The 419 Format Used by yahoo guys to scam clients

419 FormatThe 419 Format Used by yahoo guys to scam clients

I have received so many messages from people asking me to teach them the 419 scammer format to dupe their clients. It is a very difficult one, but I will continue to try and teach whoever wants to learn.

Before you start reading and learning how to use the 419 scammer format – which is also known as the Nigerian Prince email scam format, there is something you should consider. It is worth knowing that this format is almost or already casted

If you had used this format as of 1997 when it came out newly, you would be swimming in loads of cash. But right now, it is no longer in use because most people have either been scammed and they no longer fall for such formats.

My Friend

But the truth is that not everyone knows about the “Nigerian prince” email scam. Majority of those who are aware of this kind of scam is mostly from America, Canada, Uk, and Australia. While most countries like the one I listed know about the 419 scammer format, there are lots of countries where they have no idea about this type of scam.

Countries to Target with the 4I9 scammer billing format

If you take this type of scammer format to the US, I can bet you that 80% of them already know it is a scam. The question is “which country can I get clients from?”

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As at last year when some friends tried out this scam format successfully, they later shared their success story. Their client was a European man from Sweden who was looking for ways to multiply his money.

They offered him the 419 scammer format and he fell for it. They made 10,000 Euros from that business. I will still share the way they operated, but for now, I will list out the countries that you can find good clients for your Nigerian prince email scam format.

Let me make it clear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find clients in US, UK, Australia, and Canada. It just means that it will be hard for you. So why not go to countries that wouldn’t be hard for you.

The following are countries where the 419 dating format can work;

Europe Countries like;

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Belgium

Middle East Countries like;

  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Kuwait
  • India

Asia Countries like;

  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea

These are the countries you should be targeting to see if you can get clients from there. Any client you get from any of these countries would be sure to fall for the 419 scam format. They haven’t heard about it before, so they would fall for it most likely.

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So how can you now use the 419 scammer format to scam clients?

This would be very simple if you follow the steps I will outline in this post. You can always modify to suit the situation around you.

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Gather Emails and Bomb

Okay, this was the strategy that people who initially invented the 419 scammer format was using. They would get several personal emails of people both at home and abroad and start bombing them with an email format that goes thus;

The above email is exactly how they bomb people’s emails with messages and hope that someone would fall prey to their antics.

The truth is that out of 100 people that receive this email, only just one person might respond, which is a very low turnout.

In fact, most messages like this always end up in the spam folder. This means that your potential client can’t even get to read it.

So let us do this the right way and get more clients that will pay us the money we want.

Find a client

This is always the first step towards any type of scam you want to carry out including the 419 Nigerian scams. Since I have listed the best countries where the 419 scammer format can work, it is advisable to go where you can find them.

Like I explained in how to become a yahoo boy, the process of getting a client is basically the same. If you are a guy online, you should be targeting women – those who aren’t lez..zys. If you are a woman online, your target should be men who are looking for love.

Unless you are posing as a ho.moo.sezual on the internet, getting a partner who is of the opposite sex will be easier for you to flow and cash-out.

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Qualify them

Nobody wants to waste their time with a client that is even broke to pay their own bills. This is one mistake that most 419 guys online do. Before you decide to use the 419 scammer format to bill your clients, you must know if the client even has that type of money.

I will show you a conversation format that can help you;

You: What do you think about financial investments?

Client: They are probably good for financial freedom – but you have to be careful

You: Yea sure, I am also a fan of good investments, because they’ve been my source of income for a period of time.

Client: Wow, tell me about some of them (This is what you should be expecting your client to tell you before you throw in the format)

You: I will tell you, but let’s get closer and better at knowing each other. I will always be here to inform you.

Client: Alright, thanks.

You: But hope you have the money for financial investments should anyone pop up?

Client: Yea… sure

Then you can know that the client is actually someone who can fall for the 419 scammer format. Then slowly move to the next step.

Make the Client your lover

Once you’ve found an appropriate client whom you’ve qualified to have the right finances, it is time to push further.

The next step would basically to get them into a relationship with everything you have. Always make them happy with whatever they request for so that you can be able to achieve your aim.

Making your client become your lover would help you achieve the following;
  • Never question you much
  • They won’t suspect you much
  • You can always make them happy if they start suspecting you.
  • You can always easily convince them to send the money.
  • Manipulation becomes easy.

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Having your client become your lover is when the 419 scammer format can work well, and you can make it become your billing format.

Introduce the investment and convince them

Now, guys, this is where the hard work lies. They wouldn’t believe you at first because it is normal for humans to reject such common sense.

When you introduce the investment to them, they may want to reject it. What I do personally is that I start small by small trying to convince them.

I go on to tell them that I know the individual person and that this investment is legit. When you become personal with them and promise them that they will enjoy the investment, chances are high that they will immediately sign up.

The trick is that once they become your lover, convincing them won’t be difficult again. That is why the 419 scammer format can only work well with those who are lovers with their clients.

It works like the dating billing format, but just that it pays higher.

Pack-up and Run

After you’ve collected the initial amount, don’t sit back and hope to collect more money from the client. You are advised to pack your bags and run away. Block her on all social media platforms and change your location ASAP.

The moment she realizes that she has been scammed, the police will surely nab you. Unless you are greedy, that is only when you will be caught.

Once you’ve picked the money, carefully plan your exit and if possible, travel to the neighboring country and cut off communications with your client. That way, they won’t be able to track you ever again.

Tips to escape

  • Block them all on Social media
  • Keep a low profile and don’t party
  • Change your computer and mobile phone
  • Change your sim card
  • Move away from that location or even travel abroad.

All these will make sure that the police don’t catch you in any way.

I have shown you how to use the modern 419 scammer format, so you can always modify to suit your own situation. Always remember to keep a low profile to avoid attracting policemen and federal forces to your side.

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Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

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