2022 Nike Carding tutorial: ultimate guide

Nike Carding

What’s up , Hustler? This guide discloses everything you need to know about the Nike carding method. Of course, I have experimented with this carding method recently and it worked.

Nike is one of the best cardable sites and Nike carding is easier than Amazon carding, Wish.com carding, PayPal carding, etc. The only challenge in carding Nike is that you need a picker if you do not stay in the address registered on the CC.

To card Nike.com, you require tools such as a VPN, fake email address, disposable phone number, CC fullz, and a Nike account, which you will use to order items with the CC you bought or collected from your client.

Carding Nike is not difficult so far you pay attention to this Nike carding tutorial. Moreover, you do not require any PDF to learn to card Nike successfully.

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History of Nike Carding

Nike was founded on January 25, 1964, just 4 years after the internet was invented.

At the time, Nike operated as a simple store in the US lots of US residents loved to change their wardrobes with Nike products.

Today, Nike is a multinational corporation recognized worldwide as one of the top-performing industries that design, develop, and manufacture equipment, footwear, accessories, apparel, etc.

Since Nike is a big company, it is marked one of the best sites for carders to make money, which is why this guide exposes how to card Nike.com.

According to Nike, shipping is available within the US, FPO (Fleet Post Office) and APO (Army Post Office) addresses. It means that you have to use the US as your billing address to card successfully on Nike.

Note also that Nike is unable to ship to the US territories, re-shippers, or package forwarding services and PO boxes.

Requirements for Cärding Nike

In this section, I disclose all the tools you need to card Nike successfully. This Nike CC carding tutorial is based on experience from the experiments O conducted recently.

Below are the requirements for Nike carding:


Any VPN can be used to card Nike.com without disclosing your server IP address. Some carders also prepare using the RDP, which is excellent, especially if you are using a PC for the latest Nike carding method.

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You may download one of the best VPNs for carding on Nike or you get a free VPN from the app store. Note that you need a VPN that uses the US servers because Nike.com carding is most functional in the US, especially if you do not want to use the Nike stores in your country. Moreover, you must set your IP address to match the location of the card. For example, if the CC is registered in California, you need a VPN that supports California.


A drop is a location where you pick up the carded item. The drop location can be any place, including your postal address, etc. but I recommend using a neutral ground s the drop.

In this case, you need a picker to forward the item to your location.


A picker is a person that collects your carded item from the shipping company. It could be UPS or any courier services supported by Nike.com.

You will negotiate a percentage with the picker, meaning that you will send a small amount to the picker that re-ships your item.

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CC Fullz

If you plan to ship to your location directly, you do not need a picker, but you must be careful not to be tracked by the courier service if the original owner of the CC discovers fraud in their bank account.

The CC you need must include the bin for the location you want to receive the item.

Typically, if you buy CC online, you will get either the US or the UK CC. I recommend the US CC, especially because Nike operates in the US mostly.

Disposable Phone number

You need a disposable phone number for the Nike.com carding method. It is not as though the phone number is crucial, but just to convince Nike that you are not a scammer.

You can get a disposable number of services from sites such as FreePhoneNum and Burner App.

The phone number must be registered in the country that the CC is registered. If possible, get a phone number that is similar to the phone number in the CC fullz.

Fake Email Address

You can hack a Gmail account or create a new email account. I have written an article that teaches you how to create multiple Gmail addresses in case you want to card Nike.com multiple times with different CC details.

Note: Do not use a disposable email address unless you want to be completely anonymous on the internet.

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An email service such as Google Gmail does not disclose the IP address of a sender, so it thwarts the chances that Nike.com can detect the location your email address is pointing to.

How to Card Nike

In this section, I discuss the steps to card Nike.com. Recall that I experimented with the Nike.com carding method before putting up this Nike carding tutorial.

Below are the steps regarding the Nike carding method:

Get CC Fullz

If you cannot buy a CC, you can collect credit card details from your client and use it for the carding.

If you want to be anonymous and willing to spend additional money on a picker, get a random CC that is registered in a different country. Assuming you reside in Africa, it makes sense to get a US CC for carding on Nike.com.

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Note that not all bins work on Nike. So, research for the bins supported on Nike.com before you pay for it.

Get an Email Address/Phone Number

Like I mentioned earlier, you need an email address and a disposable phone number. I recommend a disposable phone number because your identity is not registered to the phone number; thus, it is difficult for any law enforcement agency to track you if the need arises.

Make sure to create an email account at least 2 days to the day you will create a Nike account for carding.

Create Nike Account and Add CC

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I assume that your disposable or temporary phone number, a VPN, and a fake email address is ready.

Lest I forget, make sure that the email address matches the email address registered on the CC. For example, if the email on the CC is [email protected], your new email address can be something like [email protected].

To create a Nike account is simple, visit Nike.com and sign up with your fake credentials. The credentials must match the details on the CC as much as it can.

Add Items to Cart

After creating the new Nike account, add a few items to the cart, log out of the account for a few hours, typically 12 hours, and clear the browser cache and cookies immediately.

The items you add to the cart must not be the item(s) you want. For example, if you want to card Nike shoes, the items you should add to the cart would include apparel, jersey, etc.

Checkout the Item

After a few hours as I mentioned above, log in to your Nike.com account and remove the items in the cart. Now, add your payment details using the CC you purchased.

To add payment details on Nike.com, do the following:

  • Login to your Nike account.
  • Navigate to Credit/Debit Cards.
  • Select the ‘Add’ card option and enter the CC details.

Note: If Nike.com does not support the CC bin, you will be unable to add the card.

  1. If you add the card successfully, checkout the item you want. I recommend checking out as a guest because online stores save lesser information on guest transactions.

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Have in mind that the shipping details you enter during the checkout must be accessible to you. If you prefer added security of your identity, then use the address on the CC or ship to a state like Texas by supplying its ZIP code.

Note: If the CC allows you to card Nike items in the UK, for instance, you cannot ship to the US because Nike does not support shipping Internationally. So, card on their stores directly with the card registered in the country.

Before then, contact a picker to negotiate how much they will charge to ship the carded Nike item to your location.

Pick Up Order

You can pick up your orders from any Nike store or choose the courier delivery (recommended).

Nike has various shipping options including the Standard (3-6 days), expedited (2-3 days), express (1-2 days), store pick-up.

If you have additional money to hasten the carding method, you can choose the expedited shipping that should take 2 days.2021 Nike Carding tutorial: ultimate guide

Final Thoughts

You need to keep a VPN active while carding Nike unless you do not want to be anonymous.

Also, you can only a Nike store in a particular country using CC details registered in that country. If you card the UK store successfully, you cannot ship to the US because Nike does not ship internationally as I mentioned earlier.

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