How to do online shopping without otp

In this post, I will show you how to shop online without OTP. Whether you are in Nigeria, the United States of America, Canada, the UK, India, or anywhere in the world, you can shop online without OTP.

Also, I will also show you some shopping sites without OTP that you can use a debit card for quick transactions. Just like I explained in How to shop online using stolen credit cards, you might also need places to shop without OTP verification.

If you have picked up someone’s debit card and intend to shop with it, you should know that there would obstacles. One of the obstacles is the popular OTP that is used to verify the owner of a debit card.

The OTP known as One Time Password is used to stop strangers from using someone’s debit card if they want to shop online. There are two security layers in every debit card;

PIN – This is to block you from direct withdrawal from the person’s account.

OTP – To prevent online shopping with another person’s card.

How do OTP works?Learn how to do an online shopping without OTP

As a yahoo boy, you might come across when you need to shop online with a debit card or credit card. Knowing about OTP will help you achieve that.

Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cyber-crime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

The OTP is a randomly generated password that is mostly 4-digits. It is typically sent to the phone number or email that is associated with the debit card. This effected to stop a stranger from using someone’s debit card.

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If you want to know how to shop online without OTP, then you are looking for how to bypass the receiving OTPs.

For this to happen, you would be considering several ideas. One of the challenges of shopping online is that most payment service providers allow you to finish up your transaction with your bank before you pay for whatever you buy online.

Let’s say you are using PayStack, at some point, you will be redirected to your bank’s portal to finish up transactions.

Going to your bank to finish up your transaction is the reason why OTP is requested.

But let’s say that a certain shop doesn’t link you to your bank to finish up your payment, what exactly will you do? I guess you will have access to all your client’s cash.

Step to Take Before Shopping Online without OTP and Stolen Card

Use a Fake Billing Address

I assume you are using a stolen credit card, which is why you need a payment gateway that doesn’t require OTP. You have to know that you will need to fill in a fake billing address.

This is necessary because when something wrong happens and you are being tracked, your billing address might sell you out!

You need to cover your tracks by using a fake address, so as to avoid getting busted.

Fake Phone Number

A phone number doesn’t really matter, but you can be tracked with a phone number. So while inputting your details, I suggest you use a fake phone number.

Use a VPN

Just perhaps your location wants to get tracked, a VPN will keep you safe. Once the owner of the card reports you to the bank, they will track the location of purchase. From then on, the police will come right after you.

So for the sake of your safety, I suggest you use a VPN while trying to do anything illegal online. I have recommended this VPN for anyone who wishes to use a VPN and be safe online.

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Learn the Shipping Policy

If the site you want to shop without OTP is not strict in its shipping policy, your luck. However, sites with tougher policies can frustrate your shopping online with no OTP.

For instance, if the site requests ID before delivery, then it’s a “no”. Another feature of a bad choice website is they request visiting their office for pickup. It is unwise because you may get caught. So, in this regard, use a shopping site the has no branch.

It also helps if the eye m site you use for the shopping is located outside your country. The problem is that you need a picker to forward the item. Fortunately, reliable forwarding services are sprouting up, and you can use their services to receive your orders.

I will be showing you some ways that have worked for me, so I hope it works for you too. If you are reading this and thinking I am teaching people how to steal online, that is wrong! I am only trying to teach you how to protect yourself and your finance.

So if you know how they do it, then you can be able to protect your card, money, and whatever thing is valuable to you.

If you equally picked someone’s card and willing to shop with it, then this post will show you how to shop online without OTP. Also, in the post, you will also see some possible payment gateways and shopping sites without OTP.

Buy 3rd Party Software

Frankly speaking, you wouldn’t be needing this software – but there are people out there who need it. The aim is to buy and resell to people who actually need the software. I suggest you find a way to buy them and sell to people who are interested in the software.

There is a lot of software out there, so it depends on the one you want. Just visit their website and subscribe. Then you can start selling to others.

A popular example is Grammarly software. Once you shop it online without OTP, you can look for writers and let them buy from you. It is that simple and very easy to achieve.Learn how to do an online shopping without OTP

Visit Foreign Stores

This is another simple advice for you to take. To shop online without OTP, you’d need to buy from stores that can’t verify your bank account.

Let’s say you are in Nigeria and wish to buy from a store in the United States, there is no way their payment gateway can link to that of Nigeria. So they won’t request for OTP when you are about to make a purchase.

There are lots of websites, but avoid popular ones like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Jumia, etc. They are connected to almost all countries, so that would be practically impossible.

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Buy Gift Card from Foreign Stores

Gift card stores are also a cool place to shop online without OTP. It is one of the shopping sites without OTP – most of them don’t send OTP through their payment platforms.

So you can just visit their stores and purchase Gift Cards with someone else’s debit card and then sell the gift cards to vendors in your country. This is a very good way to shop online without OTP.

There are the popular Gift Card Shops that don’t request for OTP; (Links are placed below)

  • My GiftCard Supply
  • Card Delivery

There are many others, but you then have to find it yourself. I can’t help you do everything, sorry!

Buy Domain and Hosting and Resell for Money

In case you have a debit card and wish to shop online without OTP, then I suggest you have to buy domain names and hosting for people.

Just inform people that you can buy a domain and hosting for them, then go ahead and buy. Most of those websites don’t request for OTP. As long as the card information is correct, then you are good to go.

I won’t give out websites, you will have to find that yourself. I guess I have done enough.

Use Non-VBV Credit Card Details

non-VBV credit card details do not request OTP. Unfortunately, this class of credit card is not used often. You can purchase them online from carding forums or dark web sites.

When you shop with the non-VBV card details, Visa will not send OTP, and you can buy any item without OTP.

Note that non-VBV means non-Verified by Visa. It means that Visa will not verify any transaction done with the credit card details.

Websites To Shop Online Without OTP

  1. BigBasket.
  2. Nearbuy.
  3. Grofers.
  4. Clovia.
  5. MakeMyTrip.
  6. Lenskart.
  7. Pepperfry.
  8. Dominos.
  9. My Gift Card Supply
  10. Card Delivery

Will you be caught shopping online without OTP?

Yes and no. If you use a VPN to hide your IP, the site can’t track you. But if, after ordering, you go to the office to collect the order, you may be caught if the owner of the card noticed and reported the incident.


If you have a card, you have to protect it well. If your card is missing, quickly complain to your bank and let them block the card. Don’t leave any room for error; it would be disastrous for your money.

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