How yahoo boys create fake courier tracking number

The fake courier tracking number in this post is used for shipping scams. In this post, I will show you how it works and how you can create a fake courier tracking number.

A fake courier tracking number allows you to easily convince a client that you are sending them a package. Typically, many of them demand proof for confirmation, so the fake courier tracking number is used to prove to a client that you are actually sending them a product.

You can create a fake courier tracking number by contracting a web developer to build you a customer a logistics PHP website. If you don’t want to contract a developer, you can buy a logistics PHP script and host it yourself. That way, you can easily develop your tracking number and send it to your victim.

With the help of a fake tracking number, you can bill any client over and over again before they understand that they are being used and the product you are sending to them doesn’t exist.

I typically use this format for clients who already know all the major scam formats. You can get to know such a client when you ask them the necessary questions every G-boy would ask his client while chatting with them.

How to Create a Fake Tracking Number

These are the steps to create your own fake courier tracking number. You can create multiple shipping tracking numbers – depending on what you intend to use it for.

Buy a Custom Shipping Website Script/Template

Purchase a Fake Courier Website Template

Only a custom shipping website template can create tracking numbers. From the above website and with the above theme, you can easily create your shipping website. If you access the front end and backend, you will find a setting to create a tracking number for any product you are shipping to your client.  Once you purchase the theme, you immediately move to the next step to get your website up and running.

Host the Website using an Offshore Hosting Company

an offshore hosting company that supports fake courier websites

How to Identify an Offshore Hosting Company

The truth is that not every hosting company would want to host a scam website. At first, they might not figure out – but if you use a regular hosting company, the moment they figure out that the website is a phishing website or scam or get complaints from customers, you are getting shut down immediately.

This is why I suggest that you use an offshore hosting company that doesn’t respond to DMCA queries and allows you to be free and flexible with whatever you want to do on your website.

Create the Fake Tracking Number from your Website

After you’ve designed your website and hosted it, your website is now live and ready to start generating fake tracking numbers. So the steps would be;

Log into the Admin Section of your Website

Log into your Admin Dashboard

Click on Parcel

Create a new parcel

Click on Add Parcel

Fill out important information

Fill out necessary details

The information in this section would make it look genuine to your client. Make sure to fill out the information according to what you’ve told your client. Areas like;

  • Shipment Information.
  • Receiver information (Your client’s name)
  • Shipment Information. This is where you generate the fake courier tracking number you will give to your client. Once they want to verify the shipment website, they will see other information. At first, you place it at “In Transit.” Then after a while, you change it to “Delayed.” After that, you speak to your client to make payment to move the gift faster to his location.

Then Submit the information

Submit the information to generate Consignment Number

Once you’ve submitted the information, it would save the details on the dashboard. That way, you follow the next step by communicating with your client about the tracking number.

Give your Client their Fake Courier Tracking Number

Once you’ve given them the tracking number, you’d have to provide them with the “Fake Courier Website URL like” and tell them to input their tracking number to see the present situation of their “Gift.” You can also call the fake tracking number a “Consignment Number.

Example of a Fake Tracking Number

On the website, they should input their tracking number into the “Search Consignment Tab” to see the status of their gift.

Click on Search Consignment

Input the consignment Number

After input the “Consignment number” or “fake tracking number,” they will see the status of their goods. If the status is “Delayed,” you will ask them to send you money to clear the goods, or you use another number and act as a shipper. You call the client and tell the client that their good is being delayed due to non-clearance, so they need to pay a certain amount of money to clear the goods.

The outcome when you’ve checked the tracking number

So this is how to create a fake courier tracking number and make it look real even when you aren’t sending any tangible goods to anybody. I suggest you shouldn’t create fake tracking numbers of popular courier companies like DHL tracking number, FedEx, UPS, etc. They can easily look like a scam and ruin your format.

You can brand your courier website and convince your client that you are sending it from an individual shipper. That way, it becomes believable.

So how exactly can you use the shipping scam format for your work? Let me explain below.

What is the Shipping Scam Format?

Typically, many hustlers are still using the Dating format, Investment format, or the inheritance format, which has made them less effective than it used to me. For newer formats, we now use the shipping format.

To make this scam format effective, it is aided with a fake shipping website used as a tool to collect money from your victim.

Since almost everybody you meet would be excited at the prospect of receiving a gift from you, the shipping format with the help of a fake logistics website is what will help in convincing them.

So let’s imagine you’ve started communicating with a client

{A client is whom you are going to use your fake tracking number on. Also known as your victim.}

Then you promise to send them a gift – typically an expensive gift, so they get excited about the prospect of receiving a gift from you.

One of the ways I get to know their fantasies is by asking them, “What’s that gift you’ve always wanted?”

The moment they give me an idea about the type of gift they want, I also try to get more information about their birthday or any particular day. Once the said date is approaching, I immediately tell them of my plans to get them a gift and ship them.

This is more believable because you’ve mentioned the gift they really want, and the timing is perfect to suit the gift.

The mistake most people make is just trying to send a gift at the wrong time, which will raise suspicions and a red flag.

Once they’ve agreed to receive the gift from you, you will use your Fake shipping website to create a fake courier tracking number, which you will give to your victim to monitor the progress of their “gift.”

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How to Collect Money using the Shipping Scam

Once you have a fake shipping website and created a phony tracking number, you can make money from using the “Give and Switch” method developed by Mike Bush, the founder of Smart Lazy Hustler.

So this method simply works like this;

You promise the victim a gift

Then you remind them that you’d be sending it via a logistics/shipping company.

Let it be an expensive gift, and you can collect some pictures from Instagram so that they won’t reverse search the image on Google and find out where you picked up the picture from on the internet.

Explain to your client that you can’t ship the product because you’ve almost run out of money. They will have to pay shippers to help them finally ship the product to their location. Give your friend their contact and let him act as a shipper.

As soon as they pay, generate a fake courier tracking number using your fake shipping website.

Along the line, you can always bring up more lies that will convince them to pay you more money. Maybe your shipper would tell them that customs intercepted the shipment, and they would need a small amount to clear it off.

That way, you continue to bill them.

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