Ultimate yahoo scam: International Fedex Label Method using correct CC

International Fedex Label Method

  1. Buy A Good USA Card I prefer Debit Business Cards
  2. Go to FedEx.com
  3. Click United States English
  4. First Page Shipping, Choose Create Shipments, Or On Shipping Choose, Create a shipment
  5. Create Account for shipping with a credit card, Create Email Of Card Holder, Via, Mail.com Very Fast And Easy Way.
  6. Fill Billing with cc details That Includes Cc First And Last name on it As Well, It Does Not Matter either Drop Name or Address is on it or Not, So Maintain Cc info On Billing Forms
  7. Ship to / Put Receiver Address, U can Choose Any Street address In your Area In Gh, Choose Ghana as the Shipping too Country, Add your Gh Phone Number.
  8. Proceed to Choose Box, I advice you Choose 25KG Box, with that u get Fast Shipment With a Rate between 700$ to 750$, Add Package weight Now Calculate Rate And Proceed.
  9. Next Page Takes u to where u Choose the Shipment as Gift.
  10. Add the Description Of your Package,
  11. Manufacturing Country Choose USA,
    Add the Full descriptions that is Package quantity, weight, Value.
  12. Proceed to Checkout Enter Ur Cc details Maintain Billing address, Re Check throughout Make Sure Receiver Name is Spelled out Accurately
  13. Next At the last page to Submit the Payment There should be a small Box where u will ticket to have them send u All the Shipping Documents or the labels in to your Inbox
  14. Now Submit Payment If It goes through
    It means ur Card is Good
International fedex label method

if not Clear History and Start again.
I advice u get a Good Business Debit Cards like I said earlier
Because they have a less chances of charge Back enjoy.

Remember Fedex Might Fuckup Anytime Anywhere So Take Note.
When Ur Goods Drop Thank Ur Lord

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