10 Well paid job for lazy individuals

Well paid job Lazy people engage in

‍In this article, I will be showing you the lazy ways to make money(well paid jobs). Well paid job for lazy individuals

The majority of people prefer to make money while doing little works, while others deem it impossible to make it big while being lazy and engaging in lazy works. However, there are lazy ways to make money which I will be showing you.

Being lazy does not necessarily make you less smart. There are smart people who prefer to work jobs for lazy people and they make money from it. These lazy jobs are much better than engaging in illegal jobs to make money. The seriousness I am talking about does not mean you would have to work for a long period of time like from 6 am to 9 pm.

You could literally be sleeping and making money through jobs for lazy people. You cannot make money while being lazy without you knowing the lazy ways to make money.

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10 well paid Jobs for lazy people to Earn a Living With Ease are;


Betting is one of the best paying jobs for lazy people. In betting, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to make money if you choose to play online. Betting involves putting a significant amount of money to make more money if things go your way. Your money can be doubled or tripled depending on the odds that come with the games you play.

As a lazy person, you do not have to move an inch from where you stay to make money from betting. The only disadvantage that comes with betting is that you are liable to lose your money if your bet does not come through. Overall, betting is a very job type of job for lazy people to make money.

These types of betting companies vary and they include Betway, Bet360, and so on. As the betting company varies, so also their odds come differently. Find the right betting company that matches your taste and go on to bet. In addition, the betting companies also offer varieties of sports like dog racing, betting on tennis games, basketball and so on.

It is also important to note that betting can be taken to a whole new level, some people place bets on games they play with their friends or close pal.

2. Video Game Tester

Any lazy person can make money by testing video games for companies. This type of job is very relaxing and might not take too much of your mind to do. Find a good paying video game company; write down an application letter to them telling them you are interested in testing the video games they make.

When you get employed, a game would be delivered to you. Your job will just be to play the game, then after playing the game, you would tell the developers of that particular game you played the good part about the game and where they are supposed to put up more efforts to improve the game. You get paid every hour whenever you test the game. It is one of many profitable jobs for lazy people.

3. Blood donation

This simply involves you selling your blood to those people that need it. You are only required to eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and other things that can make you healthy and look good.

The blood donation can be made in a hospital or any authorized medical center. When you donate your blood, you will get paid immediately. Try to maintain your healthy style of living by eating good food because there always people out there especially in the hospitals that would need blood to survive.

This job can be done on a regular basis by the lazy set of people.

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4. Dog walking

Do you know you can make a substantial amount of money when you take a dog or a couple of dogs on a walk? You do not have to be with the dogs throughout the day to be paid by your client, you only walk with the dogs on specific hours that suit your time.

For a lazy person, you will still move about while walking and this is a perfect kind of job for a lazy person who wanders around in the streets doing nothing. This is amongst the most popular type of jobs meant for a lazy person and it is very profitable.

During winter, dog walking is a very lucrative side hustle for people who are innovative thinkers. Just reach out to everyone around your neighborhood and introduce your service. Getting your first client wouldn’t be that difficult.

5. Cuddling

This is amongst many other jobs for lazy people. You can actually get paid for just staying in bed and cuddling other people’s possible strangers. The lazy people have taken cuddling to a whole new level and they have made it a professional job.

You can get paid a whopping $80 in one hour when you cuddle your client. The most interesting aspect is that you do not have to undergo any technical training to become a cuddler. You are only required to have a passion for it as well as the ability to cuddle very well so that you could impress your client.

6. Beer Taster

This is also another job meant for the lazy set of people, though you must have a very great sense of tasting drinks and differentiating them. Beer tasting nowadays has been taken professionally and made a job for some people who deem it so.

Beer testing goes beyond sipping a drink and telling them how it tastes, you must be able to differentiate between different brands of beer and as well say the one that is good and the other that needs to be improved on.

7. Translator

Have you ever wondered making some cool cash from the language you know very well? Besides, you can actually be translating languages from the comfort of your home. Sign up for a translating website, then translate the words you would be given and get your pay.

You could actually earn over $100 a day for just translating the language you know very well. Endeavor to keep practicing the language you are good at so as not to be caught napping when a situation calls for it.

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Lazy people have deemed this job as one which only tests their ability to think fast and write fast. Fiverr is a good place to start your hustle as a translator. Just sign up and register your gig, then you are good to go!

8. Hotel Tester

When I stumbled into this job that lazy people do, I was very surprised. I never knew one could make money from living in a hotel and testing out their facilities and equipment. This is a very high paying and relaxing job.

You literally could be resting, watching tv and trying out some other hotel facility and get paid. It is a very stress-free job meant for a lazy individual. On the completion of your stay in the hotel, you will write a review of your experience in the hotel and get paid for doing that.

9. Breath Odour Evaluator

This type of job involves those that possess a very good sense of smell and do not get apprehensive when going close to a stranger to smell their breath.

Companies and organizations such as Closeup, Longrich and others who produce chewing gum pay a substantial amount of money to people to smell people’s body odor and also their breath to confirm if their product is really up to par and working effectively. You could be earning a whopping $64,000 annually from this job.

10. Sperm Donator

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can convert a large amount of sperm inside your body to cash? Since the majority of women are looking for ways to give birth when they are not fertile enough, they opt to buy sperm.

The sperm, therefore, would be inserted into the woman private part so that she can get pregnant and be able to give birth. The sperm can either be donated in any hospital or an authorized medical center.

You would get paid whenever your sperm is donated to someone. This is one type of job that lazy people might want to cherish and take on.

Seat Filler

Have you ever heard about people who are hired to fill up seats for an occasion? That is such a perfect job for someone who hates the daily routine of a 9 – 5 job. A seat filler is contracted by an agency to sit at occasions like Award shows, football shows, events, and anywhere that people are required to gather.

All you need is just come with a good dress, sit on your assigned chair till an empty seat is required, then you stand and make way for proper guests to sit.

This article contains a list of jobs for lazy people in Nigeria and the world today. It is important to note that the jobs meant for lazy people demand of them sharp thinking and smartness even though it is stress-free. You can overcome financial problems in business as a lazy person and keep making your money. Finally, if you feel these are not lazy ideas enough, you can sell your sperm for money. Also, if you are confident that you can do demanding jobs, consider the high paying jobs.

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