Yahoo accident scam format to bill your client in dating

Accident billing format

Hi fellaz, if you are into yahoo dating , then this accident format is one of the ways to bill your client.
Before you can use this format make sure you told the client that you already have a son or daughter (never forget) #Accident format

This is just the format that you will use to the client, if you want to read how to start yahoo dating work and how to bill your clients. #Accident format

Step to use Accident scam format to bill your client

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Below is the yahoo Accidnt billing format

Honey we have to pray very hard because our only Daughter is in a very critical condition. Her teacher just called me an emergency call that our daughter was going to a quiz compitition this morning that the bus driver ran straight and hitted a lorry that was coming from the other side of the road,that 6 student was among them going to same compitition that our Daughter was involved in an accident, that she was rushed to the nearest Hospital that three other student Died in the accident and that our Daughter michelle survived the accident with internal bleeding that she was rushed to a near by hospital,that the Doctor found out that michelle needs an urgent treatment that she also lost blood and that if they failed to treat her for the next 72hours that she will be totaly parellized and she will lost her senses. so right now she is in comma and if nothing is done between the next 72hours or she will DIE.The Doctor said that he needed 2500$ to start treatment for her teacher has looked around for 500$ that he had tried his best so i want you to help michelle with the remaining 2000$ within the next 72hours if not she will DIE.Honey please i can’t afford to lose my only Daugheter please..Am fustrated now sweetie.I need you so bad now my love.Honey below is the teachers informations, Please send the money through western union baby, ou are the only one i have to run to now baby #Accident format

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Step to use Accident scam format to bill your client

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Name: the teacher’s name
zipcode:234 #Accident format

Question: favourite coulor
Answer blue

Honey please do something, Am so worried right now…Hope to hear from you sweetie, Please do not turn me down.I also attached janie’s exray so you see how our daughter is right now. #Accident format

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