cyber-crime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

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