How to do screen record on iPhone

Our smartphones organize so much of our lives, with important information flashing across our screens every hour. Therefore, we often want to record what’s on our screens so that we can access it again later or so that we can share a moment with friends or family.

It is possible to record your screen on your iPhone, iPad or another iOS device. A screen record is different fro

a screen shot, as this is when you record a mini video showing the movements on your device’s screen.

Here, we explain the simplest ways to do this.

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how to screen record on iphone

How do you record your screen on Apple?

There are four main steps in order to set up a screen recoding and we go through them below, step by step.

  1. Go to Settings and then Control Center, then select either More Controls or Customize Controls. You’ll see an option for Screen Recoding, so simply hit the green button to add it.
  2. Then, open Control Center again and touch and hold the grey Record button, then tap Microphone.
  3. Then hit the Start Recording button and then you’ll be presented with a three-second countdown before the recording commences.
  4. To stop, go back to Control Center and hit the red Record button again, or you can select the Stop option at the top of your screen in your status bar.

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How do you view your screen recording?

To then see how your recording turned out, you simply access your photos and videos app, as the file will be stored in that gallery just like any other video file.

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