Steps to start yahoo as a girl{ultimate guide}

Become a yahoo girl

So you must read from another website on how to become a yahoo girl or wondering how to become a yahoo boy as a girl but wasn’t so convinced on how to start. I will be frank with you, the yahoo game is becoming hard, especially with EFCC and other securities raiding on G-boys on a steady.

Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

No security man has the time to come online and start looking to catch G-boys and G-girls. One of the methods they use is by receiving information from informants and using it to burst them. In this method, I will show you how to become a yahoo girl even when you don’t have a laptop.

It is not totally possible to do yahoo without a laptop – because you will need so many tools to work with, and your phone can’t handle all of them. Even if you want to do dating work, you will still need things like VPN, Logs, Grammarly, dating apps, and many others I will explain in this article.

That is the reason why your phone can’t be used to run yahoo work as a guy. But as a girl, there are many options that you have to start cashing out from G-work. You don’t even need to be the main person doing the job, you will just be an assistant.

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If you don’t have the experience, no need trying to learn. Just use what you have and get what you don’t have. It is a very simple tactic that most smart girls are using to cash out.

What are the steps to become a Yahoo Girl?Here are the steps on how to become a successful yahoo Girl

I will list them out for you in order; so all you need to do is make sure that you consider all the ways you could start making money as a yahoo girl as I will outline here.

If you wanna start learning work, it might be difficult because nobody would want to spend so much time teaching you now. People are busy working and won’t have time to teach you how to start yahoo work now.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s go!

Have a Good Phone

If you don’t have a quality phone, you can’t do anything on yahoo. Since you don’t know the work very well, you will need to work with people that know the work.

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Your job will be to support them and assist them in making sure that they cash out. Once they pass a client to you, you will have to maintain the client for them. That can only happen when you have a good phone.

The more you work with them G-boys, you will learn the work along the line. Nobody has the time to come and start teaching you work like a student in the class. So if you want to become a yahoo girl, start by getting a good phone.

Connect with G-Boys

Most of them won’t teach you work unless you are willing to help them in their own work. People like me, I love girls that supply me nude pictures for my work – and I always help them in return. Other boys might need some other stuff before they teach you, but make sure the guy isn’t a yahoo plus guy (before they use you do ritual).

There are many places to connect with G-guys, you can see some on Instagram, WhatsApp groups, and on Facebook. Just send them a friend request and connect with them ASAP.

Run Local Yahoo

If you don’t know how to catch a foreign client, you can also start from local yahoo. E make sense very well if you know how to run your show well.

Local yahoo is trying to scam other people here in Nigeria without getting caught. It is very simple to do if you have the right formats.

There are several ways to run local yahoo, and I will list out some of them. I have formats for foreign yahoo, but I will still bring out formats for local yahoo.

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But let me give you some tips on some formats that work very well.

Once you catch any guy that wants to sleep with you, he will always want you to come and visit him. But this is how to cash-out from such a guy.

Find a guy who wants you on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), make sure you use a fake picture.

  • Use a fake Whatsapp line and give to him when he asks for your number
  • Start sex chat with him
  • Ask him to send his pictures (N*de pictures) you can use the blackmail format if you so wish
  • Send me a fake picture of your n*des (You can download from google and crop out the face)
  • Wait for him to invite you to his house,
  • Collect transport money (from 5,000 Naira or so, depending)
  • Disappear

He doesn’t have anything to hold you and you didn’t dupe him, so he can’t report you to the police or any officer. I hope I am not teaching so many bad things. Lmao.

This one will work very well on Instagram or anywhere online where they sell products. If you see someone who is selling something that you like, contact the person and tell them that you want to buy.

Make sure you price the product very well, so as not to create suspicion in the mind of the seller.

TAKE NOTE: Don’t use your real profile to carry any of these out. They will post your pictures on social media as a scammer. So please don’t use your real profile.

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After pricing the product very well and reaching a price, tell the seller that you want to pay in the next 10 mins. Create a fake alert and send to the seller; contact them immediately to send your product to your address.

It works as easy as ABC.

Your job is to keep advertising products that don’t exist. Don’t use your real profile for this scam. Make sure you have a picture bank where you store plenty of pictures for changing DP and many others.

Also, don’t use the same bank account to receive money. This is how to become a yahoo girl and be successful. Use a scam account number and receive money; nobody will know that it isn’t yours.

So, these are some of the local yahoo that guys are running online, you can still join and cash-out big as e dey hot!!!

Sell Nude Pictures to Guys for Money

If you don’t have the mind to do some of the local scams I listed here but want to become a yahoo girl, then you can work with yahoo boys and cash out with them.

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Most times I need nude pictures (without your face) for my work, so I buy from some girls who need money sharp sharp!

If you can snap your pu*sy and b**bs, and sell it, then hit me up, let’s work together.

Run Local Dating Format

Just like the international dating format scam where you make a white guy/woman fall in love with you before you bill them, you can also run a local one if you don’t have a laptop to get started.

  • Find any dating site and register.
  • Guys will add you as friends to date you
  • Accept all of them
  • Use several formats to start collecting money from them.

If you want some hot formats, hit me up and I will give you some formats to use on your magas. But you must give me something in return. If interested, hit me up.

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So, I just listed some of the ways to become a yahoo girl if you don’t have a laptop. All these ways are legit and won’t cast. So go ahead and start your work.

If you can do any of the things I have listed out and want to work with me, go ahead and send me an email to [email protected]

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