How to store credit card details on websites without been scammed

Is it wise to live your card details on Wish

Someone was trying to gather more information regarding how to card on Wish – the cheap online shopping platform; it got to where he needed to input his credit card details. He then called me, and the first question he asked was, “Is wish safe for credit cards?”

To answer this question, I decided to run an experiment with my credit card and leave it for over five months to know if I would be at risk of online theft.

Just to let you know, this post originally appeared on Dollar mind. Anywhere else you see this post, just know that it was copied from the Dollar mind website. is an online shop where you find a typically expensive product at ridiculously low prices. Which then makes people wonder if there is something funny happening at the back-end of the platform. Maybe the prices are used to attract people to make purchases on the website, so they steal their credit card information. But is this true? Is wish safe for credit cards? Let’s answer the question immediately.

Is Wish Safe for Credit Cards?

Yes, wish is safe for credit cards because it is a secured platform with encryption, which provides an extra layer and doesn’t allow your credit card information to be displayed to even the administrator of the website nor sellers of products on the platform.

Paying with services like PayPal also means you provide your credit card information to PayPal – of which PayPal then helps with the withdrawal and credit the vendor without displaying your credit card information to the vendor. In most cases, you’d get an email from PayPal confirming the transaction – if the vendor sends receipts.

For a fraudulent vendor who may want to charge you again, PayPal would send you an email asking you to confirm the transaction before payment is made. Well, I believe you’d decline the transaction because it wasn’t part of your plans.

Your information is protected from hackers through the SSL present on the website when paying with a credit card or debit card. This end-to-end encryption means that even the website administrator can’t see the transaction nor your credit card details.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know that every site can be hacked – of which is no exception. So I recommend that after every transaction, you should remove your credit card information from the website.

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Why are products on Wish Cheap?

If you are still not convinced with the answer I gave for the question “is wish safe for credit card” because you believe that it is practically impossible for an iPhone Watch 4 Series to be sold for $10, then let me explain better.

While many of the products on are made from cheap materials, the low prices are directly proportional to the country of manufacture, China. The Chinese labor policies allow retailers to produce a large number of goods for such a low cost.

Products on are shipped directly from the seller, saving them from having a physical store. And in most cases, products are manufactured after several buyers have placed an order.

It’s not also news that most of the products on are replicas of the leading brands. So when you see an iPhone Earpod, which typically costs over $300 being sold for $3, bear in mind that you are buying a cheap replica.

How to Shop Safely on

So, to avoid scams on Wish, there are several things you should know before you start shopping. Just like shopping on Aliexpress, most of the products on Wish doesn’t pass quality control, so please take extra precautionary measures when ordering from Wish. Now let’s consider how to shop safely on Wish.

Focus on Reviews

One key thing you shouldn’t ignore the Wish shopping platform is the reviews of individual sellers. I don’t need to educate you on how reviews work or its importance because I guess you’ve been making several online purchases.

I once saw a review from a buyer that complained that his product never arrived despite paying and all. You already know you should never patronize such a seller and focus on others with excellent reviews.

Long Shipping Times are Normal on Wish

It is safe to let you know that after paying with your credit cards and you are yet to receive your goods after three months; there is nothing to worry about.

Typically it takes around four months for your items to arrive at your local post office or your private mailbox. It is also dependent on the shipping package you choose while checking out your goods on the platform.

Express shipping means your faster-shipping services like DHL handle shipping, while regular ones are shipped alongside others and take several days.

Make sure you remove your credit card from the platform after checkout.

After shopping and selecting whatever product you desire on the Wish platform, the next step would be to input your credit card details. It is this point a lot of people start questioning, is Wish safe for credit cards? Yes, it is safe.

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Go ahead and input your credit card details, after that, your shipping address. Once you are done with that, the next step would be to confirm your order and checkout.input your credit card details on website

  • After that, you’d get a notification telling you that you have been charged, and your product is ready to be shipped.
  • Accept the notification and close the checkout window.

After that, go to the settings, click on it.Wish

Then click on Payment SettingsPayment settings on wish

Below your billing details, you will see a delete button.

Click on the delete button.Payment settings on wish

You’d get a notification telling you that your order won’t be affected if you delete your credit card. Then click “YES” to finally delete your credit card from Wish.Carding details on wish

Now, this shouldn’t raise more questions of is Wish safe for credit cards. What has happened is that you’ve been billed already and so removing your credit card won’t affect payments and logistics.

Remove your credit card and log out of the platform.


What type of Payment Card is Safe on Wish?

All types of payment cards are safe on Wish. Whether you are using a debit or credit card, your information is safe on the platform. But do well to remove your card information as soon as you finish shopping.


So I guess the question “is Wish safe for credit cards” have been answered and your mind put to rest. But I will say this one more time, make sure you remove your card details as soon as you are done shopping!

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