How to listen to someone else phone call with this spy app

Recording or spying on phone calls isn’t difficult anymore, and modern technology offers a variety of software and apps that can track phone calls and retrieve all kinds of data from different devices.

This article discusses some excellent apps that you can use to intercept phone calls remotely. These apps allow users to listen in on and record phone calls from any target device.

Can Someone Listen to You Through Your Phone?

Yes, people can listen to you through your phone. There are mainly three main ways that people can listen to you through your phone, as listed below.

  • General Assumption: Many agencies can listen to your communications. Also, some phones let voice carry over. This means people in your vicinity may be able to listen to your conversation.
  • Spy Apps: Multiple spy apps can access a device and retrieve all sorts of information for you. Apps can intercept every kind of electronic communication, whether it be voice calls or web connections. Plus, some apps are specially designed to capture the data on your phones and the calls you make.
  • Hackers Attach: Another way someone can listen to you through your live phone is through a hacker. In 2016, an American magazine presented a news analysis revealing that hackers can eavesdrop on calls and track people’s location with just their number.
  • Police – if you’ve been involved in illegal activities, your phone can be tapped by the police legally and they can listen to your calls

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How to Listen to Cell Phone Conversations From Another Phone

If you’re interested in listening in on someone else’s conversations, there are many call-intercepting software or apps you can use. These will ensure that you can get to the bottom of whatever you’re trying to figure out.

One such software app is FlexiSPY. It allows users to listen in on live phone calls without anyone knowing. The app is popular among people in business and parents who want to keep a check on their employees and kids. Not only that, but you can also use it to access someone’s text messages.

It is also used as a perfect tool to tap someone’s cell phone conversations. Remember, though, that this software is intended for legal purposes only.

To be able to use FlexiSpy for call recording, you need to follow these steps: 1) Purchase 2) Install 3) Activate the FlexiSPY license on a target phone.

The app then captures all the data on that phone, including calls, messages, and contact numbers. This data goes to the FlexiSPY server and is uploaded to your account, where you can view it safely.

Once this is done, the user can view the data and listen to someone’s cell phone conversation without anyone knowing via computer or other devices.

Summary:  FlexiSPY offers a wide range of benefits to its users. It gives them the freedom to listen to all the calls on the target device, and that too, by  staying undetected . It allows the users to decide on which numbers to track, even if they’re not saved on the target phone. Do note that FlexiSPY cannot block any phone numbers for you. In addition to that, an  iOS device must be jailbroken for the app to work. Similarly, some features on the Android app require rooting. 

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How to Listen to Cell Phone Calls Remotely

If you’re wondering how to record cell phone calls remotely, there are reliable apps through which you can eavesdrop on demands being made in real-time.

For instance, uMobix is one of the adequate software to help you listen to calls remotely. It records or intercepts the calls and tracks the target device, keeping the user in a hidden mode. It works best for those who can’t keep a close eye on the target.

Here’s how you can use uMobix to listen to cell phone calls remotely:

  • Download uMobix on the target phone. If it is, all you have to do is visit the official website and enter your login data.
how to listen to someones phone call
  • To listen to someone’s calls, select Calls option on the dashboard menu. All the intercepted phone calls will pop up with relevant details like the caller’s name, number, and call duration.
phone call log
  • A new screen will open up and you’ll see all Phone Calls.

Access all phone data from the control panel

✔️  Download and store the files for unlimited access.

✔️  Access phone calls for unlimited hours.

How to Listen to Cell Phone Calls for Free

Did you know you can listen to phone calls online free of cost? Many software programs allow call spying for free. One such software is Google Voice.

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how to spy on someone phone conversation

It’s available for both Android and iOS and is super easy to use. For a successful installation, you need to have a working Google or Gmail account.

Here’s how you can use Google Voice:

  1. Sign up for Google Voice through your Google account.
  2. Choose your Google Voice number.
  3. Input your current number to verify your account.
  4. Start listening to incoming and outgoing calls for free!

Summary: Google Voice works best for smart voice calling. You can get an intelligent voice number that works on both smartphones and the internet. Google Voice allows you to stay connected through simple navigation and voicemail transcription. It saves time, forwards calls, and blocks spam calls silently. However, call recording on Google Voice is admin-controlled.

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How to Listen to Someone’s Old Cell Phone Calls

Recording phone calls and listening to someone’s cell phone conversation is very common nowadays. However, transcribing old phone calls can be very time-consuming and tiresome, which is why you should use an app to help your cause. You can use a call recording app that lets you both listen to the conversation and record it to listen to it afterwards.

NoNotes by the App Store is one of the finest apps to listen to old phone calls.

call app

It comes with unique features of call recording and transcribing irrespective of the length and time of the call.

Around 100,000 users are actively using NoNotes to listen to someone’s calls and have given it the best ratings. It works best for individuals, small and medium businesses, etc.

To use the app, follow these steps:

  1. Download it from the App Store and enter your pin, email, and phone number.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, you can record someone’s phone calls

The app also offers the option for files for transcription.

Summary: NoNotes offers a variety of advantages like free call recording and transcription. The user can save calls in the cloud, share on Facebook with 100% satisfaction. However, there’s a limit to how many calls you can record.

Listen to Phone Calls Remotely with TapeACall

TapeACall is an Android and iPhone phone recording app that lets you listen to phone calls remotely. As the company claims, the audio is crystal clear and by subscribing to their service, you’ll get unlimited phone recording storage. This app lets you listen to someone’s phone call remotely

regardless of whether they’re incoming and outgoing or currently active. You can upload recordings on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

the reading recorder app

To listen to the conversation, all you need to do it go to their website, purchase a subscription, and install the app on the target phone. The pricing varies between $10 and $20 per year, depending on the package you’d like to go for. You’ll find a QR code on the bottom of their homepage which you should scan. Once done, you’ll be taken to the app download page automatically.

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Use a Code for Phone Call Recording and Listening

Another interesting way to listen to someone’s cell phone conversations is to use a secret code. Here’s how this phone call recoding hack works:

  1. Take the target’s cell phone while they’re away
  2. To listen to someone’s phone calls, open their phone and tap **06* in their phone call dialer followed by your phone number and #. Example: **06*1235548525#
  3. The next time they receive phone call, you’ll be able to listen to it by answering your phone
  4. If you want to record it, use a local call recording app or download one from the app store

Can You Record the Phone Call Without Letting the Other Person Know?

If you’re wondering whether you can record someone’s phone calls without them knowing, the answer is not that simple. This strictly depends on your location and whether non-consensual phone call recording is legal. For example, California is a two-party consent state, meaning that both parties have to agree and allow to record a cell phone conversation. Also note that all software we’ve recommended in this article is intended for legal purposes only.

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