The consignment yahoo scam format

So, let’s say you have a stubborn client who doesn’t want to pay but is interested in getting from you, then the consignment format for yahoo is perfect for earning money from the client. The consignment box billing format is just a format that makes your client believe that you love them by sending them a gift, then you use another profile to collect as much money as you can from them. So, the idea is to make them happy with one profile and use the other one to get out money from them.

In this post, I will be showing you how the format works, the tools you will need, and how to get started immediately.

The consignment yahoo scam format

If you already have a client, then this consignment format is a good one for you, but If you don’t have any clients, then you can use the bitcoin fake investment format to spam pages and know if someone can throw you a bit of money here and there. If the bitcoin format doesn’t seem great, then you can go with the Grant Format.

To make it clear, this format should be used only for clients you have a good relationship with, and you must make sure that the client isn’t wise and exposed to figure out your deceit.

How does the consignment format for yahoo works?

The consignment format for yahoo works in such a way that you promise your client to get something for them. Typically, you should ask them what gift they’ve always craved for that will stir up greed in them.

Once they mention what they crave for, after a while

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Tools for Consignment Box Billing Format

So, to bill a client properly, you need the following tools to execute the job.

Fake courier Logistics Website

This is the most important tool you need at your disposal to be able to carry out this job easily. What the courier website would do is to allow the client to track their gift and packages.

The client can see that their package is already close to them, giving them the hope that they will receive something they’ve craved for so much.

Professional Email

You will later get to reach the client after a while with another personality; it is important to create a professional email with the name of your brand.

This will make sure you look legit, and the client won’t suspect any foul play. Once you create a professional website, it is easy to create a professional email from your cPanel.

If we help you to build your logistics website, we will also assist you in creating a professional email and a chat on the website.

Tracking number

This is no big deal as the tracking number will be gotten from the logistics website we will create for you. So, once we build the website for you and you want a deliver a package to a client, you will generate your tracking number and follow up with the rest.

Second Line (US Line)

You need a hotline should the client want to speak with the customer care representative over the phone. All you need is just a US phone number ( how to get a US phone number) and someone with a good American accent to respond to inquiries and complaints. Stick to the plan and follow the format.

How to Carry out the Consignment Box Billing format

So just follow these steps, and you are good to cash out asap!

Find a client

Where to find clients are easy; I have given you a list of dating sites to find clients. If you are also interested in how to get rich clients from websites like instagram, then you should read this post. In essence, do anything possible to find a client.

Make your Client Fall in Love

Making your client like you, love you is the most important strategy. As you know, it is very easy to manipulate someone in love. Once your client is in love with you, then move to the next step.

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Ask them what they want.

Don’t think of sending random gifts; they might not appreciate it nor crave it. Let the discussion be natural, find out their innate desire, ask them if they truly want it?

Once you figure out what they want, then the consignment box billing format becomes very easy to implement.

Propose to send them the gift

Ask them if they want you to send them a gift and deliver it straight to their location? If they agree, then your plan is already in motion.

Use the Fake Courier Website to Handle the Delivery

So, it’s quite simple, with your fake courier website, you will generate a fake tracking number for their gift and let the description reflect the “name of the gift.”

With the fake tracking number, you can let their gift show up in any part of the world, delay it, continue the movement, etc. Just anything you wish to do with it. The website has been designed like that, and it works perfectly.

Delay the Gift

Using the website, you will delay the gift, which is part of the consignment box billing format strategy. Inform your client that the gift has been seized and delayed by a courier service that will deliver the gift because of its illegal nature.

This is why in most cases, I suggest that you give them the idea of sending gifts like “Gold,” “Diamond,” or something super expensive because they can’t fathom the idea of abandoning it just like that.

Use a Second Email to Act as the Courier Service

Once the gift gets delayed, tell your client that the fault is from the courier service and that you will get it across to the company.

Then use the official email of the Courier Brand you are using to reach across to your client and act as the courier company. Use the lines below to reach across to them.

“Dear Kim,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in your consignment with package number [insert package number] and tracking number [insert tracking number]. The delay is because the package contains a high gram of Gold, which we believe must be investigated by the right authorities to know the reason for such gift. We appreciate your patience, and it takes about seven months for investigations to be completed.

If you want a priority channel, you can reply to this email, and you will be directed to our investigation team. Meanwhile, please speak to the sender of this item for further clarifications.

Kind Regards

Steven Clark

Head Fulfillment Manager ABT World Courier Services

Convince your client to Pay

If your client reaches you trying to know the situation of things, inform your client that you sent them Gold and that you didn’t know it would be flagged. Inform the client that the total amount of gold would be worth $300,000 if sold.

Consignment format for yahoo [look out for related keywords].

consignment box billing format

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How to Bill with the Consignment format for Yahoo

First, your profile should show that you work as a miner with a Chinese firm.

You bill your client with the clearance fee; you should put it at $500 or $1,000

After the Pay, bill them with the delivery fee, which is usually around $1,000

Once they pay the delivery fee, let them know that they need a certificate to show that they are the rightful owner of the package, and that should be around $500.

After that, you can bring up other fees on how to collect money from the client.

How to Get a Fake Courier Website For Consignment Format

Step 1

Send email to [email protected]

Step 2

Pay 40% deposit

Step 3,

We chat on Whatsapp

Step 4

We complete the website, and you balance the fee, then we coach you on how to continue using it.

Step 5



The main thing you need for this format to work fine is the Fake Courier Website, and I can help you design it just like my own, and you can start cashing out ASAP.

So if you need one, I will develop one for you for just 100,000 Naira. Make sure you can pay before sending an email.

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