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So after explaining how to card on Cash App, this post will then teach you how to open Cash App account in countries, like Canada, that do not support Cash App. I recently figured out that about 89% of people in non-supported countries have no idea how to open Cash App account, so I want to show my subscribers on Smart Lazy Hustler how to open this Cash App account from anywhere in the world.

The statistics are abysmal, and I’m forced to ensure everyone gains access to a Cash App Account. Opening Cash App account is just as tricky as opening a ‘payment receiving’ PayPal in unsupported countries. The reason is that several countries are not listed as supported countries, which is quite unfortunate.

Fortunately, there is a way out, and people have been using it to trade since time immemorial. Within a few minutes, I’m promising that you’ll have Cash App account ready after this brief article.

In becoming a G boy, you will get to the level of billing your clients successfully if you use my yahoo billing formats the right way. With the Cash App, it has provided a very simple way for you to collect money from clients without Western Union, Money Gram, or other shitty bank transfers.

How Does Cash App Work in Unsupported Countries

First, understand that Cash App is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform. You can use the platform to request, send, and receive money instantly. All you require is a debit card to send and receive money for spending. Simply link the Cash App to the preferred bank account, and you’re done.

‍perform some of the hustle methods. Therefore, it is imperative to create a Cash App account for yourself today.

Lest I forget, “a Cash App account can be used for bitcoin transactions.” Yes, you read that, right! As we progress, I’ll discuss more on the Cash App and bitcoin relationship.

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Does Cash App Work in All Countries?

Unfortunately, Cash App only supports the US and the UK at the moment. Nonetheless, you can open a Cash App account in unsupported countries, which is what I’ll soon expose to you.

Other than the UK and the US, several other top countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, France, China, etc. are not eligible for the Cash App account. In the same manner, top African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, etc. are not supported by Cash App.

Meanwhile, the Indians were the first to open a Cash App account successfully. The same method they use is the same method used by hustlers worldwide that understand what’s up.

Requirements for Cash App for Unsupported Countries


Regarding the fact that you can’t open the Cash App account in all countries, a VPN is required to bypass the limitations. The essence of the VPN is not to keep you anonymous, but to change the address of your IP to that of the US or the UK.

You may get a Tor browser or any trusted IP privacy service. In most cases, premium VPN service works better than a free version.

Set the location either to the UK or the US. I recommend the US because the UK account I have has some very annoying limitations. Besides, the Cash App was initially designed for US residents.

Cash App Application

You need the latest Cash App for your Android or iPhone. Be careful not to download a pirated copy. The problem is that pirated copies often contain viruses. For Android users, use the Play Store while iPhone users would use the Apple store. Do not open the app immediately after installing it without enabling the VPN.Easy guide on how to sign up

Debit card

Step 3 to link your debit card

If you have a way of getting a US debit card, perfect, otherwise, you’ll have to settle for only the bitcoin transactions. The simple reason is that you do not have a valid bank account in the US that would allow you to add the bank to the Cash App account.

How to Open Cash App Account for Any Country

Launch the Cash App Application or Visit the Website

There are two major ways to open Cash App account in countries that Cash App does not support. You may open a Cash App account via the Cash App website or with their application. For me, opening the account via the site is the best option. After opening with a browser, I would then login with the app to do whatever I have to do. Simply clear the cache and cookie files on the browser for the browser to refresh the connection.

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If you are using the app, make sure the VPN is connected. Besides, the platform won’t open if your VPN is not running.

Fill in the Required Details

Not many details are required to open Cash App account in countries like Canada, China, India, etc. So, the first thing is your email address. You may use any valid email address or phone number to proceed with Cash App account creation. A few seconds later, Cash App will send you an email or phone number notification containing a confirmation code.

Note: If you’re using a mobile number to sign up, it must be the US or a UK-based phone number. You can temporarily make a virtual phone number that does the job.

Upon confirmation, you’ll be asked to provide your debit card details. If you are the type of hustler with a US bank account, input your US debit card details to proceed. Skip the process if you have no US bank card details.

The chances of virtual bank details working are usually quite slim. Out of 20x of trials, I’ve only succeeded once. If you generate fake US bank details, you may be lucky to get verified, but the chance is slim, and it’s not recommendable.

Other details to provide:

  • Your full name.
  • $Cashtag.

Your $Cashtag is the name you’ll be using to send and receive money.

Enter your $Cashtag and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Finally, provide zip code, and that’s all. Search for the zip code or postal code of any region in the US or the UK. I recommend using that of the US, though.

How to Send Money with Cash AppEasy guide on how to sign up and

Sending money is quite easy on Cash App after linking a correct card to your Cash App account.

  • Use either the mobile app or browser to log into your account.
  • Input the amount of money you want to send.
  • Click Pay.
  • Input either the receiver’s email, mobile number, or $Cashtag.
  • Optionally describe the money you are sending out.
  • Click Pay.

They will notify the receiver at his end, and you can proceed with the hustles.

How to Request Money with Cash App

  • Go to the Cash
  • Input the amount you’re requesting.
  • Enter the $Cashtag, email, or mobile number of the person.
  • Click Request.

When money is sent to you, it will reflect in your notification center. You may then transfer the funds to your US bank account. From there, you can perform online shopping, share with loved ones, or save them.

In case you’re confused about how to withdraw money from Cash App, do the following:

  • Open Cash App and click My Cash.
  • Click Cash Out.
  • Enter the amount to cash out.
  • Select either the Standard or Instant mode to deposit money into your bank account.

The standard mode takes three days to credit your US account. The Instant method, on the other hand, will send the money immediately but will charge 25% of the money you’re transferring.

Money Limits on Cash App

While you are operating the basic Cash App account, you can only send $250 weekly. Moreover, you can’t receive more than $1,000 in a basic Cash App account. The moment you verify the account, which would be a bit tricky from unsupported countries, you’ll be able to send up $7,500 and receive an unlimited amount of money weekly.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Cash App

  • Open the Cash App and click BTC.
  • Select Buy.
  • Enter the Bitcoin amount and click Buy.
  • Enter your Cash Pin or Touch ID to proceed.

How to Send and Receive Bitcoin on Cash App

Before you follow the steps below, endeavor to verify by activating the withdrawal options. Usually, this may take some days, which is why you have to begin early in order not to delay a client sending in money.

Once the verification is successful, and the withdrawal option is enabled, follow the instructions below to send and receive bitcoin.

  • Open Cash App.
  • Click Withdraw Bitcoin.
  • Select Fund and click Bitcoin.
  • Return to Withdraw Bitcoin and input the amount of bitcoin.
  • Scan the QR code to add the recipient’s address. Alternatively, you can manually enter the recipient details.

Make sure to share your BTC address to clients who are about to spend cash on you.Easy guide on how to sign up and verify Cash App successfully

This is better when you’re carrying out any billing method. You can simply request for bitcoin from your client and get paid instantly with bitcoin. Don’t tell your client to send money because he/she already knows that Cash App works only in the US and the UK.

How to verify cash app to Increase Limit

Since it’s obvious that Cash App doesn’t work from many countries outside of the US and UK, VPN is used to route our IP to a foreign IP. Doing this allows you to successfully log into the Cash App platform and register, but you’d experience limitations because your account isn’t verified.

There are two stages of Cash App verification that allows you to maximize the application to the fullest. One of the first stages of verification is to allow you to have access to the platform, and that is called the primary verification, while the other is to be able to carry out cash transactions.

Download a VPN

I do recommend the Pure VPN, and you can easily get it almost for free using the link. One of the ways I get access to this VPN for my job is to subscribe to their FREE TRIAL. Once I subscribe to their free trial for 7 days, then I use it to do whatever I want to do, then I become a premium member if I like their service. So I recommend the PureVPN

Download the Cash App

At this time I assume you already have the Cash App on your phone, so this step doesn’t really need much of an explanation. But I suggest that your VPN be on before downloading the Cash App.

Log into Cash App

Before you log into the application, make sure that your VPN is correctly turned on and routed to the United States IP. Failure to do this, you won’t be allowed access to the Application.

The reason as earlier explained is that Cash App is only supported in the United States and the United Kingdom, so you’d experience issues if you are trying to gain access from another country.

Fill in your Details

Once you’ve successfully logged into the Cash App platform and registered [Make sure you register with the same details you’d use for the secondary verification], you’d be asked to confirm the account. A code is sent to your registered email which you need to input into your account and confirm it.

The next step would be to select your country’s bank – is it in the US or UK.

Input your name

Input your cash tag (The username of your Cash App)

Input your zip code (make sure it is matched to the country you are using. You can use 30312.)

Once you are done with all these, then you need to start the secondary verification.

Choose a mode of payment and verifyEasy guide on how to sign up and verify Cash App successfully

In most cases, I suggest you use bitcoin since it is a universal way of sending money without stress. So you’d be asked to verify your bitcoin payment method.

Click the Enable Withdrawal and Deposits

For this verification to happen, you’d need to fill in certain details like;

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  • Confirm your phone number, they will send you a code. You can see how to get a US phone number, I will leave a video.
  • Select the reason for using bitcoin
  • Your source of income
  • Employment status
  • Job title
  • Name of business
  • Confirm your full identity (For this step, please use the name on your SSN and input it there).
  • Date of birth
  • Then put in the last four digits of your SSN (I assume you have one, or you can buy).

If all the information you put out is correct, then you are good to go.Easy guide on how to sign up and verify Cash App successfully

Final Thought

Here is all regarding how to open a Cash App account in a foreign country. If you ever want to log into your Cash App account, make use of a VPN to conceal your IP address.

I recommend using bitcoin for any client you want to bill. If you use your US account, it will be easy for the bank activity to be traced. Within a few hours, you may lose the account. Bitcoin is better hidden and more anonymous, as you already know. Note that you can’t use a Nigerian credit card for Cash App.

Lastly, do not misuse the platform and do not carry out excessive transactions on Cash App. At least two purchases of about $500 are okay per week.

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