How to Get rich quick through Ponzi schemes scam

Get rich quick scheme

Everyone definitely wants to become rich – I mean fast enough before I say, Jack Robinson. Not all of us have the patience to start building wealth from scratch. Most of us used some get rich quick schemes that work to generate money and started off our lives.

In this post, I will be showing you some get rich quick schemes that work. Some of these get rich quick schemes are the ones I used to build up my capital portfolio, which I later invested in several businesses I started.

Truthfully speaking, I got my fingers burnt at some point while investing in some of these get rich quick schemes. So you should also expect the same if you are new into schemes like the ones I will list out in this article.

Nevertheless, it all boils down to your ability to manage risk and swallow losses. By the way, even those who trade stocks and equities also lose money, so there is nothing new when you lose money.

So if you are interested in generating wealth within the shortest possible time, try investing some get rich quick schemes. If you lose your money – fine, but if you don’t, then BINGOOOO!!!!

Let’s look at some of the best get rich quick schemes out there that work! Hopefully, it works for you too.

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Best Get Rich Quick scam that Work in 2021

I have listed these schemes in no order of relevance or positive outcome. I researched a few of them and tried out the others. So feel free to make your choice – as well as your personal research too.Best Get Rich Quick scam that Work

Ponzi Schemes

Well, you remember MMM that rocked the world by late 2016 and 2017 year? I made over $40,000 (forty thousand dollars) using that Ponzi scheme to build wealth. I was supposed to make over a hundred thousand dollars, but I lost sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) when the scheme collapsed.

Another one popped up called Twinkas, and I made over $5,000 (Five thousand dollars) in two months using that Ponzi scheme also.

I am a huge fan of Ponzi schemes as my own get rich quick scheme – so I am always on the lookout for any new one that pops up.

The idea behind Ponzi schemes is to make your well-articulated research regarding the scheme you wish to invest into. Then I start off as one of the early investors that would be paid by other investors. Once I invest and get paid, I move out of the system immediately. I don’t refer people or convince others to join – just in case it fails, I won’t have people on my neck.

HYIP Bitcoin Sites

Warning: You are more likely to lose your money than gain money by investing in this get rich quick scheme.

I was skeptical about adding HYIP bitcoin sites to the list of getting rich quick schemes that work, but a friend said he made over $20,000 worth of bitcoin from such HYIP sites. I also made a post where I included HYIP bitcoin sites as one of the tricks scammers use to defraud others of their money.

Well, since it works, you can decide to test the waters by investing just a small amount of money ($10) into the system and check it out.

Don’t get recommendations from Google, there are mainly scam websites listed on the Google search. I suggest you get recommendations from friends who are into the HYIP model already.

I am skeptical about making some recommendations – so I wouldn’t be held responsible when you lose your investment capital

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The first warning you see before opening the website of any forex broker is “your capital is at risk.” This means that while you have the opportunity of becoming a millionaire overnight with this scheme – but you can also lose your money within split seconds.

A friend makes over $30,000 daily trading on forex, so he requested I add this to the list of getting rich quick schemes that work.

Just before you decide to invest in forex, you must pass the educational phase where you learn about this investment. You will be taught trading strategies and how to accumulate profit and others. You can learn more about how to make money as a forex trading

But if it comes to making money fast with forex? It is surely a way to get rich quick – but the downsides are also there.

Sport Betting

This is definitely one of my favorites get rich quick schemes that work. In fact, I bet on the sport every single day, and it has yielded so much dividend for me. I got my first car after I placed a bet on Chelsea to win Barcelona in 2013 UEFA champions league. See how I made 5 million Naira on sports betting.

I know so much about sports betting, so this is definitely my core area. I prefer to call it sports trading because I see it as a business instead of gambling. Your capital is also at risk, but if you understand the basics, you will definitely beat the bookers.

Crypto Trading #Get rich quick

In March 2017, I saw a coin named Ethereum listed as one of the crypto coins to watch out for. Maybe I forgot due diligence and decided to invest $5,000 into purchasing this unknown coin.

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Down to November 2018 when I sold the coin, I raked in more than $500,000. Ever since then, I became an ardent lover of crypto trading. Every time now, I look out for coin with massive potentials and buy them in bulk. Once they appreciate, I see them off and move on with my profit.

I have been doing this for the past 2 years, and the results have been awesome. This post will guide you on how to start crypto trading.

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You could also take the training online and get started on making money from crypto trading. I can categorically tell you that crypto trading is one of the get rich quick schemes that work!

Sell People’s Used Stuff on eBay or Craiglist

It is quite simple; just go to garage sales or meet people in their house asking for things they would love to dispose of. Many families are looking to dispose most of their pieces of stuff lying around the house.

Once you get hold of them, quickly head over to eBay or Craiglist and list them up for sale. Just make sure your prices are quite cheaper – since you got it for free, that way you sell more and cash out faster.

This isn’t particularly one of the get rich quick schemes that work – but it sure does put money into your pockets fast.

Penny stocks

You have to understand that this game isn’t for everyone. There is a huge chance for you to fall into debt – if you don’t understand the game. I know people who gamble on this day in and out and most time, they earn millions of dollars. I also know people who tried it and went broke.

So you have to consider the risks behind penny stock trading and know if it is worth it for yourself.

Conclusion #Get rich quick

Most get rich quick schemes are scams – but these ones I have listed are getting rich quick schemes that work. You can also get more ideas on Reddit and see what others are discussing about.

Just make sure you do your due diligence before investing into any get rich quick scheme out there that promises you a very bogus return in profit.

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