How to use the yahoo love format with your client when dating

Do you know why some yahoo boys are successful? The answer is that they use the love format for client, which can get any client to give you what you want. The question now is, “What do you want?” To cashout, collect bank account details, collect items, etc. With the format for love in yahoo, you can collect anything clients have to offer

The beautiful thing is that you can apply this love format in any billing format. For example, if you are running the dating billing on your client, you want to secure love from the client first. Without love, a client will almost do nothing (sending funds, giving you their bank details, etc.), meaning you can’t cashout from them.

Note that the yahoo format for love takes some time to work. You do not just start it and cashout without giving it time and being careful.

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Requirements for Love Format in Yahoo

Below are the things you need for a successful yahoo format for love:

  • Billing format. Before you use the love format, you need a billing format that pays. You can use military billing, sickness billing, gift card billing, credit card billing, etc.
  • A VPN. With a VPN, you can protect your identity online by hiding your IP address.
  • Yahoo script. A yahoo script is a script that you follow to know how to get your client to love you. You can contact this website for a yahoo script to follow.
  • To get your client to love you, you must be determined. You want to be mentally and physically prepared to convince your client that you are trustworthy.

How Do You Use the Love Format for a Client?

yahoo love format with your client

In this section, you will learn the techniques you need to use love format for billing any client. This format does not work in defamation blackmail, but it works in emotional blackmail and sextortion billing.

Below are the steps to use the love format for yahoo:

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  1. Understand Your Client

When you find your client, the next thing you want is to know them better. For instance, if your client is a woman, you want to know the kind of woman she is. The reason is that it is better to have some sense of compatibility with your client. Do the following when you meet your client:

  • Read her bio. Depending on the client, their bio can be short or long. However, whether long or short, your client’s bio will summarize what you must know about them.
  • Know her country. The next thing you want to know about your client is their country. You can search their profile for this information. Let’s say your client is an American. You want to deal differently with the client like you would with the UK client.
  • Understand her gender. The next important thing to note is your client’s gender. It is different how you deal with a male client and how you deal with a female client. You should also look out for gay clients. They also want to be treated differently to love you.
  • Hobbies and likes. Some clients include their likes and hobbies in their bio. If you can’t find this out, then it will come in when you start sweet-talking them to love you.

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When you find out the above information, it becomes easier for you to convince your client to love you.

  1. Your Target is a Married Client

I know you have no control over the relationship status of your client. However, you want a client that is or was already in a relationship. The best client to scam, in fact, is a client that you can call sugar mummy or daddy. You do not need a young client under the age of 50 because it is harder to fool them into thinking that you are serious about the relationship.

Also, it is easier to get an older married person from the age of 60 to love you. People in this age grade find it difficult to date someone, especially younger people. The moment they have you, and your profile shows you are a younger person, they want to do anything to keep you. Many of the older people whose relationships crashed or partners passed away are not very up to date about scamming activities. So, it is easier to get away with anything you do with them.

If you happen to have a younger person as your client for yahoo, you want to be careful not to expose your identity. Younger clients are smarter and know how to use technology better to identify scam romance or lovers.

  1. Know Their Weak Point

You also want to know the weak point of your client by asking them questions. If you know your yahoo client’s weak points, you know how to get them to love you even faster. You want to know that thing that they want or admire so much.

The truth is that what most yahoo dating clients admire is someone who can be in their life intimately and, perhaps, as a life partner.

The questions you want to ask to reveal this weak point must focus on their personal life. You also want to know what they think about you in the relationship and what they expect in the relationship or why they are okay with you as their dating partner.

Ensure to ask your client about their plans for the relationship. For example, you want to know whether your client admires having a long-distance relationship or needs someone who can come spend time with them, perhaps for life. Now, suppose your woman client needs a man who must stay with her, or spend the rest of their life with her. In this case, you must give her the impression that you will be visiting her soon. Every role and script you play must sync with your billing format to get your client to love you.

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  1. Make Your Client Think You Want a Future with Them

Like I have mentioned, you want to give your client the impression that you would be spending your life with them if that’s what they expect.

Ensure to mention that you feel you are emotionally compatible with them. You can mention your genotype as AA and O+ as your blood group to show that you are also bodily compatible.

Instead of making a client think that you could be the right person, let them know that you are the lover they’ve been looking for. Do not pressurize them, but communicate convincingly with them to make them feel they can have a worthwhile life with you.

You can completely get your yahoo client to love you by informing them that you are not one of those interested in arguments. If they ask, “Why,” which they will say, “I love to learn, and only talk when I am asked to share what I think.”

5. Apply the Love Format According to Your Billing Format

The key for applying the love format according to your billing format is to tell your client everything about yourself. Of course, these things you tell them are things you made up to get them to love you. You must also not exaggerate your goodness; they can become suspicious.

Let’s say you are using the military format to bill a client. You can explain that you are a military man being moved about and that you are presently in Africa (or whatever continent you are scamming from so that you can easily bill them).

What will really help you here is your intelligence. But if you feel your intelligence is not enough, you can request out Yahoo Script.

  1. Avoid Video Call

Avoiding video calls on yahoo is hard, but never impossible. First, read my format for avoiding video calls on yahoo. If it does not work for you, depending on your client, you can use a cloning app here.

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Yahoo Love Format Script

In this section, I am giving you a glimpse of how Yahoo Script can help you in the love format. I will not disclose everything, but you will just see what your script should be like.

Note that this script is just a sample I am using for illustration. Yahoo Scripts can be tweaked to suit any yahoo format that you want to use on your client. In the script below, I am using the military dating billing and pretending to be a man. Let’s assume that you are the person starting the conversation with your client.

Let’s see how our script can guide you to make a client love you in yahoo:

Day 1

You: Hi [client name].

Client: Hi. [client’s message].

You: Wow. You’re ‘G’ for ‘Gorgeous’! I know many have said this to you, but I’m just reminding you (*winks).

Client: Awwwn. Thank you.

[Conversation locked for Day 1]

Day 2 (introduction)

You: Hi [client name].


(10 minutes later)

You: I am a 6’4 military man hoping to resign and begin a life with someone already.

Client: Do you even have the time for yourself?

You: Something happened today at work, and it’s making me uncomfortable to talk about my profession today. Please, let’s discuss the things we both love (smiling emoji). I promise, we’d talk about my profession another day.

Client: Okay. You have things about you to say. I want to know you more.

You: Thanks for the understanding. Well, I love kids. You would wonder why I love them. Because I want to make kids when I settle down. I also watch lots of baby videos! Secondly, traveling is fun for me. Maybe because my profession takes me to places and I have toured at least 9 countries so far.

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Client: I’m so loving you already.

You: Really? You’re goin to love me even more by the time we know ourselves better and get to making plans. What do you do? Is your job flexible?

Client: I [client mentions their job]. Not really a flexible job but it keeps me busy and a few bucks to my bank account.

(Discussion locked)

Day 3

Client: Hi…

(After 35 minutes)



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