How to create fake Instagram account

Create a fake Instagram account

Without a fake Instagram account, nobody will be able to carry out any dirty activity. This has been a problem for several people intending to hustle on Instagram. Whether you are gonna use it for illegal or legal activities, you must understand how to create a fake Instagram account and make it look real. Failing to understand how to create a fake Instagram account would mean failing to hustle.Easy steps to create a fake Instagram account without been blocked

I have received mails of hustlers making several requests which I can’t turn down. Below are some of the request questions, and this article will tackle all of them with bonuses.

  • Please tell me about the fake Instagram account I can use.
  • Tell me how to make a fake Instagram account look real.
  • Show me how to create a fake Instagram account with followers I can use to make money.

I believe their request is also what you have in mind. And, if there are more that you feel are necessary, do well to inform like others. If you are also interested in learning how to create a fake Facebook account, here is a guide to creating a fake Facebook account.

How to create a fake Instagram account for Hustles

Under this section, you will learn beyond how to create a fake Instagram account and use it on unsuspecting victims. What I mean is that you will be learning how to create a fake Instagram account with followers that matter.

These are the followers you will use to hustle with the account if you want to. If you are learning this fake Instagram account ideas for fun only, you might want to reconsider.

The basic foundation you need to have while looking to create a fake Instagram account is to understand how to create a fake profile.

Create a Fake Instagram Account

1. Sign Up with Fake Email Address and Phone Number

If I’m in your shoes, the first step concerning the fake Instagram account I can use is email and number picking. Some hustlers often use their official email addresses and phone numbers, which is very wrong. Even if you want to use the fake Instagram account for stalking, you need fake contact details.

When I first started the fake Instagram account thing for hustle, I was surprised when a follower used my name. The reason is simply that I used my real email address, and that is very wrong. Although Instagram does not display profile phone numbers like Facebook, it is not recommended. Meanwhile, there is still a way for people to view your phone number, and that is by them doing “Forgot Password” on your account. However, only five digits will be displayed.

How to Get a Fake Email Address

If you are worried about getting a fake email, I’m here to help. You can either create an email at a cyber café with false details or buy it online. Why I don’t recommend creating a fake email with your phone or PC is because of your IP exposure. Two of the websites where you can get an email are AccMarket and BulkAccountsBuy. Once you get them, you’ll be issued a password that can be used for any form of yahoo without blowing your cover. Alternatively, you can use forums to request for old email account sellers. Since this is about how to create a fake Instagram account, the phone number must be fake too.

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How to Get Fake Phone Number

Since SIM cards are now registered with thumbprint data stored, I do not recommend using your phone number. This is one of the fake Instagram account ideas, and you can accomplish it by getting a phone number from websites like Kall8 and Freezvon. Why I like this option is because you can buy either the US, UK, or even Russian phone numbers.

2. Decide on an Instagram Handle to Use

Some people prefer making a fake Instagram account to stalk while others use it to hustle. Anyway, it doesn’t what you have in mind for the fake account. What matters is the false Instagram account ideas, which involve the use of a phony name.

Before picking a name, understand the nature of your hustles. For instance, are you using dating billing or credit card phishing? If it is dating billing, you must be sure that the name of your fake Instagram account corresponds. And if it is credit card phishing, the name of the phony account must be the same with the name of the people in that region. For example, if you are phishing someone in Nigeria, your account must bear a Nigerian name. Also, if you are phishing someone in the US, your fake Instagram account must appear as a US citizen. Moreover, the account must show that you are a (false) banker because people only trust bankers to their account.

I always make sure that the name of my account corresponds with the name of my email. The reason is that the client will need that email to contact me. If the email differs from the Instagram account, the client will become suspicious, and this does not help hustles. If you have problems picking a name, you can use the comment section for suggestions that will match with the country you want to use.

3. Setup Account Privacy

One of the smart ways on how to make a fake Instagram account look real is to keep things private. I used to wonder what fake Instagram account I can use without being suspicious. Then I came across the idea that Instagram allows users to disable certain things or set them to private. This means that you can go fully private for clients to find it very difficult.

Once the email Instagram email and phone number confirmations are okay, set things to private. Do not wait until a day or two passes because it might turn out to be too late.

How to Set Instagram Account to Private

While you are signing up for Instagram, the default setting of fake account privacy is public. Here is how to set it to ‘Private’ and use it for any dirty activity with an Instagram application.

  • In your profile, click on the Menu
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Click on Account Privacy.
  • Select

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With this, you have enabled private mode, which will keep unwanted people away and safeguard the fake account.

4. Setup Instagram Profile

Since I’m showing you how to make a fake Instagram account look real, here is my first advice. I find it funny when I see fake Instagram accounts using pictures of people like Rihanna, Cardi B, Drake, Justin Bieber, etc. The moment you opt for a celebrity’s image, the plans behind the account is dead on arrival. In short, you are inviting the Instagram management team to review your account and block it permanently.

Instagram has a Reverse Image Search technology. This facial recognition feature makes it very possible to track down stuff like fake accounts, criminals, intruding privacies, etc. With this security feature around, it is equally challenging for any smart hustler to use a fake account anyhow.

How to Bypass Instagram Facial Technology

There is only one way so far to bypass the technology if you want to scam or play pranks on people successfully. First, understand that the feature is a blessing in disguise. This is because, with the facial recognition feature, you will quickly know what face is registered on Instagram and avoid using it. When clients come to your account, the first thing they do is to screenshot or download your DP (Display Photo). They will then use the Reverse Search feature to confirm whether you are cloning an already existing account or not. When they find out that you are not, their trust for your scam or whatever grows.

Head to Facebook and search for stagnant profiles of people with the countries you have in mind. Better still, there are platforms like MySpace and many others where you can download photos of people. After downloading the images, use the Instagram search feature to confirm the presence of that face on Instagram. When the face does not show, you are good to go.

5. Use an Attractive Profile Picture

To beat any client’s intelligence, an attractive profile picture is required. Do not go for photos that will fail to win the hearts of clients. If you are posing as a woman, use a beautiful woman’s picture that no man will resist. Do the same if you are posing as a man.

You must have at least 10 of those pictures, and you must not start uploading them immediately. Keep them for a while, and do other necessary things to boost your trustworthiness on Instagram.

What I Recommend

While posing as a woman, be location conscious. For instance, using the photo of a woman in Canada while your location reads Israel will make little sense. Clients will begin to question your authenticity. This would only mean failing in the fake account act as the account will be reported and banned by Instagram. Make everything correspond to avoid suspicious questions.

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6. Join Engagement Groups

I noticed that joining engagement groups on Instagram makes fake accounts look real. It helps the course on how to create a fake Instagram account with followers for hustles. While in these groups, comment, like posts, and do not be very active. Being too active on Instagram, especially with a fake account, exposes you to reviews by Instagram, which leads to a ban.

While in these groups, make new followers and be selective. Do not follow just anybody or fill up the fake account with unwanted people.

Some people have problems with the kind of groups to join. This should not be a big problem as there is a solution. Read below to be able to make that decision.

What You Should Do

Depending on your reasons for creating a fake Instagram account, that’s the kind of engagement group you should join. For example, if you create a fake account as a yahoo boy, fraudster, scammer, smart hustler, and others, join groups with clients. Such groups could be political groups or romance groups. In the case of those doing dating billing romance, joining romance groups is an ideal option.

7. Start Answering to Messages After a Week

While you are active but too busy, an influx of followers will start coming. Keep your calm and accept or follow back only followers that match your plan. If I am doing a fake business campaign, for instance, I will only accept men and women who look suitable for business. Once they are convinced about it, I strike. Meanwhile, it becomes pretty hard for them to get rid of the fake Instagram account since the account has undergone all the things mentioned above.

What I Recommend

For those rushing away with these tips on how to create a fake Instagram account, don’t miss this. You need to see this particular few words section before making a mistake in your life.

The best way to create a perfect fake Instagram account is to use places like cybercafé or public Wi-Fi. If you are using public Wi-Fi, do the needful to hide your IP address.


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You can buy an Instagram account online, but it will cost money. But if you can afford getting it, it gonna be good.

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