How yahoo boys smartly avoid EfCC

Know how to avoid Efcc, sars as a yahoo guy

Many challenges young yahoo boys are facing today especially in Nigeria is the issue of efcc and sars arrest/harassment, as a clean rich G-guy you must have encounter this uniform men, you can’t escape them as long as you look like a yahoo boy.

So in this post am going to show you

Smart ways to protect yourself from SARS/EFCC as a yahoo boy

– G guys.

Fraud in Nigeria is a big crime which can lead to jail terms if being catch, though 70% of Nigeria /ghana youths are doing yahoo because of the bad economy and no job or any other means of earning a living, as the day goes the number of G-guys keeps to avoid Efcc sars as a yahoo guy

Police, SARS and EFCC are all going after this fraud boys and if you are catch they must collect money from you, this is not just any money but sometimes you can bail yourself with $500 and above, so i will show you how to protect your self from SARS and efcc as a yahoo boy.

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Smart ways to protect yourself from SARS/EFCC as a yahoo boy

Mode of dressing/looks

They is a saying that “you are addressed the way you dress” one thing about yahoo guys is they mode of dressing, hail styling and body tattoos, when you see this features in any young boy in Nigeria you can easily identify if he is a G-boy or not.

They always move on expensive clothes,draw down their jean or shorts (sagging), try and dress simple like a normal guy, wear responsible cloths when doing out, cut your hair like a normal human and dont paint your hair to another color than black, also avoid tattoos, this alone can draw many attention that you are a yahoo boy.

Phone and gadgets

A yahoo boy always avoid going out with your working phone, the phone you use to chat your clients and do other fraud work, i advise you get two phones, one for your normal use which contain on your normal stuffs, you can carry the phone to any where and also another phone for yahoo work, this one is for working at home, you must not carry it outside, because it may contain your chats, transactions and stuffs with clients.

Acquire landed properties.

Stop lavishing your yahoo money on fashion and food, try and buy landed properties, especially those properties that can be earning you money on daily basics, it can be boutique shop, barbing shop or phone accessories shop, with this first you will be earning from it monthly and also its a cover up for you in case efcc or SARS arrest you and question you how your money is being made you can show them the business. This is a secret many yahoo boys don’t know. Find something and be doing for backup and cover up because it will save you one day.

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Open two bank account

Another way to hide from this uniform men is by having multiple bank accounts, at least Two or more, one should be your private/fixed deposit account, this account is where your life savings will be saved, you must not have ATM card of the account , while the other account should be for your normal usage transaction, you can have the atm card and

mobile app of it. Don’t put much money in it so the day you will encounter efcc or police, they will check your account and won’t find much money inside with this you have saved your self from extortion. Also remember to delete your bank alert messages immediately you finish reading it to clean up any trace.

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VPN location changer.

Make sure you have VPN as a yahoo boy. Its very cheap, buy a premium VPN which will always hide your location. Remember that you can be tracked from the messages and calls you are making with your device, so to reduce the risk i will advise you to hide your location when chatting/calling your clients .

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