Adsense requirements for blogger

Most publishers believed that Google AdSense are strict in approval process but I don’t think so.

Why did I said so?

To get your site approved by AdSense is simple because Google have given you expo. By expo what do I mean? They have already told you there dos and don’t in their program policy. (It’s as if after a teacher sets a question for you in an exam Hall, she will also gives answer to those questions).

So fellaz I want you guys to remove that assumption. Google are the best when it comes to ad’s network, and don’t even try to trick them because they will keep on frustrating you till you do the right thing.

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Follow my step to step guide to get your AdSense account approvedAdSense approval process

  1. Choose your niche. focus on a particular thing you are good at, you can decide to create a website that should be basically for Automotive, Art, fashion, building, medical, transportation, and so on
  2. Grammar and spellings. Check your English composition and avoid spelling mistake. Because what ever you give the people thats what they will take. A writer is like a leader, you can mislead your readers in your article. That’s why you need to be careful and AdSense is watchful of that.
  3. Write Enough Content. AdSense can be shown in a site with more or sufficient Content. Once you have written like 10-15 post, you can sign up for AdSense
  4. Avoid pirated Content: Ads can’t be shown in websites that have +18 related Content like pornography, nudes, gambling, drugs, hacker, bet games, etc
  5. Create unique Content. Write as if you are destined to, never involve yourself copying from others because if you do, you will be struggling with AdSense as if you are looking for a Visa which you will never get. I believe after you choose your niche the next is to write articles based on that niche without photocopying from others.
    • Advantages of unique Content is that Google will rank you at the first page of organic search whenever anyone search things related to your site. Another adventage is that…
    • Google will approve your site and start showing ad’s.


So fellaz, there’s no other magic or trick to get your website approved by Google AdSense, don’t believe any website telling you to do this and that apart from my step to step guide.

Some believe that they can trick AdSense by getting it with money, some of my friends that bought AdSense account have been disapproved that’s what I called pennywise bounce foolish.

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