How to win bet9ja betting game

Secret of wining bet 9ja games Know this betting secret and start winning in bet 9ja Gambling Game

Are you a sports betting addict? Do you want to win big from just placing a bet? Do you want to know how to play bet9ja and win? Then this article is for you. Betting in sports means predicting by placing your money at risk so that you might win when the outcome favours you. In bet9ja, there are varieties of sport where you can place your bet. They range from football, basketball, boxing, tennis, cycling and even dog racing. Recently, placing bets on virtual sport was added. In virtual sports, the results of the predicted games are brought out by programmed computer systems. The programming actually looks real; making people nowadays place a bet and win.

Bet9ja is unarguably the most famous betting platform currently in Nigeria. Normal sports betting and virtual sports betting is played on bet9ja. Their odds are quite high when it supposed to be and they pay immediately when you win. In addition, bet9ja also makes it possible for you to place your bet online without having to visit their shops. You can access their website through your internet enabled phone or a pc. Since betting is not considered an illegal hustle in Nigeria and some other countries of the world, people now venture into it as a means of adding to their income. People flood bet9ja shops on a daily basis to their bets hoping to win.

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Below we will be tutoring you on how to play bet 9ja and win via online process…

For you to play bet9ja and win, you are required to have a personal account with them. To get a personal account, visit their website on bet9ja, then click on register on the top right-hand corner, complete the registration form and select proceed. In a few minutes, a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail which will be used to login to your account. What you are to do next is to log in to your account and start placing your bet.

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Moreover, there are 3 ways on how to place bets on bet9ja. They include:

  • Select your choice of a sport from the menu on the left
  • Select your tournament and click view on it
  • Choose the events you prefer and select your odds. What you chose will reflect on the betting slip that will be printed out.
  • Select the amount of money you want to put, then click on the bet and confirm it. After this process, a message that shows your bet ID will be revealed to you.

Secondly, Event Name can be also used to play bet9ja and win. You can..

  • Search for the event which you like and select it. For example, if a match between Manchester City and Liverpool is set to take place, just click on the match and a window with an available market for the event will be displayed.
  • The “I” button will reveal to you hints of any available market. Just read the review and choose the odds you prefer and it would be added to your coupon.
  • The last stage is to complete the amount section and select bet.

Lastly, the betting market tabs also make it possible to play bet9ja and win. You are required to…

  • Choose your choice of sport in the left menu, select your preferred tournament and click on view.
  • You can also find varieties of market tabs on the top right of the page. Choose the market tab you want and place your bet.
  • Put in the amount of money you are willing to pay and confirm your bet.Know this betting secret and start winning in bet 9ja Gambling Game

The above ways show you how to place bets and win on bet9ja online.

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Below, I will be showing you how to place bets and win on bet 9ja offline…

Placing bets offline involves booking a bet. This option of placing bets does not require you to register. What you are to do is to select the sport you want to place your bet on, then click on the bet and your booking number will be revealed to you. The booking number can be decided by you to be printed or sent to your e-mail.

On the completion of the above process, you will have to proceed to any bet9ja shop closer to you, give them the confirmation of the bet you booked and pay so your bet can be placed. Note that bet9ja odds are not fixed, so, therefore, it is liable to change. The bet9ja booking numbers are also possible to be used on the website in the betslip section.

Now that I have discussed with you on how to play bet9ja and win via online and offline process on their websites and in the bet9ja shops respectively, let me now discuss with you on how to win via bet9ja.

For you to win while placing bets on bet9ja, you should do the following.

Look for better odds rather than seeking to place bets on a large number of games

Majority of the people I know fall into this trap, they prefer their betslip tickets to be very long. Though there is an adage which says one should not put all your eggs in one basket, even at that, it does not mean you will need one basket for each egg. Try and reduce the number of games you place bets on. Instead, focus on placing bets on games with high odds. Trust me if this can be done, you would be winning on a regular basis.

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Engage in running ticket if your games are too much

If you are the type that plays long tickets, it is important you make it a running one. In any case, it simply means that your ticket should be played every time in days or weeks as the case may be. This way, you would be able to select sure games.

Be ever conscious on the team or sport you place your bet in

For you to win on bet9ja, you must be able to do a proper check up on the teams you decide to place your bet on. Check their past records, games and so on before diving in to place your bets. Your bets placed should be determined from their recent run of results.

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Place bets on goals if you opt for soccer games

Placing bets on the number of goals is the safest and reliable option if you wish to place bets on soccer games. You are more likely to win if this is fulfilled.

Do not be greedy

Yes, if you are not greedy the chances to win and not lose your money would be high. Create a  routine on how many times you would place your bets every month. If you decide to place bets every day, you are only doing it at your own risk because it is you that will face the results afterward.

Gamble responsibly and place your bets on the sports you feel you have knowledge about. Do not spend all your hard earned money on sports betting, and limit your spending. If you are lucky, you would make it big in sports betting. This article was written to show the public and teach them how to play bet9ja and win.

Cheats to Win Bet9ja

So you have seen how to win big on bet9ja, now is the time to show you some cheats to win bet9ja too. You can win a few thousand using the methods I outlined up there, but you can’t win plenty of money too.

With these cheats to win bet9ja that I will show you, your millions of Naira is rest assured. What are these cheats?

Follow Top Tipsters on Twitter

There are several top tipsters that every punter should follow on twitter. These guys are so experienced that they win lots of money almost every single game that they play. I have been following lots of them, and the result is that my account got fatter and better.

So I advise you to go ahead and look for some twitter betting influencers and start following them to get their games. If you are on twitter, you can go ahead and follow @J_asmine. She is one of the best punters out there.

Collect a Game, Modify it

This is one of the cheats to win bet9ja. Once I collect a game from any source, I will modify it into two places; the first one would be the original game (which I believe will enter), then the second one will be the modified version.

This will help me have hopes from two places, just in case one of the games cut, I will use the other one to recover my money.

Always have a recovery game

It is always good to play two games if you want to play bet9ja and win. The first one should be the game that you want to use and win a good amount of money; while the second one would be the game that would help you recover money just in case the first game casts.

Since the arrival of betting in Nigeria, lots of Nigerians have been smiling to the bank. Despite the fun in making money from betting, many are missing out because they do not know how to win bet9ja.

Learn Bet9ja Tricks from Me

Winning bets is in your DNA and you should know how to win bet. If you’re not winning several dollars monthly, you’re losing.

I’m going around surveying Bet9ja outlets and others, but the looks on people’s faces aren’t lovely. It is prolly due to the fact that the cheat ways are hiding. Basically, guys aren’t aware of the tips to win football bets even as high as a million. After going through this article, you should know how to bet and win Bet9ja bets.

How to Win Bet9ja Millions [Secret]

To win big, there are things you must understand to before you make an attempt to place a football bet. Betting companies such as Bet9ja are so tricky that they meander with the winnings available.

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For instance, let’s consider a match like Manchester United Vs Barcelona. If about 50 people stake on Barcelona to win and another 10 stake on Manchester United, Barcelona will win. Why? If Manchester United wins, the loss will be too high for the bookmakers. As such, several things will be overlooked in the field to favor the booker, especially in fixed matches.

Below are hidden tips to win football bets on Bet9ja consistently.

Produce a Staking Power

“Betting more than your pocket is the first big mistake every gambler makes”

Betting companies are so smart that they increase game points whenever the wager is high. Most gamblers Have the mind to stake big but lack the capacity to think ‘winning’.

Do you believe in “stake big and win big”? In as much as the money in question is big, the forces behind the gambling scheme will tweak it to their favour.

Do you know what that means? You’re losing. ‘Tweak’ means that available football matches have been altered to reduce bookmakers’ loss. To be on a safer side, don’t empty your pocket for any reason.

The Odds Power

At times, the strength or weakness of odds doesn’t decide winnings. At Bet9ja, punters argue that small odds like 1.09 do not win. Another sect will also claim that such odds are the winning odds.

You know that odds make a game, right? Do you also know that a big odd or a small odd doesn’t matter? No, you don’t know this one because it’s not as it appears.

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There are some false theories set up by Bet9ja customers who are wrong. Here are some of them.

  • Equal odds are draw games.
  • Smaller odds always win.
  • Odds that are too big will lose.
  • Two weak teams draw.

Relying on these principles is a beautiful way to doom.

Odds do not decide a game because odds are just points that increase ROI. What decides a football match is the football teams themselves. So, you would want to focus on team performance rather than their win/lose odds.

The Teams

Understanding how to win bet9ja requires a deep knowledge of the battling football clubs. It is important to understand the teams in the match because they determine whether your Bet9ja selection clicks or not.

Some teams are marked as deadly by bookmakers. These teams are marked ‘X’ by the bookmakers due to their dynamic nature. For example, the leagues in England like England Championship, England League One, and League Two. In short, to make a clean bet, avoid teams in the English league unless you’re willing to suffer the fate of a true gambler.

These teams are not only poisonous but cunning. It’s like all the players, managers, and fans are the same. In English league, go for the premiership. But if you want to stake on draws, visit League 2 and Championship.

If you should know how to win bet9ja comfortably, below are the tips to win Bet9ja bets. Most persons have a problem with how to bet and win in football and they end up feeling it’s impossible. Today, even 13-year olds bet though they are restricted. At 16 and 17, teenagers are cashing out from Bet9ja.

What’s the magic? Honestly, there’s nothing special other than a few Bet9ja winning tips.

Below are Bet9ja winning tips:

No Bulk Bets

Filling up matches on a bet slip doesn’t always win regardless of the odds. Why make over 20 selections just to stake 150 Naira or $0.50?

Why play Over 1.5 all over the ticket for chicken change? Honestly, the max number of selections to bet on should be 10! The bookies are smart and will manipulate you to include one bad game in the selections.

Without doubt, it is a critical ‘betting abuse’ for a punter to exceed 15 selections with high winning hopes.

Do you fancy bulk selections? If you’ve been betting on nearly 30 selections with odds of 1.05, 1.10, etc., it’s high time you withdraw.

My team was in Bet9ja at the time of writing this article and what we learned from punters at Bet9ja is depressing. The consistent betting markets for long bet slips are O 1.5, U 4.5, GG, and Away Goal. These are all very possible accumulator bets, but with too little chances of winning.

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Note the Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb in gambling is “bet to lose”. When you bet to win, you lose helplessly.

The best practice is to clear your mind, believe, and hope for the selections to click. What differentiates true football punters from others is the ability to clear their minds after every bet.

Sometimes, fear causes a punter to make changes on the bet slip which often ends in losing the bet.

What to Do Before Playing Bet9ja Bet

Hang Around

Before a bet, hang around. Someone will be arriving with a lucky game sooner or later. However, you must go early to the Bet9ja store before kickoffs.

Compare Your Selections

You know that multiple heads perform better than one. So, compare your selections with those of others. However, do not allow their selections to influence yours too much.

Wait for the Live

As you know, Bet9ja stores allow free live match viewing. So, you can always wait to see one or two of the matches before you depart.

It helps to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your selections against another matchday.

Don’t Counter-Check Your Bet

Don’t check the bet slip or the online bet every now and then.

If your selections are to deliver, they will deliver. Simply off your mind from the bet and involve yourself in other activities. As earlier mentioned, you can see the live matches alongside others.

How Do People Win On Bet9ja?

Pick Coupon Selections

The reason is that the teams on this list are monitored and the winning power is always high.

Also, these matches are priority selections from bookmakers for the week. Typically, they are possible draw fixtures and at least 55% always deliver on a very bad week.

Analyze the Selections

It is likely that bookmakers will alter some ongoing matches. For example, the team that gamblers most expect to win may not win because the company will suffer a big loss and go out of business. Leagues in the EPL are often available on the coupon board.

If you are okay with selecting from the coupon, begin by understand the key leagues.

Using H2H

H2H is a necessary analytical measure for winning Bet9ja. It allows you to know the previous performances of two teams facing each other.

It is advisable to settle with look at H2H based on at least previous 10 matches. Look at the side with the highest number of wins out of the 10 fixtures and write out the number of goals scored.

Now, go to the highlight of each of the 10 games and check the possession, number of passes, number of shots on goal and number of shots on target. If that team all has the better percentage, then you’ve analyzed 50% of their H2H.

Finally, confirm their previous performances and conclude based on the odds the bookies give them and the result of their last three matches.

After going through the H2H, you should be able to come up with a perfect strategy to win Bet9ja.

Team Analysis

Team analysis can be tough. So, you must be careful not to analyze badly.

While analysing the teams, you have to focus on the number of injured players, number of yellow/red cards, number of competitions the team is active in, football pattern, individual form, and player-coach relationship.

Regarding player-coach relationship, a bad relationship will cause the team to underperform. Sometimes, the players perform badly for the coach to be sacked. For instance, is Jose Mourinho upsets multiple players in his squad, they will perform poorly until he is sacked.

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Select At Least 1.40 Odds

Traditionally, odds of 1.70 is the magic odd. However, at worse, 1.40 should be your starting point.

If you go beyond this odd, your winning power will be petty. Besides, odds of 1.01 lose to odds of 32.00. So, there is no big deal.

Compare Teams Football Style

We all know that football style plays a role in a team’s performance. To win a Bet9ja bet, you must make the team with a better football style a priority.

For instance, a football club managed by Pep Guardiola will easily defeat a team managed my Conte tactically.

Your turn

How much have you made from Bet9ja before and how did you do it?

Make use of the comment section for questions and don’t forget to share and subscribe for newest update and more tips


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