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Insurance Sales Pitch Insurance sales tips

Insurance sales are very competitive, and to have a strong presence and close many deals as possible, it is essential to have a strong sales pitch that moves a prospect to make a decision fast. In this article, I will be showing you some insurance sales pitch examples that can help you close deals fasters with any prospect.

As an insurance sales agent, you may have been fired up by your sales manager, who has told you countless of victory stories he’s had in the past, but you ought to know that things aren’t the same any longer. Apart from having a lot of agents – internal and external agents to compete with, a lot of prospects see insurance agents as crooks, who are only after their paychecks. Convincing a prospect to know that you care about their wellbeing – hence the insurance package is a huge one to crack.

Before picking up the phone and looking to blow up prospects with some of our insurance sales pitch examples I will give you below, here are some assumptions I love making about prospects. It seems the same across all industries but more profound when you are selling insurance packages.

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People don’t like being sold to

You should know that nobody loves being sold to – talk less of buying insurance benefits that take money away from you (according to prospects). People love to believe that they made the buying decision themselves and that they are in charge. If a prospect figures out that you are selling to them, they think they are getting manipulated and would throw up objections to block the sale.

People don’t think they need insurance

While thinking of using some of my insurance sales pitch examples, you should have at the back of your mind that many hate buying insurance packages. They have the belief that nothing adverse would happen to them or their families.

When you come around trying to pitch insurance services, they assume you are an agent of destruction sent from hell to remind them of doom. Just know that people believe they don’t need insurance.

People already have insurance

Another fair assumption you’d have to make is that “people already have insurance.” Within you before approaching a client, always have a rebuttal for “I already have an insurance cover” that would allow you to present an actual conversation and convince the client to listen to your quote.

Prospects get sold a lot to

You have to understand that you aren’t the only person calling or trying to sell insurance to your client. Prospects get sold a lot, which has always put them in defense mode. So before you say a word to the prospect, ask yourself, “am I going to say the same thing the other agent said?”

Now, these are some of the assumptions I want you to make before picking up the phone and dialing the prospect’s number. Now to working out what you should say asides the insurance sales pitch example I will write, let me show you how to draft yours.

Essential Aspects of an Insurance Sales Pitch

Here are some critical steps you can go through when trying to draft out your insurance sales pitch.

Highlight your product value

In my insurance sales pitch example, you’d see that my product value comes first. Whether you are selling Auto insurance, life insurance, housing, or just any type, you’d always have to state what your service can do for the prospect.

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The value might come in the form of protecting them from simple hazardous events, financial meltdown or give them the peace of mind required.

Build a good probing list of questions

Probing questions can help you figure out if the prospect will need your insurance service.  It is advisable to be open with the client before you start probing. To avoid making it look like an interrogation.

I’d suggest you say something like;

“Prospect frankly, I work only with those who need what I offer. I am not interested in the paycheck, just only want to be remembered as someone who advised you to do one of the best things in life – which is protecting your family. I will ask a few questions to understand if what I am offering is of any need to you – is that fair enough?”

  • Do you have an insurance cover as we speak?
  • …………………………….
  • …………………………….

You can go ahead and develop yours as it suits the specific insurance type you are selling.

Focus on prospect’s problems

As soon as you’ve identified the pain point of the client, the next would be to focus on it during your insurance sales pitch. You don’t need to inform the prospect that you’ve figured out their problems, just keep mentioning it subtly till it sinks into their subconscious.

An excellent way to achieve this is the match the benefits of your product to the problems you think they are experiencing or will experience later on in the future. Explain to them how the insurance product will help solve that problem.

One of the key things in Insurance sales is to make sure that you get an appointment with the prospect, and deliver your benefits physically.

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Create different insurance sales pitch for different buyer’s group

Remember, it’s not how you pitch a working-class individual that you pitch a business owner; they are in a separate buyer’s group. While one is focused on how much paycheck he receives at the end of the month, the other is wondering how much profit he would make to be able to cover his insurance bill.

Also, different buyer’s group faces various problems, so you’d offer them different benefits and ask different questions.

If you can weave some of my ideas into your insurance sales pitch, you should see an increase in the number of appointments you are setting and an increase in overall revenue of prospects willing to buy from you – I mean as a trusted agent.

Develop objection rebuttals

Objections are part of the sales process, and it frankly shows that a client has listened to your presentation. I can’t for sure say that objections show that a client is willing to buy; this is because some clients create objections just to waste your precious time.

This is why objection rebuttals show be included in the insurance sales pitch you are developing. In my insurance sales pitch example, I will write out some possible insurance sales rebuttals you might encounter and how it is handled.

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So let’s have a look my insurance sales pitch example;

  1. A Sample Insurance Sales Pitch Example to hi sell Life Insurance

Hello, am I speaking to {name of prospect}?

[Let’s assume prospect’s name is John]

Hi John, my name is _____ calling from Prudential Life, how are you today?


Briefly, John, I am calling because we are currently working with hardworking everyday people who are presently investing actively in themselves and their families. We give them the courage to go around their daily activities without the fear of the unknown or uncertainties.

We are almost at every neighborhood in the country right now. This is why I am reaching out to you because I believe this would be an excellent fit for you.

Probing and Matching Questions

To confirm John;

  • Do you have a family?

  • Have there been any case of severe illnesses

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you needed emergency funding for a situation?

Summary Pitch

This is precisely why I am calling because situations like that are common in our everyday lives. Which is why we protect families and hardworking individuals with two plans that we operate;

  • A long-term insurance savings plan that offers you protection against the unforeseen. It comes with yearly cash benefits which you can choose to accumulate.

  • Also, a cover that protects against major illnesses; so you and your family can continue living life without compromising on your way of life.

Whether it’s your children’s education, utility bills or debts such as a housing or car loan, when uncertainty strikes, worrying about these financial commitments should be the last thing your mind.

I will be more than happy to offer you free quotes and obviously, there’s no obligation to buy, it’s so that you can see what options are available to you and your family.

When would suit you to catch up and go through this together?” Mon/Tues 10 am?

Pricing (The pricing isn’t necessary since your aim is to book an appointment).

Hi John, this depends on what plan is best for your family. There is no fixed amount, and the money is all yours once your maturity date reaches. Let me come around in your free time and show you how this works – nothing complex.

What day works for you? Mon/Tues 10 am?

(When setting an appointment, make sure to remind them of the date and time to finish the call strong.)

Thank you, have a great day and please don’t forget our appointment tomorrow at 10:00 am!

Some Mandatory Questions to Ask (These should be asked if the conversation is going smoothly)

  • May I know your age?
  • Approximate Annual income?
  • Have you ever been seriously ill, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke?
  • Are you currently taking any prescription medicines?

Do you already have a life insurance policy? (if yes, With Whom?)

Possible Insurance Sales Objections

  • I already have an insurance cover
  • I am not interested
  • Let me discuss with my partner

If you need help in handling any of the above objections, let me know in the comment section. Also, I will give you a detailed rebuttal on any of these objections.

If you like the post, please do well to share with fellow professionals and let them gain insight. I believe this post has shown you how to create an insurance sales pitch. If you need further help, let me know.

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