Yahoo format to collect driver’s license, bank details SSN from client

Collecting Bank details from clients

What’s up , hustler? Yet again, I bring before you the format to collect bank account from client. After going through your comments and emails, I discovered that your clients are refusing to give out their bank accounts due to many factors. In this article, you will learn the art of collecting Verizon and AT&T details from clients fast. Before you implement this format, learn to get good luck from salt.Collecting Bank details from clients

To collect bank account from a client, you require intelligence and, of course, grace from Dollar mind. A new study emerges that about 67.09% of hustlers give up monthly after clients refuse to give out bank account details. Another research shows that at least 85.10% of clients with Verizon and AT&T accounts are now difficult to convince. As a smart hustler, you can see that collecting bank details just got tougher.

So, what’s the solution? Of course, giving up is out of the context. And that is why you will learn the new format to collect bank account from client fast. Are you ready for the format on Yahoo format to collect driving license from client-Verizon AT&T from client?

Why You Should Collect, SSN, Bank Details from Clients

Think of what could happen when hustlers collect bank details? Hustlers do not require the format to collect bank account from client for fun. Do you wonder why hustlers complain bitterly about clients not releasing? Trust me; some clients are super-difficult to bill and only special formats work on them. And for the sake of newbies that visit this site, I will disclose why hustlers collect bank account details.

When hustlers cry for the format to Collect Verizon details from client and format to collect AT&T from client, below are the reasons:


Yahoo carding is one of the common reasons why hustlers collect bank account from a client. Right from the 90s, carding has been the biggest multimillion-dollar industry. For carding to be successful, smart hustlers understand that CC info is crucial. So, when the target a particular client for the bank account – Verizon details and AT&T, it is to use the details for carding.

Also, when hustlers use powerful formats like what I will disclose here, they can further collect CC fullz. Bank account details can be used to card Wish, Card Cash App, Card Amazon, etc.

Selling on Dark Web

If you think hustlers do nothing with clients’ bank accounts, then you have not heard of the dark web. After a hustler runs the format to Collect Verizon details from client successfully, he/she auctions the details on the dark web. The same applies when a hustler successfully initiates the format to collect AT&T from client.

Wire Wire

After running a successful format to collect bank details from client, a hustler can choose to perform the Wire Wire format. In a couple of minutes, all the money in the bank account of the client should move to the hustler regardless of the location. It is even because of the wire wire strategy that the Verizon and AT&T clients in the US are now smarter.

Request Soft Loan

A hustler may decide to use a US client’s bank details to request a soft loan online. Since the hustler is not in the US, the best option is to sign up for an online loan with a low-interest rate. The client will not be aware of the loan because only the hustler can access the loan account.

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What the hustler does after collecting the bank details is to open a loan account online. He will use the client’s bank details and sign up for the money. Now, the hustler will inform the client that he has performed a transaction using his details. So, he should send the money too him. If the format is successful, the client will send the loan without knowing.

Loading/CC Topup

Hustlers can also load or topup the bank account of clients. When loading is about to take place, a loader needs an account (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to load. The act is called ‘loading’ while the hustler is the ‘loader’. Note that a loader is not necessarily a credit card scammer, but a credit card scammer must know how to load successfully. Of course, the hustler has to collect the bank details of the client to be able to load. So, after loading the bank account, Verizon, AT&T, etc. of the client with dirty money, you will ask the client to take a cut.

Once the money leaves the US, you are free while the client is left to answer questions regarding fraud. As you can see, clients serve as indirect money mules, which is essential to collect bank details – AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Shop Online

What international hustlers prefer after collecting bank details from clients is online shopping. It is better to shop online because it would have been too late for the client to know what is happening. However, if OTP is required, then collecting Verizon and AT&T details would be useless. Nevertheless, there is a way to shop online without OTP in the US. Once you master how to shop without OTP (One-Time Password), you will fall in love with collecting bank account from clients.

Formats to Collect Bank Account from Client

In this section, you will discover the format to Collect Verizon details from client and format to collect AT&T from client. After reading other guides regarding the format to collect bank account from client, I grinned. Check thoroughly and you’ll discover that they are repeating the same outdated format for collecting bank account details from clients.

I will expose several formats you can use – both fast and slow formats. Below is the format on how to collect bank details-Verizon AT&T from client.

Format 1 => Romance Format to Collect their Bank Details

From my research, the dating format does not work well when you try to collect bank details from clients. So, you will use the dating format to ask the client for their Verizon and AT&T details. First of all, you have to establish a strong relationship with the client in the US, and you must have an excellent vocabulary (English).

If you can’t type or speak excellent English, I doubt that any client in the US will have time for you. Meanwhile, if you use a language tool like Grammarly, it will correct your grammar. Also, endeavor to set Grammarly language to the US because the UK English is different.

If you are using a platform such as Facebook to chat, VPN will stop Facebook from reporting your location.

Before using the dating format, make sure the client is entirely in love. Also, target older people if you want to succeed. Let’s see a sample format you should use to collect Verizon and AT&T details from client.

Dating Format to Collect Verizon Details from Client and Dating Format to Collect AT&T from Client:

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Recall I told you about how I need money to start mini importation. I recently decided to kickstart the business, but my finance is too weak. Also, I long to be with you and I do not want you to foot the cost that will bring me to the US. As a lover, I feel it is my responsibility to handle the cost of coming to where you are. At least, it will help you save some money.

Once I start this business, I will be able to take care of myself, and we can pull our resources together when I arrive in the US. I know it is tough but all I need from you is either your AT&T or Verizon details to sign up and order the items.

I am most interested in buying and reselling phones. If you have trust issues, don’t worry because the items will arrive at your address. So, you will be the person to send the items to my address for me to retail.

Below are the details to send:

Verizon/AT&T Password, Username, and Question and Answer.

Yours Lovely,

(Put your name)

Again, don’t use this format the very first time with the client, or it will not work. So, this format works 90% of the time. Immediately you receive the details, order assorted phones, and use the address of a picker in the US. And the picker will forward the package to anywhere you are in the world. If you trust your client, you can let him handle the shipping.

Format 2 => Phishing Format

You can phish using a mobile number, email address, or website. Also, this method involves a direct bank account. So, everything in this section regards the format to collect bank account from client.

How to phish with Website:

First, create a phishing site that sells fake items and upload items between the rate of $5 and $10. After creating the phishing website, return to your client and explain that there is a cheap item of just $5, you will love him to buy. When he visits that website, he will admire the item and because it is cheap, start shopping.

Since the website is fake, all his bank details will be collected and you now have his bank details. You can sell on the dark web or use it for online shopping.

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How to Phish with Email

Suppose you do not know how to hack Gmail account, learn how to hack Gmail account first. You will also need a fake website to collect bank account details.

Or, you can simply use Gmail or Yahoo to phish a client in the US for their bank details. Note, this format will only work on a teenager between the age of 13 and 16 or an old American person (from 75 years upward).

Format 3 => FBI Format

When talking of a compelling format, we refer to the FBI format. The reason is that 90% of stubborn clients fall for this format. Moreover, the FBI technique is a reliable format on how to collect bank details-Verizon AT&T from client. So, you can use the FBI method to collect bank account details – Verizon, AT&T, etc. from clients in the US.

Before using this format, make sure to scare the client with a warning message from the FBI. Read on the FBI format to see the warning message I’m talking about.

Now, after a long relationship with the client, playfully ask which bank he is operating with. When he tells you, note it down because you will need it to run FBI format on him.

Note: The FBI format allows you to collect all bank account details, Verizon account details, and AT&T account details from clients.

Below is the format for collecting bank account details – Verizon, AT&T, etc. from stubborn clients.

Subject: Fraudulent Activities on Your Bank Account

Hello Tom Clarence,

Recently, the Bank of America sent us a query concerning your bank account. We have commenced an investigation immediately and we want you to cooperate with us. Failure to do so might force the agency to use violent force on you.

On January 17, a fraudulent transaction took place in your account. However, the bank has hidden it from your account statement so because it is fraudulent. You can help us to do our job and by providing us with the following:

Full name



Routing number


Account PIN


Exp. date


Note: The sooner we collect these details from you, the better.

Special Agent (put your name)

Division 7

Special Fort 6 Agent

Nile Lane

FBI Case No.: 3278HC

Criminal’s Name: Tom Clarence

Local Case Number: 485P7GH

In this format, I requested only bank details from the client. If you need the Verizon or AT&T account details, you’ll rearrange the format and include that you need Verizon and AT&T account.

Note that the first message you will send to the client before this format is the warning message. This other message should be sent after the client gets back to you. As usual, once you receive the bank account details, sell it on the dark web or use it for carding.

Format 4 => Blackmail Format for collecting bank details clients

The blackmail format for collecting bank account details from the client is almost like the FBI format. However, you do not require the custom FBI email address to run the format. For more information, read the complete blackmail format.

With the blackmail format, you can also collect the bank details, Verizon, and AT&T account details. All you have to do is blackmail the client and make it look real. First off, you have to choose from the available types of blackmail format. Three of the popular formats are:

  • Sextortion (sexual blackmail)
  • Defamation blackmail
  • Emotional blackmail


Here, you will get in touch with a client and make the client love you. It usually takes a month, and you have to send nudes to the client. When you have the real naked pictures of the client, threaten the client that you will leak the nudes online. Before you know what’s up, the client will plead to do anything you want. You can then request for their bank details, Verizon account details, or AT&T account details.

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I will advise that you do not ask for their password because you won’t get it. So, collect only the username, question, and answer, routing number, SSN, CVV, Exp. Date and address. Now, use the details to order something online and let the client send it to your address. If you are faking your address, you need a drop location to forward you the package from the US.

Defamation Blackmail:

This format is difficult, but it pays better if you can run it well. Simply frame up the client with fake accusations and request for their account details.

What you require for this format is an email address that bears any American name. Write down the frameup or blackmail message and send it to the client’s email address. I will not include the blackmail message here. But if you need it, use the search option on this website to find the sample I have written.

Note: You have to send the blackmail message to at least 20 clients. Out of the 20 clients, about three will fall for the trick.

Note: Do not request for account details – Verizon or AT&T, in the first blackmail.

After the client replies and you sense fear, request for their bank details or Verizon and AT&T details.

Emotional Blackmail:

Emotional blackmail requires a lot of time. So, I do not recommend unless you can exercise patience for weeks. Here, you have to make the client fall in love with you. Also, you have to hook up with an older American man/woman to succeed.

After weeks of making the older man or older woman wet, tell them that they are not helping you in the relationship. When the client asks “how”, say to the client that your phone is terrible and you need another phone to keep making him wet. Request for his Verizon and AT&T account details and he will send in fast.

Format 5 => Medical Billing Format for collecting bank details from clients

The medical billing format is a good format for collecting bank account from clients. It’s simple; click on the link above and follow up that format. Once you understand the format, use it on your client and request bank details, AT&T, and Verizon details.

How to Buy Phones with your Client’s Verizon and AT&T Account Details

After using the formats above to collect Verizon and AT&T account details, you are good to go. The details you require to buy phones are:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Question and Answer

Contact a picker in the US and inform him that you need him to ship the item(s) to a specific location (your location).

Now, get a good VPN and set the location to the US. Visit either Verizon or AT&T website and sign up with the account details. Navigate the site for the most expensive phones and select the option to buy phones on installment. Set your address to the address of the picker in the US and the shipping should commence. If your client is an aged person, he/she will not know what is happening until you are done. Of course, I always recommend having aged men or women as clients.

Final Thought

It does not end at learning the format to collect bank details from client. What matters most is how you can combine intelligence with the format to collect the Verizon and AT&T details from client.

After using the formats on a client, make sure to act very fast before the client decodes your plan. And never fail to activate your VPN to hide your location.

You can also further use this format to earn Bitcoin from clients easily. Also, make sure to create multiple Gmail accounts before you hustle.

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