Benefits of credit cards when doing business

You walk into a department store, pick a pair of jogging shoes, go to the payment counter, flash your credit card, collect the bill and receipt, and walk out of the store with your goods. The whole process was easy, and it took just a few minutes. Here no one has to worry if your bank knows and trusts you to repay the money for the shoes it paid.

You don’t have to go to the bank for a loan, and explain the purpose of borrowing money. Instead, you could use your credit card to spend on anything, pay interest only on revolving credit, and clear your outstanding at your convenience. A credit card has changed the way people shop by helping them have an effortless credit on tap. You may have credit cards from several banks, and it is common for anyone to use a card to pay for the purchases or service.

You can find almost all banks and financial institutions offering various types of credit cards. They are accepted as a means of payment at any place that offers you goods or service. The uses of credit cards are extended to buying groceries, clothing and accessories, booking a movie ticket, shopping online, buying home appliances, paying your utility and mobile bills, and many more.   

The benefits of credit cards are innumerable, and some prime ones are:

benefits of credit cards

1. Buy on credit:

What makes a credit card attractive is the credit limit allowed to the cardholder. You can buy anything within that limit and pay later. Your monthly budget will not affect, even if you buy items of high value on credit. One among the most important benefits of credit card is you can convert the total amount of your purchases into low-cost EMIs to enable you to repay it easily over a period of time. This has helped revolutionize the shopping experience.

2. Most accepted method of payment:

You can travel anywhere, without carrying much money if you have this card. Being the most accepted method of payment, you can use a credit card to pay anything.

3. Interest-free cash withdrawals:

There are a few credit cards that allow you to withdraw money up to a certain limit in case of emergency, with no interest charged up to 45 to 50 days. You can make use of it in times of financial emergency.

4. Unlimited reward points:

These cards come with reward points when you use them. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards offer unlimited and never-expiring reward points, which are easily redeemable.

5. Insurance coverage:

You get personal accident coverage, as well as comprehensive travel insurance coverage and this is one of the significant benefits of credit cards, which make them attractive.

6. Make travel easy:

The uses of credit cards in travel make them important. When it comes to IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards, they give you a unique experience through complimentary lounge access at the airports and railway stations in India and priority check-in. Other than these, you can also enjoy discounts on food in more than 280 restaurants.

7. Discounts and cashbacks:

The advantages of credit cards extend to discounts on some of your favourite entertainment and dining outlets, travel and shopping apps, etc. You can also enjoy fuel surcharge waivers at petrol pumps across the country. 

8. Improve your credit score:

The benefits of credit cards do not limit to shopping on credit; instead, it helps improve your credit score. If you know how to use a credit card and how to make use of the credit period, and repay the amount used on time, you can boost your CIBIL score. This will help you obtain loans, without any difficulty in future.

9. Offers safety:

You don’t have to carry much money if you have a credit card.

10. Keep track of your expenses:

The statements you get every month from netbanking helps you check your expenses and plan the repayment without any delay. 

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