10 Types of skill acquisition in Nigeria

Skills Acquisition to acquire10 best skills to learn in nigeria, and it's importance 2021

Have you not heard?  “The future belongs to those who invest their time in skill acquisition.” This statement goes a long way to show that skill acquisition is what gives birth to riches. There are about 10 types of skill acquisition that can make you rich depending on your knowledge level, and I will explain in details in this article.

Someone once said that acquiring profitable skills is what will end up paying your monthly bills; this is absolutely true. When you check out all the richest men in the world, you would discover something common among all of them; they all had special skills.

If you are skeptical for a second about the importance of having a skill, let us use a very clear example. Have you ever imagined what it would be if you finally have the skill to make flying cars? I bet you’d be richer than the world’s richest man in few months. This is basically one of the reasons for skill acquisition. There are so many other reasons for skill acquisition, but we would first of all explain exactly what skill acquisition is.

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Skill acquisition is a specific form of learning. It is the ability to be trained on a particular function or task till you become an expert on the skill. When it comes to skill acquisition, there are some types of skill acquisition that are useless and don’t add much.

Let’s say that John starts schooling at a tender age; he starts from the primary school to the high school, till he finally enter college or the university to further his education. You would notice that the moment he enters the university, he is no longer learning everything – but a streamlined area of interest.

That is exactly what happens when you decide to acquire a skill. Therefore we can say that the process of acquiring a skill is called skill acquisition.

Reasons for Skill Acquisitions

Understandably, everyone needs a reason to do something. When it also comes to the issue on ground, there is also a reason for skill acquisition.

The following are the reasons why you should consider acquiring a skill;

Means to wealth

In 1999 when Jeff Bezoz started off a software engineer in his garage, little did he know that he would later create an empire that would make him the richest man on earth? With his skill, he was able to create an online market place where people can be able to buy and sell. It isn’t the first, but I guess his idea was unique.

If you want something that would help you start a business, create wealth, and diversify your income, then you should focus on skill acquisition.

You stand a great chance of getting a job

When you think you don’t feel like creating your own business, you can also get hired easily. I recently wrote about the skills to learn while unemployed. When you focus on acquiring useful skills as an unemployed graduate, there is a great chance of you getting a job.

While skill acquisition helps you get a job easily, it would also help you remain on your job. When others are getting fired due to company downsizing, it would surely not affect you.

You aren’t dependent on anyone for survival

This is also one of the reasons for skill acquisition; you tend to live off the skills you’ve acquired. But it also depends on the type of skill acquisition program or the skill you acquired. When you have acquired the right skill, every other thing falls in place. You no longer beg for money just like others will do.

I will still show you the types of skill acquisition that we have, and you can make your choice based on your qualifications.

Lucrative Skill Acquisitions in 2021

1.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply a flexible sales model that helps to make available, multiple income streams. Although, it is not an easy, or get-rich-quick model of income.

As one of the Skills Acquisition that is Lucrative, Affiliate marketers usually leverage the internet and other platforms to promote products and services for companies and get paid commission on each of those products.

There is a lot of guides out there on the internet for anyone interested in getting started with affiliate marketing and this is one of the biggest opportunities out there for generating income on the internet.

2. Translating

Being bilingual is a skill that can help you in many ways, but I never understood the full importance of this until I started freelancing online.

Whether it’s translating a website into a second language, or creating a brochure that includes multiple languages…

Companies are always looking for people to help them with translating, and even if you don’t know a second language right now…that’s okay!

3. Copy-writing

I’d honestly never heard this term until I started freelancing online, but after I did, I couldn’t help but see the importance of it.

Whether it’s writing blogs for companies to use as marketing material, restructuring existing blogs to increase their SEO, or even writing sales pages that serve as a digital salesman at all times of the day…

Copy-writing is something that companies use every day, and trust me, as somebody who has a few years of experience in this field. Companies pay very well for it too.

4. SEO/Data Analytics

Carrying on with the SEO or Data Analytics. Now, most people think of SEO as some game, where you try to get backlinks on random sites or insert keywords in random places…

And some of that might be true, but SEO really boils down to attracting more visitors on your website and understanding how you’re getting them there…

This is why some companies will hire freelancers to help with this.

5. Podcasting

Who doesn’t have a podcast idea kicking around in the back of their head? If you have decided what format of the podcast you will be doing, the next step is to obtain the highest quality equipment that a limited budget (and, all budgets are limited) can afford.

Podcastconsultant.com has a good list of necessary equipment at multiple price points for each piece of gear. A lot of resources recommend having at least one co-host, and the more chemistry you have together the better your end product will be.

6. Computer Programming

You don’t need a four-year computer science degree to learn basic computer programming and get entry-level jobs in information technology or roles related to website or software development and database management.

Complete the Penn Foster Career School online Computer Programming Languages Certificate program in four months and learn programming skills as well as JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Access

7. Public Speaking

Taking a public speaking course and learning how to communicate effectively can enrich your career, especially if you’re seeking leadership or motivational speaking roles.

Public speaking classes are taught online, at community colleges, and at adult continuing education centers. Online training company The Leader’s Institute,

8. Microsoft Office Suite Certification

Obtaining a Microsoft Office Suite certification indicates proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This is perfect if you’re seeking jobs that involve preparing documents and spreadsheets, such as administrative jobs and research jobs.

Complete free online tutorials at your own pace, or sign up for a course at an adult continuing education center. For example, Chesapeake Public Schools in Chesapeake, Virginia, has four-week Microsoft Word and Excel classes

9. Google Ads Certification

Getting certified in Google Ads is another valuable tool for digital professionals, especially if you’re interested in search engine marketing and related web marketing or advertising roles.

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Register through Google’s Academy for Ads and complete any of the hundreds of free training videos, ranging from five minutes to more than an hour-long, at your own pace. Classes include Google Ads certification, search marketing, dynamic search, and Ads display certification.

10. A Second Language

Learning a second language can not only help you establish relationships with clients who don’t speak English, but also can make you a viable candidate for jobs that require international travel — from sales and business development to training and leading others on tours.

You can also use this skill for call center jobs, telephone or online sales jobs, and customer service jobs with employers who need bilingual employees.

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