Best custom Android home screen to implement

Android is home to seamless customization across different-sized devices including phones, tablets, wearables, and even some futuristic products. The feature-rich Operating System even powers smart cars via the optimized version – Android Auto. It has become more than just a mobile operating system offering support with new innovative technologies. The open-source nature and the ability to customize are some intuitive features among the users. We have a curated list of some best Android Home setups of this week.

There are multiple apps and MODs that help to customize the Android Home screen easily. These days KWGT widget-maker is excelling as the best customization app on the Android platform. It supports various add ons and skins from third-party apps that help to enrich the Android Home screen with various useful widgets.

We have also used the KWGT widget to make these beautiful and useful home screen setups. We have provided the links to exact apps, skins, and wallpapers for your ease.

Note: You may need to download some third-party apps, skins, wallpapers, or setups to get the exact look on your Android home screen.

Best Android screen Home Setups

Below we have added some pre-requisites that you might need for some of the setups below. You can download the appropriate item for each setup.


Some of the items are paid, but you can get similar setups with some free tools. The Icon Dock is tuned off in every Android Home screen setup listed below.

Minimal Through Rocks 

android custom home screen

It is a minimalist setup with beautiful wallpaper with rocky blue water. Minimal Through Rocks setup is a perfect blend with the KWGT widget. Precisely, we have used widget66 from the Ornate KWGT app. The Halloween search bar widget from Trident 3 resides at the bottom providing easy access to Google search.

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The LineX Icon Pack is used for all the four Icons – Phone, Google Chrome, GCam Aoo, and WhatsApp. The wallpaper is taken from the internet and the credit goes to the unknown source.

Items Required

  • Wallpaper
  • Ornate KWGT
  • Trident 3 KWGT
  • LineX Icon pack

Feel Space

android custom home screen

Feel Space is another useful setup with Day view widget on the top and icons aligned at the bottom for easy accessibility to utilities. Moreover, the Month, Date and Weather, Time, and Battery Level can be seen in a single widget present on the left side. Moreover, you can easily search with a transparent search bar.

The widget showing days in a week is a part of Trident 3 for KWGT. However, the widget on the left side is Fancy Side from Trident 3. The setup is using the Viral Icon pack.

Items Required

  • Trident 3 for KWGT – Fancy Format Widget and Day Indicator Hory Widget
  • Viral Icon Pack
  • Search Bar – Download
  • Wallpaper – WallsPy App

Sunrise in Forests


It is another minimal setup with Weather, Day, Date, and Time information at Glace. We have turned off the notifications in Nova Launcher to reduce the clutter on the Android Home screen. However, the Viral Icon Pack is present on the bottom. The Meteor search bar is part of the Trident 3 for KWGT pack. The users can easily swipe up to open the App drawer.

The Day + Time widget are named as elegant dots in the Trident 3 for KWGT. Whereas, the top Date and Weather Widget with the name Pixel to Date is available with Trident 3 KWGT. It is quite easy to setup.

Items required:

  • Trident 3 for Kwgt – Pixel Date + Elegant Dots + Meteor Search
  • Wallpaper – WallsPy
  • Icon pack- Viral

The required files download links are provided above in the pre-requisite section.

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We hope you would have liked our Android Home Setups of this week. These setups are duly created by our staff. You can subscribe to us for more in the coming weeks.

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