How to convince someone to give you money

Easily convince someone to give you money

Whether you are in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, whichever country you are reading from, the human mind works in the same way. If you are looking for how to get people to send you money, I will show you how to convince someone to give you money without you stressing yourself.

Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t want to work; we all wish to get paid by just doing nothing. Most times we want to carry out a project, but the capital isn’t just there. Do you want to know how to convince someone to give you money without any commitment? I am going to do just that right in this article.

Whether you are looking for how to convince a girl to give you money, a married man to give you money, a guy, woman, just anybody, we all have the same manipulation process. It is only when you understand that humans think almost in the same format, it becomes easy for you to manipulate anyone you choose to manipulate.

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If you are able to collect a dollar from 10 people in a day, you will have 10 dollars at the end of the day. The secrets in this article will show you how to make someone give you money even when they feel reluctant initially. It all starts with a manipulation process until they finally cave into your requests.

It has worked severally for me, it should also work for you if you follow the steps I outlined below;

When it comes to money, 95% of us become very emotional when it comes to issues pertaining to money. It is very difficult to convince someone to give you something, let alone money. Once you are able to understand the trick behind human thinking, it becomes very easy for you to manipulate someone using the methods I will show you in this post.

I will suggest that as you learn how to convince someone to give you money without commitments. This post isn’t meant to be among the con ways to make money; so I believe it would be utilized in the right manner. Probably as an insurance sales agent, you wish to get people to hand their money over to you, and then you need to read this post. It will show you the stages and the brainwashing methods that I have applied over the years.

Why you need to learn how to Make someone to give you Money or Something. convince someone to give you money

Every single day of our lives, we are always selling something. Everybody is selling something to someone every moment. Consider this example;

My little boy one sunny day saw a Nike shoe he loved so much while we were walking past the shoe shop. He stopped and admired the shoe for a while; after a few moments staring at the shoe, I beckoned on him to get moving – so as to catch up with our train.

The next day he comes into the sitting room and asks me “what would I do so that you can buy me that shoe” I felt startled for a while because I never imagined him coming up with such an intelligent question. I didn’t want to be a wicked father who would outrightly say no to my son’s request. So I gave him a task to accomplish – which he did and claimed his Nike shoe a few days later.

I sat down and pondered about the strategy he used to get that money off my pocket. I started implementing it step by step, and the result has been wonderful. Now I will show you why you need to learn how to convince someone to give you money without sweating so hard.

  • You will become almost invincible
  • They will respect you for knowing how to ask
  • The fella might end up employing your services
  • You can get whatever you want – anywhere and anytime.

When you carry out this “trick” properly, people would be marveled as to how you were able to get their money off them without any form of resistance.

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So how do you get people to send you money with little effort?

Trying to convince someone to give you money is just like trying to make people buy your products. These are now the steps to gently persuade someone to give you money without sweating so hard. I hope you utilize it properly – I mean legally.

Find a Target

Once you are able to find the right target, you have done the hardest part of the job. Just as Robert Green said in the art of seduction;

“Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms. The right victims are those for whom you can fill a void, who see in you something exotic. They are often isolated or unhappy, or can easily be made so—for the completely contented person is almost impossible to seduce. The perfect victim has some quality that inspires strong emotions in you, making your seductive maneuvers seem more natural and dynamic. The perfect victim allows for the perfect chase.”

The steps to find the right target should come from what exactly you want to achieve, and what you intend to give out in return. If you know a man who is sex-starved, you can lure them with women. Just know your target in and out, and then watch the magic that follows suit.

Your target should have the following if you want to really get money from them;

  • Financial stability
  • Wants
  • Easily approachable

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Find their Wants

This should be done correctly if you really want to convince someone to give you money. You should study them like hunters study their preys. You should have a long list of names that would be your intending targets. So that when you decide to strike, you can have multiple options.

A man’s want is gotten by having a conversation with them – I mean an in-depth conversation. Approach them like you genuinely care about them; that way you can find a void in their life. If done correctly, you can see how you can help.

Helping means that you can be in a position to make recommendations and when you have the chance, you can finally convince the person to give you money.

Give first

This tactic has worked more than ever for me; all you need to prove your friendship to someone is to give first – not necessary money. You can either get them a drink or maybe a small gift to show you really care about them.

If you follow the first two steps well, then this step shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Whatever you are giving should come in line with the void you need to fill in the person’s life. Since the person already has money, your giving shouldn’t cost you much. To convince someone to give you money, you have to show that you can also give too.

Ask for it

This is the final step and shouldn’t be complex at all; all you need to do is ask. Who would object to giving you money? After all, they already collected from you. To carry this out successfully, there are certain factors around the person you want to convince to give you money to consider;


Make sure the person is in a joyous mood before you pop the request. You wouldn’t want to convince someone to give you money when they are angry. I bet you already know what their response would be like. I suggest you even get the person a beer to feel happy – just before you persuade them to give you something.

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How conducive is the environment? Imagine asking for trying to convince someone to give you money when the person is stuck in traffic. It just doesn’t make sense, does it? You should monitor your client until he is in a good mood in a conducive environment before you persuade them to give you money.

Ask Jokingly – but be firm

Don’t make it look like they owe you a favor; ask deceptively but be firm when you ask. Example;

“I am so broke right now and really need help”

Make sure they hear you; then you pause and look him/her right in the eyes; remember that whoever speaks first after this loses the game.

You wait! The longer you wait after dropping the initial statement they heard, the more comfortable they would be. The secret behind trying to convince someone to give you money is to make sure they think about it.

Once they speak first and open up a discussion about the issue, that would be the right time to finally ask them for whatever you wanted.


These tips to convince someone to give you money have been made quite simple in this post. But you should know that there are other things that might work against you, and your body language is certainly one of them. Meanwhile, you can use this technique to pitch insurance sales to prospects.

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