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ExchangerTx-Sell your bitcoin and Gift card

So you may have read so many websites telling you about some of the best websites to sell gift cards in Nigeria. But the truth is that there are so many things that they won’t tell you before you decide to trade on their website. Most of them offer Low Rates, so they don’t really care if they give you good rates or not. But today in this article, I will show you the best way to cash out and sell your gift cards and bitcoin in Nigeria for the highest rates in the market.

exchangerTx is the best place to sell gift cards and bitcoin in Nigeria. It is fast, convenient, and they’ve introduced on-spot sales of gift cards and bitcoin, so you are able to track your sales and get instant payment.

Many websites will tell you that they offer fast payment, a high rate, and etc. But the fact is that majority of them are rippers who are willing to take your money without delivering your bargain. Imagine after using the gift card format to get gift cards, then someone else takes it away from you – it doesn’t make sense.

Knowing the best place to sell your iTunes gift cards or generally sell gift cards in Nigeria isn’t as difficult. One of the best things I look out for is a site that has an escrow.

Things to consider before you Sell Gift cards in NigeriaTrusted places to sell your bitcoin and Gift for cash at higher rate

These are the basic things you need to consider before you decide to sell your iTunes or Amazon gift card or even bitcoin in Nigeria.

  • The security feature of the site
  • A website that offers your promotions
  • Good rates – the rates are determined by the buyers of the gift cards
  • Comfortable service

It might seem impossible to find a platform that offers all these, but I can show you one where I trade all the gift cards and Bitcoins I get from my clients. I teach people how to use the gift card format to get clients that will keep giving them gift cards. So if you are interested, you can feel free to check it out and see how to keep getting gift cards and iTunes cards to sell in Nigeria.

What is the Best Place to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Whether you are thinking of selling iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Steam cards, Google Play, or your bitcoin, there is the best site to sell all of them.

The name of the site is exchangerTx – which has been voted as the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria. You can need another of their reviews here on this website.

There are unique features that make it one of the best place to exchange bitcoin, gift cards for money in Nigeria.

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Benefits of Trading Gift Cards and Bitcoin with exchangerTx

They are duly registered with the Nigerian CAC

Very fast and efficient. The last time I exchanged with them, it wasn’t up to 5 minutes and I was credited.

They have over 5,000 daily customers and counting. So most people know they are legit.

They offer higher rates. Just in case you don’t know, you might have been losing money to previous buyers. Most gift cards and bitcoins exchangers want to dupe you, so they buy at low rates from you. To avoid that, it is better you just trade with exchangerTx and get good money for your sweat.

You also trade with a live agent who is on standby just for you. you can visit the exchangert platform by writing a mail to [email protected] So you just submit your details to the agent, a verification happens, then you are credited within a few minutes.

Start Trading with Admin

The final step would be to start a conversation with the Admin [email protected].ng Before you type a message, confirm if the green dot is showing below. Well, even if the green dot isn’t showing, just send a mail and someone would respond very fast to you.


So you’ve seen how easy it is to sell gift cards and bitcoins in Nigeria fast and easy. I understand the stress of getting gift cards and bitcoins from clients, so nobody should rip you. I recommend this platform, and right now, their rates are very high.

So rush there now and start selling your bitcoin and gift cards, make we flex dey go.

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