How to start up a farming investment in Nigeria

Farming Investment in Nigeria

farming Agriculture has always been a sector characterized with a lucrative return and general progressiveness, provided it has all the requirements needed. With the right tools, it could quickly become the most significant contributor to income like it once was.

With all national efforts geared towards focusing more on agricultural exploits, it is not only the public sector that has kept its eye on the agricultural industry. More and more keep realising the potential the sector possesses, from corporate entities to individuals of the general public.

If you’re looking for a viable option to invest in, then you should look no further. In this article, we enlist those farming investments in Nigeria you should consider taking a look at. Here are farmng investments in Nigeria.

What are farming investments?

Much like any other investments, farmng investments refer to putting in finances into the agricultural sector to finance operations and activities and receive returns from the yield of these activities.

How does farming investments work?

You could either be investing land or investing finances into another farmland. Whichever the case may be, agricultural processes such as planting of cash crops, animal rearing take place.

The farm proceeds are eventually sold, and the realisations serve as profits from the whole agricultural processes.

Running agricultural activities is both capital intensive and physically draining. Finances help In the purchase of technology, the hiring of personnel or items that speed up and make the activities yield more progress.

What types of farming can one invest in?Farming Investment in Nigeria

Almost every form of farmïng is a lucrative business when done on the right scale. Examples of these type include

  • Snail farmïng
  • Pig farmïng
  • Poultry
  • Cassava farming
  • Rice farmïng
  • Catfish farming
  • Maize farmïng
  • Honey bee farming

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All of these types of farming are activities you can put your finances or assets into, and get returns on your investment.

Which farmïng investment opportunities should I consider?

There are various facilitators of farm investment in Nigeria that you can choose from. Here are a few of them:

  • EZ Farming: Ez Farmïng is an initiative that links small scale farmers with lenders and investors. EZ Farming lets you determine the nature of your contribution, either by finances into someone else’s farm or you put down landed property. The Agricultural process is handled by them.
  • Smartfam: Smartfam offers you interest earned on the amount you put into a farming investment. It helps create wealth through yields on farming investment.
  • Groupfarma: Groupfarma helps the farmers gain access to funds from investors so they can speed up and generate profits and higher production
  • Farmcrowdy: this also does the same as the rest mentioned above. With farmcrowdy, farmers and investors are connected, through which they carry profitable Agricultural activities out.


with the recent surge of interest in Agriculture and related activities in the country, the sector might be the next best thing. Making an investment in agriculture today could be the difference between wealth creation and normalcy in today’s society.

From pig farmïng to poultry, to maize farming to rice farmng and cassava farmïng, to the fish related farmng and honey bee.

If you’re looking for a proper investment plan, consider farming investments.

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