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Dark WebKnow how to penetrate into Dark Web safely without been attacked

Ever since the institution of the dark web by core webmasters, there has been a predominant question. The question is, “is the dark web illegal?” The reason for this sort of question is that the primary use of the dark web is for illegal activities. Mind you, it is believed that top personalities and organizations operate under this umbrella, otherwise, the dark web stories would have been history. Essentially, the dark web houses the sorts of web content and activities that the likes of Google will never display no matter how you filter the search engine results.

The dark web is different from what most internet users know to be the ‘darknet’. The darknet is where the dark web exists as a WWW (World Wide Web). It comprises the dark web and all of its contents. Extensively, the dark web operates just like every other conventional website and makes up the part of the internet known as ‘deep web’. However, search engines such as Google and Bing do not index the contents available on the dark web. Thus, the only way to access the dark web and its contents is to make use of unclassified (unrestricted) or classified (restricted) software.

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The question, “is the dark web illegal” is what this article seeks to answer. The only way for you to get its answer is to be attentive to every line in the article.

Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

What is used to access the dark wèb

Earlier, this article stated that the dark web makes up the darknet. In this section, we will identify some of the networks that constitute the darknet.

Note: The networks engineering the darknet could be small and large networks. For the small networks, we have P2P Networks which revolves around the members of the network. It could be in a small or a large organization.

On the other end, we have the large networks of the darknet which constitute the dark web and are publicly accessible.


Tor Browser is a large darknet network that allows infinite and anonymous access to the dark web. The Tor network is coined from ‘The Onion Router’ which is what the network was initially referred to as. It keeps every information accompanying your connections private such that hackers or robots tasked with viral attacks find it difficult to do so. In most cases, it is advisable to access your bank account using anonymous projects like Tor to prevent a possible web attack. If you want to hide your identity while browsing, TOR is the best browser to you.

Note: It sucks your internet data with so much speed, please use a WiFi

Before you happily download Tor, note that some websites prevent internet users from accessing their contents with the network. While some block visitors from the Tor network, some others allow visitors to access contents but block them from modifying contents. One such website is Wikipedia.


You have probably heard of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Riffle is the development of MIT and the building of Riffle is an attempt to fix the loopholes present in Tor. One thing to applaud the Riffle network is the rate of its speed over Tor which is built on onion networks.

Riffle, just like Tor, keeps user data and privacy protected from the public. It ensures an internet user’s anonymity and offers a better speed rate than Tor at the moment.

Is the Dark Web Illegal?

The first question should be on when something is said to be legal or illegal. As a direct answer to the question, “is the dark web illegal”, the dark web is not illegal. In fact, it is estimated that over 2 million people use the Tor network on a daily basis. With this number for Tor alone, think of what the total number of dark web surfers would be when other darknet networks disclose the number of their daily users.

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To make things more interesting, Tor is reported to be a nonprofit organization and its users can surf anywhere on the deep web without charges. The dark web is not a foul ground to be. It allows users the liberty to be on their own. Basically, every Tor or other darknet network user is responsible for their presence and/or use of any services on the dark web.

Practically, the dark web is illegal but only when an internet user chooses to misuse the platform. There are several activities that make dark web illegal and such could include child porn, illegal arms deal, buying and selling of stolen credit card details, sales of stolen phones, use of threats, hacking, and many more to mention.

Recently, it was being exposed that Facebook could well serve as a dark web channel. This would include the activities of users of a particular group. What slightly differs this from the real sense of what dark web is all about is the fact that each member’s activities are trackable by Facebook.

Would I Be Wanted for Accessing the Dark Web?

This is similar to asking whether an agency will come after you for downloading any of the large darknet networks like Tor. Everyone is free to make use of any software to access the dark web. There will also be no cases of restricted location since surfing is fully anonymous.

The only reason why you’ll be tracked is when you pick illegal ways to make money. You may not outrightly be tracked by the responsible agency but would eventually get caught. The fact that the likes of Tor render anonymity on the web doesn’t mean that a user is fully anonymous. Besides, the moment you connect your Tor browser, the developers know that you’re connected but would require advanced skills to decrypt your location.

What Will I Find on the Dark Web?

One of the many things to note while on the dark web is the use of garbled URLs. For example, you would find a website using something like “www.hgh5dZje66rF.onion”. This is the practice, especially on sites with illegal activities such as drug sells and illegal arms sales. The idea is to make it difficult for you to revisit or easily revisit such a website.

That said, what would you find on the dark web that makes it scary.

Concerning what you’ll find on the dark web, there is actually nothing there except you know what you’re searching for and where it is. The dark web is like a deep-sea with surface creatures and nightly beasts. The beasts are very good at hiding except one has to dig deeper uncover it. When it is uncovered, care is required in order to dodge its negative effects.

Many think that the dark web is way restricted than the traditional surface web, but that’s not true. It’s just that you won’t get to be paraded around by engines like Google. You tend to have better control of what you do and decide how you do it. However, you must avoid partaking in activities that will draw attention to your deep web surfing.

If you were told that people trade guns, smuggle cash, share rape videos and all online, would you not doubt? If only you’d be able to access the appropriate forums, you’d find people bargaining over guns, drugs, gambles, and possibly your credit card details. Well, it’s very possible to find your credit card details about to be traded even for as low as $25.

Going with Dark Tor and Other Anonymity Networks

Tor is one of the few favorite public networks to use when going the dark mode. Once you install the software, launch and click on ‘Connect’, viola, you’re there. After every page load, the Tor browser collapses the initial search page but provides an option to query for the results again.

Tor is quite slow compared to Riffle, its counterpart. It could run faster though but that has nothing to do with network strength. It does not use the traditional Bing, Yahoo or Google search engines but Duckduckgo. Various other networks have their own incorporated search bots. Do note that the darknet does not operate with the ranking system. For example, keyword search may not come up as expected and you’re most likely not going to find and illegal online market with just keywords.

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Why You Should Be Careful on the Dark Web

For some reason, you’d have to be careful while surfing through the wonders on the deep web. Just as you are hidden, there are even more dangerous havocs readily awaiting your system with just a click.


Not every dark web surfer is a hacker. There are trustworthy users but it is difficult or impossible to tell who is and who isn’t, especially owing to the fact that everyone and everything connected to the dark web is anonymous.

One of the few ways to stay safe is the use of security software such as Norton. There are a few more to mention which would make things difficult for hackers to crack and render your computer useless.

Malware Attack

Malware injection is a common characteristic of the dark web. Dark web surfers usually fall victimize when downloads are made from malicious websites. Clicking on malicious links may as well lead to an attack depending on the page a user is being redirected.

Cam Theft

It is recommendable to cover the front-facing camera of your device, whether your mobile phone or computer. Still doesn’t mean that once you’re connected, attacks will begin. It is a safe measure to follow in order to evade any possible attack from dark cyber attackers.

Avoid Card Transactions

If you are too nervous to let go of an online item that interests you, get a temporary account. Such an account must not carry your personal details and must not have funds in it. You can also use or sell stolen credit cards on the dark web.

All in all, let go of the transaction for your safety because a simple click could ruin you after ruining your computer system.


Millions of internet users are being scammed daily on the surface web. Despite the surface web not being as anonymous as the dark web, scammers still find their ways to cause mental havoc. Since it is possible on the surface web, the dark web is worse. Getting scammed applies majorly to users who have a lot to transact over the Internet.

How to Use the Dark Web Safely

To use the dark web without threatening problems, consider the following practices while online.

Never Visit Malicious Websites (If Possible)

Read downloading about a dark website before accessing or even downloading its contents. Normally, any web beneath the surface web is not to be trusted unless proven trustworthy.

Note, scammers do anything possible to achieve an aim. One such is the creation of fake websites containing malware that infects a computer in no time. One of the most used is the ransomware which hackers use today to make illegal or dirty money.

Be Mindful of the Websites You Upload Personal Details

Personal details are supposed to be kept private. An internet user can easily trust his details to surface websites but this is not the case with the dark wèb. It is advisable to access your bank account with anonymous networks but never input confidential details on untrusted websites.

Do Not Click on Ads

Ads are some sorts of trackers and are generated based on preferences. Ads clicking could be dangerous when it redirects to an unknown website. Knowledgeable internet users complain that support for ads is not helpful for the purpose of any anonymity software. On Google Play Store, for example, there have been recent reviews showing dislike for Tor’s support for ads.

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Do not Transact

Making payments to an anonymous individual or organization is not a safe practice. You might lose the money or probably not get exactly what you paid for.

Final Thoughts

The dark wèb is a place to evade several privacy breaches. The US military researchers in the 1990s had a vision of giving the people a room to surf, share and exit the web anonymously. However, this has not remained the dream as several individuals prefer to take an ill advantage of the system.

The question, “is the dark wèb illegal” has been duly addressed extensively. It must be understood that the dark web is not illegal and that no dark wèb surfer attracts a punishment unless his activities disagree with the law.

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