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The art of blackmailing has been around for a while now. However, only a few aware of how to blackmail someone to give you money benefit from it. The trick that makes this possible is simple but difficult to grasp. But then, this article exposes the tricks and also provides examples of blackmail to use on someone successfully. Convincing someone to give you money is an art of subtle blackmail, but I will show you how to blackmail someone to give you money – no matter what it takes.

There are only two instances of blackmailing people to give you money. The first instance occurs when a target is guilty of an act. The second instance, on the other hand, occurs when a target is not guilty. However, studies have it that the most rampant instance of blackmailing for money is on persons that are not guilty of an act.

To carry out successful blackmail, it doesn’t matter whether the person is guilty or not. Moreover, blackmailing is more interesting and easier when the person is guilty. Let’s find out how to blackmail someone emotionally and how to blackmail someone legally since blackmail is illegal.

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How to Blackmail Someone to Give You Money in 5 Simple Steps

This extensive guide is being compressed to save you time. Within 8 minutes, you should be able to obtain everything on how to blackmail someone to give you money. Examples of blackmail are also made available towards the end of this piece. In order not to miss the pivotal gist, follow up so as to fully grasp how to blackmail someone legally.

1. Know the Target

To become perfect on how to blackmail someone legally, you must learn to be patient or get caught and punished. Patience comes in when trying to learn about a target, especially when the target is innocent of any illegal activity.

If the target is guilty of something that could attract a jail term or worse, you would not necessarily have to track their activities. However, it is important to know what they are plotting concerning such an incident. For instance, while dealing with a ‘murderer’ as the target, be ready to know all their nooks and crannies. This, of course, may not happen in a day or a week, in most cases. Just like you, the murderer is plotting something to escape the cape.

In a situation where the target is an innocent type, you do not have to track their activities. Simply, get to know a thing or two about them. It could be their Facebook username, postal address, email address, wife’s name (if married), child’s name, workplace, etc. Gathering these sorts of information is the best bet concerning how to blackmail someone to give you money.

Note: To blackmail and extort an innocent target, you must first know how to blackmail someone emotionally. Do not worry because this article contains examples of blackmail that can affect their emotions.

2. Craft the Blackmail Letter

With the examples of blackmail available in this article, you should be able to craft perfect blackmail. By perfect blackmail, it must be such a mail that can distort the emotions of the target. To create blackmail, you can follow the samples provided towards the end of this article.

Meanwhile, here is a simple guide on how to create a proper blackmail message or letter. You must adhere to the rules below to correctly generate blackmail that can scare even the president of your country.

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How to Create a Blackmail Letter

  • Pay Attention to the Grammar

The first impression a blackmail letter passes lies in the GRAMMAR. Generating a poorly constructed blackmail grammar is not the norm on how to blackmail someone to give you money. The potential victim will not only laugh at the blackmail letter but will send it to ‘trash bin’ if it’s an email message. If it’s through a postal office, the grammar will force a target to wipe their shoes with the letter.

  • Go Straight to the Point

Instead of boring a target, let your blackmail letter spark their emotions. You may not know how to blackmail someone emotionally but after seeing the samples, it’ll become clearer. Simply, state their offence(s) and make it appear as natural as possible.

  • List their Details

This is the backbone of every blackmail letter. Without stating anything that is true about the potential victim, it will be a lost cause. Simply, make a reference to a family member or a very close person. If possible, identify an activity they’ve been indulging in for some time now and rally around it.

  • Reference a Nonexistence Agency (Optional)

This is one of the few hidden tactics or tricks on how to blackmail someone to give you money. It is an optional technique but could be very necessary depending on the style of the blackmail.

  • Add Payment Method

Every blackmail letter must carry the desired payment method. This is the message in the letter that you use to instruct the target on how to make payments. Include a payment option that will not expose your identity or require a lengthy process for payment.

Note: There are a few more things to note but for some reasons, they will be omitted in this article. Request for them when you are interested.

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3. Pick a Payment Method

This is always the most difficult practice concerning how to blackmail someone legally. This comes inside the letter and it is the final instruction for the target to follow. Some people choose to keep this at the end of a blackmail letter while others send it as a different attachment or letter. This all depends on what you want and why you want it to be so. There are several secure methods to use in receiving payments from a target who is yet to be a victim. Some of the secure payment methods include:

  • Bitcoin payment method
  • In-person payment method
  • Wire transfer
  • Gift card etc.

Some of these payment methods may not be the best option for your location. It is also not recommended to carry out any direct bank transfers unless you’re ready to go behind bars. There are other modes of payments that keeps you as a blackmailer off the radar in your location. Find out and use that option to leave no mark for trace.

4. Figure Out a Suitable Mail Delivery Method

After generating a powerful blackmail letter, pick a delivery method. You must have discovered a perfect delivery method that keeps you off the radar. If it’s an online thing, the only option is their email address. And, if physical contact is possible, you might want to pick from any of the following delivery methods:

  • Send via a postal service
  • Give to a courier to deliver to the target
  • Use an email

Additionally, the letter must be well-packaged both via the email and posting. If you’re sending via a postal office, try using an official kind of stamp or a fully customized pack. If the blackmail letter pack is customized well enough, nothing will prevent the target from a sharp shock. An elderly target might collapse on seeing the contents and referring back to its packaging. Check out the sample letter pack below that could cause goosebumps to targets. You may customize a better one, if possible.

(Add an elegant-looking letter pack ‘photo’ here to compensate the idea in the last two sentences above. Any lovely letter pack that is attracting)

5. Follow Up

Not every target falls immediately. In this case, it is smart to remain watchful of the target’s activities, if possible. When a target does not react to the accusations, give it about a week before resending a blackmail letter. Also, the second should arrive with a fiercer warning but not threats. Using threats does not work and most blackmailers are unaware of this. This is a lucky point for you because you have been patient enough to read through.

Examples of Blackmail for Money

Remember, you require a correct blackmail letter sample to win the race. Here are just 2 powerful examples of blackmail letters that sends fear to blackmail targets.

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Blackmail Letter Sample 1

…for a guilty target!

Hello Mr. Peters,

It seems as though no one is aware of the murder you committed last week. I would love to burst your bubbles! Guess what, someone is aware of the murder and that person is the sender of this email.

The camera used was a sharp one, good enough to capture clearly from 100 miles. At this juncture, Mr. Peters, I’m sorry you are in mess. I do not know how to measure the mess is but it’s certainly a deep one. However, you are lucky to have been caught by someone who wouldn’t mind saving your ass. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Deal? Yes, a deal and you will do as directed.

My Date

Between 3 days from now, I should be getting the pay from you.

If you fault, you’ll be sadly reading yourself on the TV and the internet a few days from now.

What to Pay and How to Pay

I am asking for $20,000 which will be paid in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Address: (Paste BTC Address Here)

I am very certain you would love to take another glance at how you slit his throat. Would you mind a video too? Anyway, I’ll keep the videos while you go through the below attached images.


Mr. Anonymous

Blackmail Letter Sample 2

…for an innocent target!

Hi Jim,

Have you ever been mailed by GrimTech? Of course, not and we do not like mailing people that do not matter. We mostly message two categories of people. The include our partners and thieves. Sadly, you fall under the ‘thieves’ category.

Recently, one of our servers was breached and information stolen in the process. When our team attempted to run a check, an IP address causing the attack was discovered and we have been trailing the IP for weeks now. Fortunately, it matches with your IP and we are convinced that you are the bad guy attempting to breach our security servers.

If you would love to play by our instructions, then, you’ll be saving yourself a pretty deep mess. We do not care whether the IP was used by you or not and we are certain it’s you as long as they link to you.

What We Want

$12,000 and an affirmation that you’ll never breach our servers ever again.

How We Want

The payment must come as BTC. Anything different from this will be considered a dishonour to our demand and will force us to go berserk on you.

BTC Address:




Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.

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