Western Union Carding (recent update)

Western Union Carding

What’s up , Hustler? So, I have seen lots of fake sites writing about the Western Union carding method for a while now. Fortunately for you, I will expose the secrets in carding Western Union successfully in this guide.

To card Western Union is easy; you need a Western Union account, CC Fullz, a VPN, spoofer, and sometimes, a voice changer for a successful Western Union carding.

Note, however, that it is illegal to card Western Union, but I understand how tempting it is to card one of the world’s largest money transfer industry.

Unlike the traditional carding methods such as Amazon carding, Wish.com carding, etc., carding Western Union is more convenient as you do not need a shipping address or a picker to complete the carding.

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In the sections below, you will discover the tools/requirements to card Western Union and also the latest carding steps for Western Union.

A Brief History of Western Union and Carding

Western Union was founded in 1851 to make money transfers convenient. Of course, the company has helped millions in the world, especially in the Western world to transact in the past without having feeling insecure about where the money is going.

In the early 90s, the popular schemes and money laundering took over the Western Union and thousands of illegal hustlers succeeded in moving dirty money to other countries without a trace. Since Western Union played a huge role as a platform for money laundering, since its inception, carders discovered the gold in Western Union to cashout from clients’ bank accounts using their CC.

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When Western Union started supporting electronic money transfer, money order, and wire transfer (wire -wire), carders picked interested in the company. It is, in fact, one of the best sites for the card, but that does not involve shipping any item.

Today, it is a global money transfer industry used legally and illegally, depending on what you intend to achieve.

I even wrote about cashing out bank logs with the Western Union, which I am certain you would be interested in. of course, thousands of hustlers are reading the guide currently.

With Western Union, after collecting bank details from a client, you can cashout their bank account instantly.

Requirements to Card Western UnionWestern Union Carding

In this section, I reveal the complete requirements you need to card the Western Union.

Below are the requirements for carding Western Union:

CC Fullz of Credit Card

If you do not have CC Fullz, you can hijack a credit card. Note, however, that it is also illegal to hijack another person’s credit card.

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I recommend buying CC Fullz because the vendor would be able to provide you with complete CC information.

A typical CC Fullz would contain SSN, DOB, MMN, etc.

But if you know the additional information of the person whose credit card you want to hijack, then you may hijack the credit card.

The CC or credit card should carry the following information:

  • Last Name:
  • First Name:
  • Middle Name:
  • Billing Address:
  • Country:
  • City:
  • State:
  • ZIP Code:
  • Phone Number:
  • CVV:
  • Card Type:
  • Card Number:
  • Exp. Date:
  • Card Name:
  • Mother Maiden Name:
  • SSN:
  • DOB:

Of course, you will require the information above, especially when you have to answer the phone call from Western Union for identity confirmation.

Socks or VPN

Since Western Union requires electronic carding like every carding method, you need software for hiding your IP. If you would be using a PC and Firefox browser, get Socks (Socks 4 or Socks 5) and search how to set up Socks online.

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Typically, I use a VPN, but my VPN is a premium version. If you use a free VPN, I cannot guarantee the anonymity of your IP.

A report has it that the Western Union collects the IP of VPNs to help them detect fraudulent money transfers.

So, get to use Socks or a premium VPN. If you can dare to use a free VPN, I wish you good luck.

Voice Changer

If the CC is owned by a female and you are a male, you need a voice changer to change your voice.

Simply, search for a voice changer app or software online to fix the problem. You can also read my article on Video cloning software and voice changer with your client

Call Spoofer or Forwarding Service

If you want to be a bit realistic, get a call spoofer. A call spoofer makes it possible for you to call Western Union and provide information on your money order so that they would not be suspicious of the transaction.

Since your mobile number is different from the number registered on the CC, the Western Union becomes suspicious, which is where the call spoofer comes in.

Internet Phone Service

Instead of using a spoofer and call forwarding, you can use an internet phone service such as Skype.

You may use the anonymous caller feature on Skype. Go to the Manage Features section and click Caller ID.

If you do not find the link to deactivate the ID, go to the Caller Identification settings. Click Deactivate Caller ID and your number will not be displayed when you call Western Union.

Alternatively, you can forward the number on the CC to your number. When Western Union Calls the number on the CC, the call arrives in your number.

Western Union Account

You can either get a hacked Western Union account or create a new account that you add CC Fullz or complete credit card information.

If you use a hacked Western Union account, it makes the transaction easier because the Western Union will not suspect the account much since it has been used for transactions recently.

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If you use a self-created Western account, it will likely go through a careful assessment by the officials in the Western Union.

Regardless of the Western Union account (hacked with logs or new account) you would be using, make sure to know the CC details.

How to Card Western Union Successfully

In this section, I disclose the latest Western Union carding guide you need to card money instantly.

Sincerely, you will not find a Western Union carding tutorial compared to what I am giving you for free. Most of the carding sites expect you to pay a few hundred dollars for them to card for you or better still, elope with your CC or card details.

Below are the steps regarding the Western Union carding method:

1 Get a CC or Credit Card with Full Details

Typically, you need the UK or a US CC. If you cannot buy a CC online, consider phishing a client for their CC. I recommend phishing an older client, especially with yahoo methods such as FBI format, dating billing, grant format, military format, etc.

If you have the card, below is the information you require:

  • Credit Card Number:
  • Card Type: (Credit or debit)
  • Card Name:
  • Exp. Date:
  • Cvv2 or CVV:

Make sure to have the name of the bank. Otherwise, check the BIN list.

2 Change Proxy to Address on Card/CC

You have to change the proxy to the proxy of the location of the CC or credit card. For example, if the CC is for the US bank, and the state is Washington, you must change your proxy to Washington.

If you are using a VPN, change the country to the US or the UK, depending on the location the credit card was registered to. In this manner, when you access the Western Union account, the site will not detect an IP different from the card location.

3 Visit the Western Union Website

After setting up a proxy to match the location of the card, navigate to the Western Union website.

When the website detects the US or a UK IP, it will redirect you to the US webpage. If you are not redirected, select the US on the website.

4 Enter ZIP Code

The Western Union website will request eth ZIP code, enter the ZIP code that matches the CC or credit card. Normally, you should find the option on the right side of the webpage.

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You may have to enter the following details (if required) as it matches your CC.

  • Last Name:
  • First Name:
  • Middle Name:
  • Spouse Name:
  • Father Name:
  • Billing Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Country:
  • Phone Number:

Make no mistake while entering the ZIP code because a mistake in the number could refer to a different postal address.

If you are entering an amount of money to transfer, do not exceed $100 and select the country you want to send the money to (your country).

5 Set the Options as Below

When a new webpage opens on the website, you will be asked to set up some options, which you are to set up as shown below:

Online » Credit Card » Minute to Minute » Pay to Agent.

After you select the options, as shown above, Western Union will provide the estimated fees.

6 Register

Provide the information on the card. Below is the required information:

  • Last Name:
  • First Name:
  • Middle Name:
  • Spouse Name:
  • Father Name:
  • Billing Address:
  • Country:
  • City:
  • State:
  • ZIP Code:
  • Phone Number: (must match the country)

7 Confirm Email ID

After entering the information above, the website will request email verification. Provide an email ID, username, and password and click Continue.

Next, enter the name of the receiver and state. Enter the name of your country and click Continue.

Finally, enter the Security Question and Answer and click Continue.

After you complete the registration, the website will display a preview of your profile settings and information. Click Okay if you entered the information correctly.

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You will receive a congratulatory message from Western union with your MTCN (10-digit number).

Common Western Union Carding Problems and Solutions

Account Verification Problem

The Western Union will likely ask for account verification when you attempt to transfer more than $100.

The solution is to complete the card holder’s information from the Fullz. The requirements for the verification of the account would include SSN, previous address, DOB, mother’s maiden name, your middle name, the bank that issued the credit card, etc.

If you do not have the information to verify that you own the account, a website like pipl.com

ID Verification Problem

The Western Union will ask you to verify your identity. You can bypass the ID verification by downloading and editing a free ID template online.

If the CC has the US details, then you must download the ID applicable in the US to pass the verification. Simple, edit the details, including the photo of the CC owner, to match the CC Fullz and you will be verified.

However, if the Western Union website redirects you to the bank that the CC is registered on, enter your security code and it will bypass the ID verification.

Best Banks for Western Union Carding

  • Bank of America
  • Chase Bank
  • Lloyds Bank
  • TD Bank
  • PNC Bank

Call Forwarding Links

Below are useful links to call forwarding services:






  • When Western Union calls you, do not answer the phone so that you can call them back using call spoofing.
  • Use a voice changer software if your gender is different from the gender registered on the CC. For example, if the CC has a female owner, you need a voice changer to speak like a female if you are a male.

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