How to Command money spiritually {ultimate guide}

How to command money spiritually

How to command money spiritually

I am going to be showing you how to command money spiritually – especially for those who are tired of struggling just to make money. Just like doing yahoo plus, this is also simple.

Money is trash if you have a spiritual way of making money come to you without stress. Several rich people have found out ways of attracting money spiritually, and it has worked for them perfectly fine.

This is basically up to you to find your own way and work towards it. For people who have no idea how it works, this post will be very useful in giving you a definite understanding of how to command money spiritually.

For consultation on how to go out with some procedures, write a mail to [email protected]

A friend of mine has been in the occult for like five years, and he said “I don’t remember the last I was broke or looking for money to feed”

Even when I asked him if he was happy with the fact that he was in the occult and very rich, he said “No”. He said he doesn’t enjoy being there, but there are lots of things that he has learned over the year.

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I asked him if he can command money spiritually, and he said “Yes”. Then I went a little further to ask him to show me how he is able to make money spiritually. He said “it doesn’t require anything complex. Just from your room, you can be able to attract money and make it rain even from the sky”.

He shared some ideas with me, which I am going to show you right on this page. Are you ready to make money and attract it spiritually?

Let me show you then;

How to Command Money Spiritually and Become Wealthy

Money spells work, but it is just enough to pay bills and buy groceries. It is never so much to become wealthy, buy the Mercedes Benz or build the mansion you dream of in your hometown.

It takes perception, perspective, and purpose to recreate a spiritual charm that gives you the leverage to command money and become wealthy.

Let’s see what it takes to achieve all of these;

Spiritual Director

You will need a spiritual director to be able to attract money spiritually. Trying to do a money ritual at home is quite difficult because you have no idea of the words you need to say to complete the spell and make it work.

That is the reason I support having a spiritual director to help you. Spiritual directors can be in the form of a juju priest or an herbalist who specializes in money attraction. There are lots of them, but you can’t find them on the internet – because they don’t use technology.

My friend had to travel into the forest for 2 days just to meet with a spiritual director who showed him how to attract money instantly.

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There are lots of fake people who claim to be herbalists – but they only want to take your money and run away.

If you need the help of a real spiritual director to help you command money spiritually, then send me an email or drop a comment. Then I will help transfer you to one – but it doesn’t come for free.

Find a Job Doing

Just to let you know, this is where the money will come out from – because it doesn’t fall from the sky.

It is from any job that you are doing, that you can command money spiritually and it comes in full force. Whether it is a legal job or illegal ways of making money

For consultation on how to go out with some procedures, write a mail to [email protected]

Money does not fall from the sky as people. If I am a yahoo boy, I can easily ask my spiritual director to make all my clients obey me if I tell them anything.

If I own an auto mechanic shop, I can tell my spiritual director to make customers visit my shop very fast. You will notice that once they come, they will pay me money for a job done, and I will be swimming in wealth.

In the case that you have competitors, customers will avoid your competitor and come to you directly. I guess you’ve seen how it works – i.e. if you have a job doing.

Prepare a Sacrifice


As long as the money will come spiritually, you will need to prepare some sacrifices. It depends on what your spiritual director tells you to do.

In some cases, it would involve having a spiritual money bath, bringing sacrifices (Human head, virgin girl’s body, or your body part). It totally depends on the instruction you are given from the herbalist.

It is always good that you understand what it takes before you go ahead with the money ritual. If you want to attract money spiritually and become wealthy, then this step is a MUST.

You just can’t miss it because that is what will activate the power of the spiritual money prayer.

Do the Ritual

This is like the end game of the whole process, where you now have your sacrifice and willing to offer it up for rituals.

In some cases, some people will chicken out during this stage and miss the opportunity to command money spiritually or even attract money spiritually.

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As explained by my friend who underwent this process;

“We were taken to the forest in the middle of the night, and we all walked naked. The old priest with his assistant wore white clothes with red clothes tied all over them.

It was scary as the wind blew violently, and we were led with our eyes all tied up. We arrived in a room with just candles right inside the forest after they untied us.

I noticed while chalks all over the ground and calabash with red clothes around it. They immediately asked up to drop the sacrifices we brought.

In my case, I used my blood as the sacrifice, but I saw others with human head some body parts. We all dropped it before the priest made some loud noise and everywhere felt like it was shaking.

A strong wind came around and blew off every single candle right there after he said some words, and that was it.

I felt something strange run into me and till date I hear voices in my head telling me to say a word and become rich.”

The ritual isn’t as complex as people make it seem. If you can’t make the location, you can still learn how to do a money ritual at home.

Start Reaping Your Fruits

After the rituals, you can now command money spiritually. You also have the power to attract money spiritually. All you need to do is just say something you want, then you can manipulate someone to do it for you.

Trying to command money spiritually is the same as attracting money spiritually. You can meet someone and tell them “I need $200” and they will give you it without thinking twice.

The reason is that they have been manipulated spiritually already, so they have no idea what they are doing.

So if someone comes to your store, house, shop, or anywhere, you can just speak to them to give you money, and they will obey.

That is how to command money spiritually and attract money spiritually also. But you must bring your sacrifice and do the ritual.


If what I wrote interests you and you intend to start up your money attraction practice immediately, please leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you. The process is quite simple, but you need the right herbalist to carry it out for you.

Any mistake you make during the ritual process would be devastating, so it is best you let a professional handle it for you.

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