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There are several ways to use the food billing format for clients, but it depends on your method for the bombing. This format is straightforward to use, but it would require a lot of setups to make your client believe you.

The food billing format simply tells your client that you are hungry because of something that has happened and need help immediately. One thing you have to understand about white people is that they are usually sympathetic towards humanity. Once you know this, then it becomes easy for you to understand how to position your format.

Think about a refugee who just escaped from North Korea and his plea for help. Think of how he will compose a message asking for help; that is how the food billing format works.

Like I mentioned earlier, this format is in two parts; the first one is for the bombing, while the second one is targeted to a specific client you are already in contact with.

Tools Required for the Food Billing Format

Tools Required for the Food Billing Format

So let me quickly share with you how I used this format to get over $2000 from a client. So, I was chatting with the client, so I stopped responding to his messages after a while. When he texted me continuously asking what happened, I told him that someone used identity theft and ripped me off over $50,000 in my bank account.

I informed the client that I hadn’t eaten for days due to a lack of financial support, and I would need to get a loan or something to pay back. I begged the client for some help to eat and buy foodstuffs, and boom, he requested my preferred means of payment and sent me money.

Well, I actually used the money to buy food, flex, and do a whole lot with the money, so I actually kept my promise. Hahahaha.

So let me show you some tools you need for this format to work.

Doctored Screenshot

First, you should have a screenshot showing your bank’s conversation that your account has been breached. Alternatively, you can show that of a friend where you are complaining that someone has hacked into your account and taken a considerable amount of money from your bank account.

This doctored chat will show more credibility than when you are just complaining without offering any proof. So do well to create a fake discussion or fake email message from your bank. That way, when you ask for help, it would seem genuine.

Spammed cPanel for Email Bombing

food Billing Format

If you are going to be blasting people’s emails, as I suggested at the start of this post, then you need a spammed cPanel. You can’t use regular email marketing software like SendingBlu or MailChimp because they have a strict law against spamming.

So, to make that possible, just get a spammed cPanel and go ahead with your blasting. I will also show you the format for your mass email campaign.

Format Write-Up

Your write-up should be ready, and you should also have more should if someone responds to your email.

Bank Drop/Payment Method

You don’t really need a bank account for this; you should make payment as easy as possible so that people can just donate even if it’s $5, $10, etc. The more people donate this small amount of cash, you can then accumulate a lot.

So, I suggest you can create a 3rd party account using GoFundMe. That way, the description wouldn’t be about yourself but be written in a 3rd person tone. Just like you are an organization trying to help humanity, we know that the money belongs to you.

How to Use the Food Billing Formats

Let’s establish this fact correctly, there are two types of situations where you use the food billing format.

  • Directly to your client
  • Spamming people’s emails and requesting help

Billing your client directly is simpler if you already have a client who listens to you. So, the steps to bill your client are.

  • Go off for a period
  • Come back and tell your client that you got hacked and your money wiped from your account.
  • Request your client to help you with a bit of cash to buy food and survive until you fix it up?
  • Send them your PayPal, CashApp or any other payment platform you use to collect money. You can also send your cryptocurrency details.

To achieve this seamlessly, you also need to understand the tactics of convincing people to send you money. That way, it becomes easy to manipulate people to send you money.

If you are going to be spamming emails, then there isn’t much job than just copying the format I will drop here and using it on clients.

Sample Food Billing Format for Direct Client

This is how the format should look like, then you can answer other questions by using your sense. Make sure you drop the screenshot before writing this message to avoid suspicions.

Hi Clarke,

I shouldn’t be doing this, but I don’t have any other option. I am in a bit of a fix right now, maybe you didn’t notice, but I have been off for a while. I woke up and saw that my life savings had been wiped out. I contacted my bank, and they said I was a victim of identity theft.

Right now, they are helping me to retrieve the money because the fraud department said they know where the money was wired to and can retrieve it, but it would take a couple of weeks, about 3.

I don’t really have any means of survival or going to work. If you can spare me any tiny amount to help me buy foodstuffs, and as a means of transportation to work, I will gladly appreciate it, please. Thank you.

Sample Food Billing Message Format

This is message format is when you want to spam through your cPanel.

Dear humanity,

You might be receiving this message out of the blues, but this is a call for help for someone who has taken a brave decision to be alive.

Son-Ye Kueon is a North Korean native who has defiled the odds to escape the authoritarian rule in North Korea to defect to the South. Right now, he is held up in China and is currently starving almost to death. He needs a little help to buy foodstuffs and other essential materials to survive before moving down to South Korea.

His family has all been killed in North Korea’s concentration camps, and he’s the only survivor. Please let’s help him and give him another chance at life. Any amount can go a long way to help. A simple donation of about $5, $10, is enough to buy him a second chance at everyday life.

Let’s do it!


Kind Regards

Jan Vellenberg


Help The North


I hope you have a good idea of how the food billing format works, and it can be easy for you to do very similar things even if you use another setting. Basically, the end game is to utilize this format in multiple ways and still achieve the same outcome of cashing huge amounts of money.

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