How to make money illegally

How to make money illegally

Okay, guys so welcome to the evil page where you will learn some tricks on how to make 5000 dollars fast illegally. On some other page, I wrote on how to make money illegally from nothing, but a lot of people complained that the process wasn’t precise – likewise the amount.

In this post, I will show you how to make a specific figure of 5000 dollars illegally. All I need from you is to help me share this post and also drop a comment to know if you can try it out.

Remember, everything you are about reading is illegal but for educational purpose. So if you intend to try it out, you are on your own.

Well, most of them I have tried in the past and wasn’t caught; so there is a high chance of you succeeding in these illegal ways without getting caught. So these ‘business ideas’ I want to drop are million dollars ideas, so just in case you become successful with it, I will right here waiting for my share of the pie. After all, I gave you the ideas.

Alright, let’s jump straight into how you can make 5000 dollars fast illegally without getting caught. Nobody wants to get caught or serve a jail term because of a simple figure of $5000.

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Secret Ways to make 5000 dollars fast illegally without getting caught

Well, I used the word secret because it has been there, but no one thought about them. I will also show you some of the ones I did and succeeded. You could join my train; we make money together. So what are the ways to make 5000 dollars illegally? illegal hustle that will make you rich illegal hustle that will make you rich

Open a Ponzi scheme in Africa

A whole lot of Chicken Little would say “this sh*t wouldn’t work”. But let me tell you that the one I created generated over 2 million dollars in profit after we shut down and packed off.

It was a Ponzi scheme known as MMM created by the Russian crook called Sergey Mavrodi.

Seven friends and I operated the scheme in three African countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria). It was a massive success until we decided to pack up and leave.

We made a whole lot of people rich, while the others lost a tremendous amount of money – well, that is why it is an illegal way of making money.

All you need to make 5000 dollars fast illegally using this method is just an initial investment that you pay out to early subscribers. Then the others will be pure profit which you with others who invested in your idea.

You can make it a bitcoin Ponzi scheme like the MMM United or in Dollars. Whichever works for you is fine.

Run a Charity Scam

Well, it is so sad to see that charity is now being used as a scam for those who want to make a massive amount of money illegally.

A friend who utilized this idea confessed about its lucrative nature – which prompted me to include it in this list. The only skill you need is how to convince people to give you money ==> click here to read it.

Then the other skills, you can easily outsource to save yourself time. The charity scam won’t just allow you to make 5000 dollars illegally; it would keep sending money to you on Auto Pilot.

Here is how to start a charity scam

These are the steps; you can research them individually.

  • Get an Organization name
  • Register the name (If you are in the United States – or any other country)
  • Create a Website for the organization. It should have a ‘.org.’ extension
  • Fill it up with photoshopped images and videos of your organization, helping the poor and less privileged.
  • Create a Facebook Page to promote the images and videos
  • Promote massively on social media
  • Collect money via the GoFundMe page and move on immediately
  • Don’t get exposed.

Do you see how ‘simple’ it is to make 5000 dollars fast illegally using this method? Go ahead and give it a trial.

Sell non-existing Sugar Mums and Dads to Students

Do you know how simple this method is to make money fast illegally? Now here is the trick; students are looking for extra bucks to complement their allowances in school.

Your job is to promise them that you would provide them with a woman or man that would foot their bills and give them money. All they need to do is have s*x with them and satisfy the MILF.

These students are everywhere on social media and around your location. One of the secrets to this is a massive social media promotion. You can equally decide to open a website where they can find listings.

The idea behind this is making them pay about 100 dollars to have access to a woman/man who can make them rich. The only job they need to do is just satisfy them on the bed. Who wouldn’t want such an opportunity?

Up to your marketing skills, you can make 5000 dollars fast illegally using this simple system of operation.

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Run a Loan Scam

This is another trusted business ideas that allow you to make 5000 dollars illegally using simple steps and processes. It is also one of the latest scam formats used by scammers to dupe their victims.

Everybody is looking for low-interest loans, and it is your job to help them find it – if only they can pay. On another note, you can act as the loan company and offer low-interest rates that are competitive. The catch here is for the participant to register with a token sum that serves as collateral before having access to the loan.

The steps to getting your victims are from social media and Facebook Adverts. You could also comment on blogs and forums to attract the right attention.

Insurance Fraud

This is the sweetest way to make 5000 dollars fast illegally. Is there something worth that amount with an insurance company? Then it is time to get it stolen to make them pay you your claims.

A friend tried to make money illegally using this method and was successful. Even though it wasn’t up to 5000 dollars, but he made a reasonable sum of money by losing his 3-phones to ‘theft.’

Technically it was theft because his friends stole the phone and returned it to him as soon as his claims were paid.

Sell a Fake Event Tickets

I reserved the best for the last because this would fetch you so much money than just 5000 dollars. As of March 2019, I raked in 10,000 dollars by selling fake events. I wasn’t even in the United States to make such a considerable amount of money.

How to Sell Fake Event Tickets

  • I opened an Event website regarding an event titled – “Solar PV Operations and Maintenance.”
  • Then I curated the name of speakers and companies from similar sites
  • After that, I curated topics and discussions from other websites too
  • I contacted promoters and advertised on Major Blogs
  • Then I started sending out bulk emails to potential participants
  • With a well-structured account number situated in Eastern Europe, I began receiving funds from participants.
  • Before I closed up the business and moved onto another of the scam techniques that would make me 5000 dollars fast illegally.

Why it worked was because the amount I charged for the event was pretty lower than industry standards. So they all felt it was a good bargain and continued to register.

So you see; how to make 5000 dollars fast illegally isn’t such a big deal – once you know the tactics. There are still lots of them, so I will continue to update this post with more lucrative ideas.

Drop a comment if you have more ideas that work – or you tell me what you think about my opinions. Till next time, see you on another post.

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