How to sign up for amazon prime free trial 3 months

Amazon prime

Amazon prime is also considered the great competitor of Netflix. No one says I am saying just! Like Netflix- Amazon prime also made great content for its viewers, and they have a large number of shows in different languages and content such as Anime, original web series, and latest hollywood hit movies. Free amazon prime video is still available for new users- we need to sign up and add credit card detail to start the membership.Amazon prime video

Most of us have already been subscribed to prime video and using the alternative way to watch the prime show. We use different methods to get the account free such as using credit for one and next using the debit to get free amazon prime video and so on.

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In the end- we have no choice left but to pay for the service because we are addicted to the streaming service. You already know, and most of us know that Telegram is the alternative to watch the show, and several channels provide the link to download the amazon primè original show.

I won’t suggest going there instead I suggest buying the subscription at less price and enjoy the smooth streaming of amazon prime video.

Is there any way to get the free amazon prïme video account?

The best way to get the amazon primè video free account is to start the first-month free trial membership. However, after the first completion, we can restart a free trial from our new credit or debit card. Amazon primè video can be run at three screens at a time. If your friends and family can give one extra screen to you because amazon prime consists of three screens for each plan and you can join them or contribute a little amount to the entire price and watch the shows.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

Unlike Netflix, amazon primè video screens are the same for every plan. It has three different plans and let review those plans

  • Prïme Video: The price is $8.99 per month, and three screens at a time.
  • Prïme Monthly: The price is $12.99 per month, and three screens at a time and video resolution is Full HD.
  • Prïme Annual: The price is $999 per year and can watch three-screen at a time with Full Ultra HD video resolution.

If you intend to buy Prime Annual plans instead of Prime monthly, then $36.88 can be saved per year. There are more benefits for subscribing to the annual plan we can buy benefits on amazon shopping.

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What is an Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon prime student is a program created for students and provides access to 50 million products two days delivery free along with the six-month free trial. As a prime member, you are eligible to have benefits such as unlimited free access to prime photo storage, stream movies, and T.V show in amazon prime, and more exclusive deals and discounts. After the six months of the free trial, you can buy the amazon prime subscription at a 50% discount.

Amazon prime Medicaid

How Can I sign up for EBT/Medicaid amazon prime plans?

A prïme member who has a Medicaid card or EBT(including WIC, TANF, and SNAP) card can register for prime Medicaid(including Medi-Cal) offers and take all the benefits and services at a discounted monthly charge. After the completion of verification, you are eligible to have a discount in millions of amazon products and access to movies, web series in amazon prime video.

Watch unlimited shows and two days free delivery on amazon products and hundreds of songs through the prïme music.

What are the benefits of Amazon prime video?

Free Two Day Shipping: Free delivery in thousands of products, and other shipping benefits. You will find free delivery during checkout and it’s only available in the U.S.

Prime Now: Get free delivery on specific products. Check the availability through your zip code.

Here, some are the streaming benefits of amazon prïme video –

  • Prïme Video: Stream movies, web series, shows for kids, and more through amazon prime video.
  • Prïme Music: Unlimited access to prïme music and best US collection for the members in the US and Puerto Rico.
  • Twitch Prïme: Members are eligible to receive the promo code and discount on pre-ordering games.

What is Amazon Channel?

If you are a member of amazon prïme that means already a ton of video you can stream on prime. But amazon doesn’t stop here, they try to bring more content through amazon channels such as HBO, BritBox and CBS All Access. These will add more programs to your channel and it will be more fun in terms of entertainment. Amazon prïme users need to pay an additional $4.99–$14.99/month for Prime members.

In this way, we can have unlimited streaming even the world’s biggest top shows and television.

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How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?

Like other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu- canceling the prime membership is way too easy and simple.

  • Sign to the Amazon account.
  • How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?
  • Go to manage account settings How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?
  • Under Prïme Video Channels, find the subscription button and cancel it.How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?
  • Click on the My Video SettingHow to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?
  • Select Cancel Channel and confirm. How to Cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription?

Amazon prïme

After canceling the subscription renewal date will be gone and you will see subscription end date and you can still run the prïme to the entire billing cycle period. After that you won’t get charged nor you have the access to the video content of amazon prïme, and remember one thing canceling a subscription does not create a refund for any prior subscription charges

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