how to send a text with one sim and it will appear many times

Text message cheathow to send a text with one sim and it will appear many

Are you looking for how to send a text message and make it from another number? Well, there are ways to make this possible. Users looking to send a text message and make it from another number can either make use of an online service or make use of s fake number application, which will give you another number, which can be a temporary or permanent cell phone number.

Just like learning how to make fake bank transfers, you will need an application doing this too. Sending a fake text message requires just a few tools that you can download from anywhere.

Also, one can make use of a texting service which will send and deliver text message from its number. However, be aware that in some circumstances or situations where you will send a text message from a fake SMS number for your purpose, which may be for illegal activities, harassment, or you want to defraud someone. You are likely to receive the implication of being arrested and charged to court.

In a case whereby you send or deliver to somebody a text message from your device, the text message will be displayed while showing your phone number. However, if the person you are sending a text message is aware of your cell phone number, then the individual who is receiving the text message will be aware that you are the one who sent the text message.

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While in other cases, you might want to send a text message which you do not want other people to know you are the one sending the text message. This situation is important whenever you want to report or tell a piece of anonymous information to someone. You can choose to bring up a new phone number for your private life so that it does not interfere or come in contact with the phone number you use for your business.

What to Know about Spoofing

One way through which you can send a text message and make it from another number is to make use of a fake number application. There are different places where you can locate the websites and applications which are specially made for sending text messages and calling from phone numbers, which are not yours.

Furthermore, a few of these applications are specially made for sending an anonymous text message and will give you a permanent or temporary phone number for you to send a text message to another number.

Hushed and Burner are two of various applications which we will be discussing as both and many more are capable of sending a text message and make it from another number. However, the applications that are capable of doing this have different services and prices as well, so you have to find the one you want.

More so, an individual can also make use of an application that will give you different phone numbers, which will be sent to an app on your phone. Flyp and Google Voice are capable of performing that service.

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Have you thought about the option of borrowing your friend’s phone and making use of his number to send a text message while it does not look like it us from you? Meanwhile, you run the risk that the phone number can be tracked down, and you may be caught.

Apps or Websites for sending a text message and make it from another number

As stated earlier, various apps can send a text message and make it from another number. You should find the best app that will suit your style easily and perform the operation for you smoothly.

The apps which can make this possible for you include:

1 Hushed App

This application can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Presently, the hushed app has over 7 million downloads and has recorded over 250 million phone calls and also recorded 1 billion SMS text messages which have been sent across to different phone numbers. On download, the Hushed app will give you the free US or Canada 3-day trial number which will serve as your new phone number or your private number. Also, when you download the hushed app, you will get 20 SMS and 20 minutes to text a message free of charge and also to call.

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You also stand the chance of getting hold of local numbers from 60+ different countries of the world to send an anonymous text message with a fake number. Using hushed does not require you to sign up or verify your personal information. Note that each number that the hushed app will assign you with will have custom voicemail greetings, auto-reply messages, call routing and much more.

The hushed app can be used by anyone looking to send a text message to people and make it look from another number. Stay anonymous with the hushed app as you can make use of it for purposes like online dating or illegal purposes.

2 TextPlus

TextPlus is another option you can try out to send a text message and make it look from another number. The app can also be downloaded on Google Playstore. TextPlus offers free SMS texting with a new phone number, picture messaging, as well as calls and voice mail.

Using TextPlus is free, as there are no fees attached to the app for use. You can even earn credits to call and send a text message. Meanwhile, note that the app comes with some ads. If you wish to use the app without ads, you can purchase a subscription to erase them.

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Some features that come with the TextPlus includes full messaging MMS, quick reply to your friends, sending and receiving your text messages directly, sending text messages with a new phone number and many more. Also, you can send and receive SMS or group messages unlimitedly from the US or Canada.

3 Text Free

This app is available for both Android and iOS users, which makes it a very common app among phone users. With this app, you can do whatever you want when it comes to sending a text message with a real phone number.

However, Text Free app requires you to sign up for an account by creating one, and you will have the choice of choosing any phone number you want for you to begin to send text messages to people and make calls. You can get free calls of 60 minutes every month. To get more minutes to make your calls and text messages, you will have to watch ads or buy more minutes.

Text Free will assume control of your phone number if it becomes inactive within some days or weeks. However, you can reserve the phone number you got from Text Free by paying a monthly fee of $4.99.

Take full advantage of the Text Free app by downloading it and signing up to begin to use it. Note that you have the liberty to choose any number you want with the text free app. Download and sign up now so that you can begin to send text messages to people.

4 TextMe Up

Here is another app for you to consider if you want to send a text message and make it from another number. TextMe Up provides you with a new phone number for you to send free text messages to any number in the US, Canada and 40 other countries of the world.

The TextMe Up app can be purchased on Google Playstore. One interesting feature about the TextMe Up is that they do not make use of minutes plan for calls or any plan for texting. Another interesting feature about the TextMe Up app is that you have the liberty to change or alter your number and add another number. In any case, you have the chance to switch between 2 or more numbers that the TextMe Up app will give to you.

However, you will have to sign up for an account and still have as many phone numbers as you want. You can also delete any number you do no longer want to make use of, as well as see your conversations from one inbox. With your credit on the TextMe Up app, you can send text messages to over 200 countries of the world.


Unlike other free texting apps that give you a new phone number, the TextMe Up app allows you to add new local and international numbers to your account and send SMS to other countries.

5 Pinger

Although this app is not available on Google Playstore yet, it is still very efficient for use. Pinger allows you to send a free text message to any phone number with a new and different phone number. With Pinger, you can send free and unlimited text messages to phone numbers. However, to make use of Pinger, you will have to sign up with a username and password, or you sign if you previously have an account with them.

On registering or creating an account, you will be given a random phone number for sending text messages and calling for free. Even with its unavailability on Google Playstore, the Pinger app still boasts of over 10,000,000+ downloads, which makes the app very much sought after.

The Pinger has the feature of a custom number selector, group chatting, stickers, voicemail, and so much more.

Other apps for you to send to text messages with a new phone number includes:

  • Smiley Private Texting for iOS users
  • Mustache
  • TextNow

When to Send a Text Message and make it look like it came from another number

So let’s say you need money, and you know a guy who has money. If you know much about this person and their family, you can spoof the text message of a family member. What this means is that you can send the rich person a text and beg for money, and they won’t know.

  • Download any of these applications
  • Install it on your phone or PC
  • Find the name and contact of a family member related to them
  • Beg the rich person for money using the name of their family member
  • Insert your own account number and phone number. (Tell them your previous account is having problems, and you can receive money through this one)
  • Put an excuse not to receive calls.
  • collect the money and move.

Have you seen where text message spoofing is very important? There are several places it can work for you, it depends on what you want to achieve.


There is every need to send text messages to other people anonymously while not making use of a new phone number. The apps which have been listed in this article will assist you in pranking or engaging in illegal activities, but be careful so as not to be caught or get arrested. Meanwhile, you can learn to send anonymous email to people you don’t want them to track you.

After reading this article, you should be able to send a text message and make it from another number. Be anonymous with the help of the listed free text messaging apps.

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