Best tinder bio for men for quick matching

For a while, it seemed like Tinder bios took a backseat as more and more of us were going with the disinterested: I’ll probably end up deleting this next week. But as things have become a little more physically restrictive, conversations on the app are helping us get to new places. Daily convos increased by 12% in the UK between February and March 2020, and if you get it right, the bio is where it all begins…

tinder bio for men


Stating the obvious here but to have the best bio, you need to have a bio… here’s to not being that guy who skips one altogether (lame), or the Never on here, msg me on Insta guy (lamer?). Gotta be in it to win it. For every potential match, there are a hundred other suitors, so it’s all about going the extra mile to make an impression… especially after going to the effort of sorting some decent pics. 

It’s a competitive world but we’ve got this. These tinder bio examples for guys are canny when it comes to the following advice:


Some of the most effective tinder bios are witty one-liners. A great option for the brave at heart (be prepared for spicy replies). We’re talking a little more than what’s your name and where do you come from, although, if you feel like it, you can even play around with that:

Google (21)

Everything you’ve been searching for.

Or maybe you could go for self-effacing:

Dan (19)

I hear you like bad boys, well, I’m bad at everything

Sam (23)

Call me Turkish Delight, because I’m always the last one to be picked

A classic pun is sometimes at the heart of good tinder bios for guys — the more dead pan the better. But try and keep it as original as possible:

Tom (20)

Always give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood.


Three things you want to do before you kick it, three places to visit after lockdown, three weird facts about you (although go easy on the weird), three obscure things you’ve done… the trick is to get a little humour in there:

Matt (23)

Loves long walks on the beach

Once travelled around Ireland in a three-wheeler

Not to be trusted around carbs

Max (28)

Cracking taste in music

Expert breakfast cook

Love festivals and city-breaks

Tinder descriptions for guys should be short, funny, and as unique as possible


These were funny for a while. But there are only so many fake ratings from ex-girlfriends, Nans, and next-door neighbours that one dating app can take. They all start to blur into one after a while. Do something a little different, like…


Clever tinder bios for guys will talk more about whoever is doing the swiping than themselves. The About Me/ About You dynamic lets you reveal something about yourself and then concentrate on what you’re looking for in that potential flame about to swipe right:

Chris (18)

About Me: Maker of a mean spag bol, can do head stands, bit of a joker

About You: Likes a laugh, enjoys the outdoors, has seen more films than me, ready to ditch Tinder



Turn your About Me / About You into a quirky list of things you like but be picky – don’t go for all the usual stuff. You know who likes socialising with their friends and travelling? Everyone. So, think of something different. The more genuine the better:

Ryan (25)

Ending up in random places exploring the city, home cinemas, a cold bev on a hot day, long dinners with friends, anything by Philip Pullman, a cold bev on a cold day, random gigs

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If you’re struggling to know what to write about yourself on a dating site, examples can be helpful, but remember to always add your own special sauce. Tinder descriptions for guys should be short, funny, and as unique as possible. We only have a little bit of time to make a difference so every second counts. Game, set, match. 

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