How to get a higher paying jobs without college degrees

Depends on what your definition of high-paying is.

There are certain professions where there is just an obvious lack of employees. Accounting and programming jump to mind immediately. Both industries will snap you up in a moment with a nice starting salary.

Very generally, industries with a high barrier to entry (Silicon Valley, Wall Street, etc.) tend to have higher starting salaries because there is a lot of money floating around and not very many hands grabbing it. The pay scale also tends to increase quickly due to long hours/poor work-life balance.

But, the real answer is that the people who make the most money are usually the ones who are best at what they do. So, find something you’re really good at, and the money will follow.

In this article, we discuss when to consider seeking more pay and how to earn an improved position or pay raise.

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When is it time to look for a higher paying job?

higher paying jobs

Although money is not everything when it comes to finding the best job for you, it’s usually a crucial aspect of finding a job that leaves you happy and satisfied. Even when working in a field that you love, if you are not being fairly compensated for your time and effort, you may begin looking for new opportunities either in the form of a raise at your current position or by seeking out a new job. Some reasons to consider looking for a higher paying job include:

When you haven’t received a raise

Any time you have been working at the same company for an extended period of time, it is common to receive regular raises. The most common types of raises are cost of living raises, designed to match inflation, and performance raises, given to reward your achievement in the job. If you have been working for more than a year since your last raise, you may feel that it is time to seek out a new opportunity where you are better-compensated.

When your performance has improved

As you get more familiar with your job, you are likely to develop and refine the skills that it requires. This leads to improved performance the longer you hold the position. As your performance goes up and generates more productivity for your company, it’s reasonable to expect a corresponding increase in compensation. When your improved performance is not recognized with performance-based pay increases, it can lead you to seek out a new opportunity.

When your responsibilities have increased

Often when working at a company, you will begin to take on new roles and responsibilities, either due to an evolution of the business model or a change in staffing. This provides a valuable opportunity to leverage these new responsibilities into a promotion or raise. If you have been taking on more work than before but have not seen a corresponding boost in pay, then it might be time to consider seeking out a different job that more adequately compensates you for the work you are doing.

When your skills are not being fully utilized

This occurs when the skills you have are not being taken advantage of at your current position and you are doing less than you are capable of. By finding a position that better matches your enhanced skill set, you create the opportunity to move on to a higher-paying position that is also more professionally fulfilling.

How to get a higher paying job

There are different ways to a high-paying job. Here’s one path.

  1. Get trained in a high-paying field. For example, software engineering. You’ll need both practical (coding, software engineering) and theoretical knowledge. Graduating from a top program with a high GPA and some research or advanced project experience will help land an interview at the right companies.
  2. Get a job at a top company in that field. At Google recent BS/MS graduates start at SWE II (about $145kaccording to Glassdoor) and recent PhD grads start at SWE III (about $200k). Other top tech companies have similar compensation.
  3. Get promoted. The next level after SWE III is Senior SWE which clocks in at an average of $250k
  4. .Go into management. At most companies compensation will cap out for individual contributors. Google is a bit of an oddball in this regard. Individual contributor roles go all the way to the top (senior fellow is equivalent to SVP). However, many of the engineers above Senior SWE have reports. The next level on the engineering ladder is Staff SWE which is listed at $350k. Senior Staff SWE is $525k. At this point you’d be in the top 1% of earners.
  5. Make it to the top. There are four levels beyond Senior Staff. Salary data for these levels is scant, however it is likely that many of these positions are compensated at $1M or more. The highest paid positions at Google clock in at $40M-$130M
  6. Check job listings. When the company you are working for is not able to meet your goals of finding a higher-paying job, then you need to look at jobs with a new employer. Expanding your search to new opportunities comes with a range of options, from looking for a comparable position that pays more to seeking a promotion with a new employer or even changing industries.
  7. Update your resume and apply. Providing an up-to-date resume is essential when applying for higher-paying jobs, as this provides you with the opportunity to include the new skills you’ve learned and responsibilities you took on at your current job. When sending out your resume for job listings, you should also take the time to customize the contents for each job. First, create a master version, then save a new copy for each job, tweaking the skills and responsibilities highlighted to match those that are referenced in the job listing to leave a strong impression on the reader.

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Progressing through each of these steps involves a considerable amount of time, energy and accomplishment. Those who like the work tend to better endure the effort. So when picking a lucrative field make sure it’s also something you enjoy.

A majority of the people at each step won’t move on to the next. (The exception being from 2–3. Most people will progress to senior levels over time.)

There are some “shortcuts.” E.g. founding a successful startup or freelancing can have greater returns, albeit with a greater risk of a much smaller payout (or in some cases a financial loss). These paths are still a lot of work but they can accelerate income growth. They also have a much higher upside.

Tips for getting a higher paying job

If you’re trying to advance your career and find a higher paying job, these tips can help you to position yourself for success in your search:

Share your expertise

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself is to seek out opportunities to get published or give speeches in your chosen field. These look great on a resume and also serve as an excellent way to make connections with others in your field.

Attend industry conferences

If your company sends employees to conventions, you should put your name forward to represent the company, as conferences offer many advantages when seeking a higher-paying job. In addition to helping you to network, you can also pick up valuable skills by attending lectures or classes at the convention to improve your performance.

Show off your skills online

From blogs to social media and video hosting sites, creating your own online presence to show off your work skills is an ideal way to build a portfolio. This helps both in getting official engagements and as a means of easily showing off your work when applying.

Don’t be afraid to ask

A simple way to get opportunities in business that many miss out on is to directly ask for the things you want. Whether it’s a job opening you want or an opportunity that will help you get that job in the future, don’t hesitate to try for the opportunity. Being willing to face the disappointment of being turned down may open up a door you otherwise would not have thought passable.

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Offer consulting advice

If you’ve developed expertise in your field, serving as a consultant for others in the industry as a supplemental source of income is a means of increasing the pay you are earning. It also is a valuable entry on a resume when applying for a better-paying job.

Seek out leadership roles

Taking a position that has you managing a team shows valuable leadership skills. If a project arises where you feel you would be an effective project head, consider putting your name forward for the task.

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