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Average cost of car maintenance monthly in Nigeria

The first thing people put into their own minds is the price of the car they are going for but not all care enough about the maintenance cost they have to cover when getting it home. Here’s is how much you would expect to maintain a car in Nigeria!

Car maintenance is way easier than you thought.

The way you start up your car, turn the steering wheel, press the brake pedals, and handle the gear shifter is all part of car maintenance basics. Bet you haven’t thought of that yet.

When you hear car maintenance, the only thing that comes to mind is car servicing and replacement of parts. Well, you are not wrong. should be known; maybe not general knowledge but your car(s) have a car maintenace checklist you have to know about so you can tick them off from time to time. So How much it costs to maintain a car in Nigeria? Read on to find out!

Why you have to maintain your car?

Is this even a question you need the answer to? You should be asking me ‘how you should maintain your car properly’ because you as a human being cannot jump from the top of a 20-storey building to the ground floor without any protection in place.

Your car doesn’t deserve to suffer for no reason. It should always be taken care of the way you take care of your own body.

A car is a combination of different components working together to move you from one place to another, so it has the tendency to breakdown when you need it to work for you if you don’t maintain it as you ought to. Even buying fuel is part of your monthly car maintenace cost; plus, without fuel, your car cannot go anywhere!.

cost of car maintenance

Here are some very bad car maintenance habits you practice that need to stop today:

  • Engaging a gear when the car hasn’t fully stopped. 
  • Switching off the car’s engine with the A/C still on. 
  • Ignoring the washing of car wheel arches that contain mud and sand particles. 
  • Slamming the doors of your car when closing. 
  • Neglecting to clean your car interior until it is obviously dirty.

There should be more in your mind after reading the ones I have listed but thankfully, it is not too late to change. Car maintenance for dummies is only changing the engine oil once every 3 months while the remaining to-do on a car maintenace list is left undone. Do not be an ignorant car owner. 

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What are the different types of car maintenance services?

There are different types of car maintenace services divided into the non-technical ones you can carry out yourself and the technical maintenance services that professionals carry out on your car.

For the technical car maintenance services, there are three types; the basic routine car maintenance, the extensive car maintenance, and the corrective car maintenance. The basic routine & extensive maintenance can be classified as preventive maintenance.

The basic routine car maintenance

This involves just carrying out an oil filter and oil change on the car which is done at a certain interval of mileage.

This type of maintenance is popularly known as ‘car servicing’ in Nigeria.

The extensive car maintenance 

This involves a proper diagnosis of every basic component of the car that the routine maintenance doesn’t cover. The suspension system, brake system, air-conditioning system, tyres, engine, transmission, lighting system, and the cooling system of the car is diagnosed to check for any component that needs replacement.

This is the best way to avoid car problems in your car, you will easily know when you need a car tune-up or an engine-tuning.

The time interval for this type of car maintenace is averagely three times in a year though it depends on how regularly you drive your car also. Commercial purpose cars, for instance, need extensive routine maintenance at least once every month.

You must have a car maintenance schedule chart to serve as a reminder to you on when to take your car for maintenance. 


Ask your mechanic for your own schedule

The corrective car maintenance

This is repair and replacement of your vehicle parts that unprecedentedly got damaged either by accident or your carelessness. For instance, if your Tyre bursts while you are on motion, no matter whether an obstacle you didn’t see punctured it or you didn’t carry out proper preventive maintenance, that means the Tyre needed a corrective replacement.

Tyre car maintenance

This is why you need car maintenance insurance. If your car is insured, you won’t be breaking the bank when accidents happen and you have to repair your car.

You should always take preventive maintenance very seriously as it will save you a lot of money. Once you hear any strange sound, just drive to your automobile technician’s workshop for diagnosis. Car problems don’t just come up, they always give signs.

How much does it cost to maintain a car?

There is no slated/fixed price for car maintenance cost, even car maintenance by brand varies. For instance, a Mercedes-Benz needs to be serviced every 10,000 miles while a Toyota car should be serviced every 5000 miles. If you do a car maintenance cost comparison amongst 10 cars of different year models, you will find out that the average cost of maintaining a car depends not only on the brand but also on the year of production. 

This is why it is very important to have a car maintenance insurance at all times for unforeseen circumstances like accidents and car wrecks. This reduces your car maintenance average cost to just the inevitable ones.

Truth be told, there are very few affiliated car brand dealerships in Nigeria so the least you can do is to make sure that authentic OEM parts are used for servicing/repairing your car at any workshop you choose. Please, the workshop must be at least standard if not state of the art.

Take me as an example. I drive a 1999 Toyota 4Runner SUV (yeah it is quite old ) but still, whenever I need to carry out an immediate maintenance/repair I check for car maintenance shops near me that have a standard workshop set up just to keep the value of my 4Runner at par.

A standard workshop today should have a Hoist, a floor Jack, diagnosis tools, digital wheel balancing machine and digital tyre changer at least. If you take your car to workshops with lower standards, then don’t expect a quality maintenance service. 

If you live in areas where you seem to have no glimpse of a standard automobile workshop in Nigeria, you can just search for the following on any search engine; ‘car maintenance near me’ or ‘car maintenance shops near me’ or ‘mechanic near me’ or ‘auto repair near me’ and you will see the closest one with their contact details. If the workshop is listed online then there is every possibility it is a standard automobile workshop in Nigeria.

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Every car brand needs proper maintenance services from time to time and this is why you need a car maintenance schedule properly put together by your automobile technician. This allows you to know when you need an extensive/routine maintenance. A car you don’t maintain will end up disappointing you on the day you need it the most.

We hope that this article has provided you with sufficient information about car maintenance and how much it costs to maintain a car in Nigeria. On Dollarmind you would see details on how to maintain every car brand in Nigeria from the common Toyota, Honda, Mazda to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others. Stay tuned with us for the best car content in Nigeria!

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