How to get fake profile picture for yahoo yahoo 2022

How to get pictures for yahoo yahoo

How to get fake profile picture for yahoo work

If you want to become a successful yahoo boy, then you would never make a mistake in this step. This is another problem that those who to become yahoo boys normally face. It will be weird to use the picture of somebody and your client will recognize the picture and call you fake. It is something you really don’t want to experience (fake profile picture).

Most times when you go on dating sites, you will see lots of people; you have no idea who is who, so you are careful to use a picture that people won’t recognize. One of the mistakes new recruits in the yahoo yahoo business make is that they go to use the picture of a celebrity or a popular person in that country. It is quite good, but it depends on the yahoo format you came up with.

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Where can I get Fake Profile Pictures for yahoo ?

These sites are basically in no other, so you can choose which one suits you more. Also, it leaves you with enough choices to make in selecting the best picture that suits your purpose.

So let’s consider where you can get pictures for a fake profile either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


For me, Instagram remains the best place I visit once I need to get fake profile pictures for a new fake account. The reason is that images on Google don’t index Instagram images, so if someone runs a reverse image search on Google, they can’t find the source of my picture. Check out my post on how to do Instagram bombing .

Step 1

Find someone who has pictures that match the description of the fake profile picture you want. Also, make sure they have lots of them, should in case you need to change photos from time to time.

Step 2

Make sure their account is public – that way, you’d have easier access to stealing their pictures. If they operate a secured account, you’d have to follow them first and wait for them to accept your IV before you can view their images.

How to use ThisPersonDoesNotExist Website

Forget the way the name is presented; here is the link to the website. The website is an online tool that allows you to generate several high-resolution fake profile pictures of people that don’t exist.

Once you land on the website, you’d be sent a randomly generated picture, and that’s all the hard work you need. If you click on refresh severally, you will get several new photos. Should you want to produce many images, you can even do so within a short period.

But this tool has a downside – which is the fact that you can’t produce the same image several times. So your fake profile picture would be the same across all online channels. If you need several phony profile pictures of the same person, then this tool isn’t ideal for achieving that.


If you are looking to get fake profile pictures for your social media accounts or dating sites, then Snapchat is your best shot. The best way to get a lot of images from Snapchat is to follow many girls who frequently drop pictures on their timelines.

For others who usually upload videos, you can also save pictures from videos to have an array of images at your disposal. You can also read my post on how to bomb on Snapchat 

Dating Sites

There is no better place to get many pictures for your fake profiles if not on dating sites. When you visit dating sites like Badoo, Tinder, OkCupid, and MeetMe, to mention a few, there are lots of people with pictures on those platforms.

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You can get pictures on Badoo

It isn’t advisable to use a picture gotten from one dating site on the same dating site because the owner might see their photo on your profile and report you.

When picking pictures from a dating website, I suggest that you screenshot the photo and edit it slightly. That way, the owner might see it and won’t even recognize that it’s their picture.


Facebook is a community of billions of users, and the platform also contains many dead people.

On Facebook, you are to target the account of people that passed away. However, I admonish you to respect the dead, by not using their pictures to scam online. It is immoral, and karma is real.

But if you insist on using their pictures, that’s your choice. Search for posts that contain RIP on Facebook. Next, search for the profile of the person and download their photos.

Another method is to search for timelines with memories on Facebook. If you see people writing posthumous posts on the timeline, it means the person is dead. You can search for the last time the person posted. If it is a long time ago, then the person passed away.

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Local Forums

You can also use local forums to collect pictures for work. One of the forums is, where people post about people that passed away. Download the pictures (lovely ones only), edit them, and use them for yahoo work. I admonish you to respect the dead and not use their identity for scamming.

Is it legal to use Fake Profile Pictures as a yahoo boy

I tell you what, on the internet, everything and anything goes. It is legal to use someone’s picture on a fake profile. The illegality comes into play when you decide to use the profile to run some illegal stuff. That way, you are apprehended – not for using their pictures, but for your action.

In another situation, when the owner of a picture approaches you and asks you to take down their picture from your profile, please do it. The reason is the fact that they can report you for prying on their privacy.

How to Make a Fake Profile Picture for yahoo

So if you’ve decided to make your fake profile pictures, to avoid getting in line with owners of images, then you must use the “thispersondoesnotexist website.”

With that AI tool, you can generate the image of someone who isn’t in existence. Alternatively, you can use some of the other tricks I have listed in this post to achieve that.

One of the places I would advise you not to get fake profile pictures from is Facebook. Google now indexes images on Facebook, so people can quickly know where you got the photo from.

Also, if you get pictures from Facebook, you might be recommended to the friends of the image owner. I guess you understand the embarrassment that comes from everybody knowing that you are fake.

When you’ve built your account up to a point on Facebook and friends finally report the account as fake, Facebook can ban the account and delete it from their platform. This way, you lose all your years of hard work.

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If your client requests for picture make sure you don’t send plenty at once. This will make sure that you don’t run out of pictures when the time comes.


Due to many questions which I don’t really have time to respond to, I will be dropping the following formats that will help you become a successful yahoo boy;

  1. When you are starting out with a client, always remember that you aren’t from America, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. This is because our English and theirs aren’t the same.
  2. Always tell your clients that you are originally from Poland, Italy, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and that you migrated to the US to further your education.
  3. After a while, tell them that your company has transferred you to South Africa for official duty
  4. Tell them that a team of geologists will be going to Nigeria to secure an Oil Block
  5. Then you continue with the flow till the client pays

Or… You can open a female account for your Girlfriend (If she is okay with it) and use her to trap white men.

She should assume a black girl identity from Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Faroe Island, any of them.

If the white man requests for a video call, she should accept the call and have fun with the man (She may be asked for naked videos ooo…), so it is at your own risk.

Then find a way to make me send you money for treatment of coming over to satisfy his sexual urge (Anyone you want).

It is all about creativity. I will still be back to write on the topics below;

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  • Phishing (Hacking and online theft)
  • Email Blasting.

I will also update all that I have learned with phishing and account bait. Once you implement all these, it will be great. You can subscribe below and I will update you when I finally drop the post.

If interested, you can just leave a comment, and I will send you the materials when I am done writing.

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Video cloning software

Likewise the business of yahoo yahoo or Internet fraud, you don’t jump into it without your tools. You WILL NEVER SUCCEED.

This software is very scarce be wise of its power.

The functionality of this working tool takes technology to another level. It is an application used in making video calls, but this one allows you to alter the video visual.

Because of its power the video cloning application is quite expensive as it is rare. If you happen to come across the appropriate version online be sure it would NOT be sold for less than $300 dollars (minus the monthly subscription fee).

However, Nigerian hackers and programmers have been able to work on that. They have been able to remove the subscription package. They call their version the Cracked Version and it is a miracle software.

Like the original cloning application, you cannot find this cracked version anywhere. Very few developers and computer wizards have it.

How to get the software

You can get both the cracked and uncracked version now at affordable prices of 35,000 and #25,000 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira and Twenty Five Thousand Naira) from a recommended programmer if you are interested. His email is [email protected]. The video cloning application allows you to make your regular video calls, but this time it gives you the option to either use your real face or the face of another person.

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If you need where to get fake profile pictures, I have listed all the known platforms for you. Also, I would be updating this post with more ideas as soon as I find out more.

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