How to scam a sugar daddy to give you money

Catfishing a sugar daddyMake a lot of money by catfishing sugar daddies and mummies online

Looking for how to catfish a sugar daddy? Let me show you how to scam a sugar daddy online without begging them for money. If you are in the United States (Vancouver, Nevada, etc.), Uk, Canada, Nigeria, or anywhere around the world, this is a huge opportunity for you.

The number of people seeking love and fun on the internet is increasing by the day. Most online dating websites now offer several options on categories of relationships that people want. These categories include sugar daddies, sugar mummies, dating, sugar babies, and marriage meet-ups.

In all these categories, the sugar daddy arrangement has a high record of catfishing. What this means is that most sugar daddies are easily scammed on most online dating sites. So, knowing how to catfish a sugar daddy involves lots of rich skills.

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The fact is that when creating a sugar baby profile, pictures are an important and strategic asset. They shape the human element to internet dating. Mere text on an individual’s profile looks very ordinary and visually unattractive. Sugar daddies often get impressed the first time they stumble on a very attractive profile picture and thus, makes move to reach the person.


Following the huge benefits, this offers scammers alike, many people have been seeking cunny ways to succeed in the venture. Sometimes, these scammers are men pretending to be women. The way it works is through the use of fake photos. These fake sugar babies use a well-edited, eye-catching photo to attract the attention of their prey.

This piece reveals the various ways one can learn how to catfish a sugar daddy and always what you want from them.

What is Catfishing of a Sugar Daddy

Meaning of Catfishing a sugar daddy

To catfish a sugar daddy means to use a fake picture, make a man believe you are real, and collect money from him. It is important to know that while thinking it is simple, it requires extra tricks to succeed in this job.

Unlike other scams where you are billing your client and hoping that they will pay you, this method is more direct.

In catfishing a sugar daddy, you are forcing them to pay you money by deceiving them. So you have to plan your game very well.

This should be fun and a very fast way to make money fast illegally – for beginners in the illegal business world.

How does it work?

  • So let’s assume you are a girl/guy.
  • You register on websites/social media
  • You use a beautiful girl as your profile picture
  • Men will send you messages asking to date you
  • Then you start chatting with them
  • Finally, you make them give you money.

It is just as simple as ABC – if you play the game very well. Let me show you some billing methods to use and get money from your sugar daddy.

3 Ways to Catfish a Sugar Daddy

A guy pretending to be a girl

Always Create False Problems and Promise to Pay Back

To successfully catfish a sugar daddy, a scammer needs to first establish a mutual relationship with the sugar daddy and then come up with fictitious stories that will attract sympathy.

For example, your mother is very ill in the hospital, and she really needs money to settle the bills, or that your mum is involved in some kind of terrible mess that she needs funds to solve the problem.

In most cases, this has worked for some scammers on their potential prey.

Use Fake IDs and Photos

This is a common phenomenon on most online dating platforms. Scammers use this method to catfish gullible sugar daddies. In this case, they use a well-edited eye-catchy picture to attract the attention of their prey.

It can also be fake IDs that portray false but very attractive information about the scammer.

This strategy works very easy because even non- females can disguise themselves to be potential ladies looking for a sugar daddy. The desperation of most sugar daddies has often led them to fall cheap for these fake photos and fake identities.


Using the Blackmail Strategy is another effective way to know how to catfish a sugar daddy. The way this works is that the scammer threatens to raise a red flag to the wife of their prey (sugar daddy) in order to extort some money from them.

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They can even threaten to do the same to their family members, friends, or co-workers. For this to be really effective, you can cunningly get the contact details of your prey and probably some of his close acquaintances and family members.

#Catfishing a sugar daddy

This happens from the onset of your meeting with this sugar daddy and when the relationship is successfully built, you can then get his contacts for the purpose of blackmailing him when the need arises.

The internet is a place where anything is easy and possible. You can easily meet people and establish relationships regardless of the location of that person. Even as this activity is taking place, there is always the tendency for a compromise to occur, which even favor a set of individuals.

Noode Picture Deal

This is another way to catfish a sugar daddy and make him pay you some money. This is one of my favorite methods to use and make money from a man I meet online.

Here are the steps I take;

  • I find the picture of a beautiful girl online – most times I use Instagram to get these pictures
  • Then I register on Instagram, Twitter, or visit several dating sites meant for yahoo boys
  • Anybody that asks me out, I respond to them.
  • We start chatting and become friends.

You understand that men will always be men – especially married men who are looking for girls to s—. Most times they will start requesting noode pictures. You can also look out for other ways to get money from a married man without asking

This is your opportunity to get some and show them, but make sure you ask them to send their own first of all.

Once they send their nooode pictures, save it and send them any random bare picture you can get. Also, make sure they send you more and more pictures and ask them to put their faces, and you will put your own.

Once they have done it…

  • After a while come back and request money.
  • If they don’t give you money, threaten them that you will expose their pictures on all social media and p—n sites.
  • They will surely pay you money.
  • It is advisable you collect the money via Bitcoin or Giftcard – to avoid getting tracked and arrested.

To successfully catfish a sugar daddy, it is very important you know the type of pictures to use. This often goes with some rules or do’s and don’ts.

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Here they are:

Do’s and Don’ts of Catfishing A Sugar Daddy Successfully

Ensure you have a full-body picture alongside a headshot.

It is well known that an average woman finds it uncomfortable to post a full-body picture but unfortunately, this reduces the interest of these sugar daddies; but for the sake of attracting their interest for your gain, it is ideal you post a full body picture. This is one smart way to catfish a sugar daddy.

Post the Picture of a Lady involved in an Activity

This will help make your picture natural and attractive. You can also post a picture of a lady who likes doing a particular thing.

A perfect example of this is the picture of an attractive lady carrying a pet, or doing volunteering work. This is a perfect way to catfish a potential sugar daddy.

Kindly note that posting pictures which reflect a compromised way of life will definitely send a wrong signal to the daddy and then, you might lose that chance,

The Don’ts of Catfishing A Sugar

Now that you have sufficient information about the type of picture to use, it is equally important you know things to avoid on your profile in order to get at your target.

Don’t use an Internet Model Picture

At first, you should ensure you fix pictures that are obviously fake but really talks about your person on the profile. You need to be creative in convincing the potential sugar daddy that you are the real lady he wants.

One way to do this is by ensuring that all your pictures carry the same image. Some of these men are now smart to detect fake identities. Therefore, if they detect any error, it might affect your account on that online dating platform.

Avoid posting pictures with a vague or obscene background.

This can be a huge turn off for the potential sugar daddy. Rather, try to be professional as possible, whether posting an attractive and professionally edited shot or using a fake selfie. With this strategy, there is no way a sugar daddy would suspect it a fake identity.

Avoid Pictures that Exposes your Body

In learning how to catfish a sugar daddy, an important point to note is posting a semi -revealing or provocative picture is very effective in hitting at your prey. Make the picture private just to heighten the interest of the sugar daddy to want to converse with you.

Well, before taking the step of making your picture private, you need to find out the particular type of sugar daddy is your target.

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Aside from the do’s and don’ts, there are other tips on how you can successfully catfish a potential sugar daddy. Just make sure you make the girl in your profile picture appear natural.

Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

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