How to find a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

Finding a Sugar Daddy on

Have you ever considering looking for a sugar daddy on Craigslist? In fact, that’s a very creative idea because we already know some sugar babies who have found their ideal sugar daddies on Craigslist. Now we are going to share their wisdom with you.

Sugar Daddy to Scam on Craigslist

So this post is focused on how to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist as fast as possible. If you need money for something urgent, a sugar daddy Craigslist can help you solve that problem immediately.
This post was written by Rita Halls (A professional Sugar Baby for over 7 years)
To find a sugar daddy on Craigslist isn’t a walk in the park; you may end up hooking with an awful daddy. To get a sugar daddy without going online is difficult on its own. Searching on Craigslist will only help to simplify the process.
A sugar daddy is the most caring personality you’d ever meet. While some are promiscuous, others are not, and it’s your responsibility to figure out his romantic attitude. Moreover, a sugar daddy is a man who can afford your happiness and further fulfill your sexual desires.

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Need I mention “money”? Girl, I own fleets of cars, and none is of my bank account. It entails how much money I make hooking up with sugar daddies on Craigslist.
Right now, I’ll disclose the secrets regarding how to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist. Trust me; if you’re attentive enough to this guide, a few hours from now, daddies will come knocking!

How to Get a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

Design a True and Contagious Profile
I like to be real, and I advise others to try and stay real always. Your Craigslist profile says a lot about you; it is what gives a sugar daddy the impression of you. I own three Craigslist accounts, and each has an experimental purpose. I’ll use all three profiles to illustrate why an original profile is most contagious any day at any time on Craigslist.

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First Profile

False Info: This profile is fake and does not disclose the truth about me. It describes even what I don’t have and guess what? Whenever I hook up with a sugar daddy, I’m unable to defend my identity. This profile fetches money from sugar daddies, no doubt, but it only contributes to 10% of my Craigslist income. Ads I place with this account attract sugar daddies but get reported pretty fast. Do you know what that means? Craigslist takes the ads down!

Second Profile

Semi-False Info: The funny thing about this profile is that I pose as a ‘sweet 16’ whereas I’m in my 20s. Regarding how to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist, this profile is only 50% ethical and barely boosts earnings. It fetches just 5% more revenues than the first profile. Only 50% of the ads I place go through.

Third Profile

Here is the catchy profile that does all the black jobs. It is real, and Craigslist accepts 100% of the ads I place with this profile. I am also able to defend my identity without using photo filters.
Just as you’re thinking, this profile buys me the fleets of cars I earlier mentioned. In essence, be real, and a sugar daddy will come.
Understand Craigslist
It shouldn’t end at learning how to find a sugar daddy on Craigslist; try to understand the rules governing the platform. Most persons downplay the relevance of Terms and Conditions on not just Craigslist, but other platforms. I’m guilty, no doubt, but I often employ measures to understand better such platforms.

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Craigslist isn’t much of a dating community; it is more of a business advertisement platform. However, the community permits its users to find ‘love’ but in a strict manner. Trust me; you wouldn’t just sign up to Craigslist and begin sending love cards across; nope, it doesn’t work that way. You’re risking a ban or worse still, getting into the arms of a cunning scammer.
Today, ask yourself what Craigslist is all about. The moment you understand Craigslist is the beginning of success in your search for a sugar daddy.

Be Strategic with Ads Placement

What makes Craigslist a unique community is that you can advertise your beautiful self for free. But you have to know about placing ADs on Craigslist, and understand the process. In most cases, I wouldn’t mind if ads become paid for two reasons:

2021 How to find  a Sugar Daddy to Scam on Craigslist
  • It’ll deter 69% of scammers impersonating authentic sugar daddies.
  • An excellent way to give back to the community.

Placing a personal ad on Craigslist is free, so you should totally try it. Better still, only local sugar daddies will see your ad. Are you ready to do it today?

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