How to use Bank logs method {updated}

Bank logs cash out method

What’s up , hustler? I bet you do not know how to cashout bank logs. Why am I so confident that you don’t? After months of searching for answers, I figured out the internet contains too much misleading information on cashing out bank logs. Never mind, this isn’t bank fraud, you are just being smart.

Before my discovery, I spent a total of $3,000 to buy guides and get in touch with some bankers. At some point, I figured out I was the only person with an understanding of how bank logs work and the mode of cashing out.

The good thing is that you can use this idea to do good or bad. Since life is a matter of choice, it depends on you. So, I figured out that with bank logins, you can cashout from anybody’s bank and it prompted me to want to know more about bank logs and ethical hustlers.

As a hustler, I understand that you want to withdraw cash from your client’s bank. The problem lies in the difficulty to collect bank logs from your client. But you can see the procedure to collect bank logs from your client. Then with this method, you can easily use their account to send money anywhere you want.

In the sections below, I introduce you to the various methods of how to cashout bank logs:Bank logs cash out method

Requirements to CashOut Bank Logs to Western Union

To cash out a bank account to Western Union, below are the requirements:

  • The bank account of your client (victim)
  • Fake ID
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • DOB
  • com
  • Socks 4 or Socks 5
  • Dummy email
  • Disposable phone number

Note: I will not include the links to the tools above. Search online or request URLs via comments.

How to Cashout Bank Logs to Another Account

Now, you will use the bank account of your client to send the Western Union.

Below are the steps to follow:

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Get Login Credentials for a Bank Account

You can buy a bank account and its login credentials online from the dark web or any carding forum.

Typically, carders buy Wells Fargo but whatever bank account you use does not matter.

Enable Socks and make sure it is between 5 and 10 miles of the person’s bank account you want to log in. Also, note that you will log in just once.

When you log in to the account successfully, collect the routing and bank account number. Navigate to Account Services » Statements and Documents for the account and routing number.

To monitor the deposits made to the bank account of your client, set up You can also monitor the micro deposit Western Union if you decide to verify the account manually.

In this manner, you do not have to log in to the account for a second or a third time and make the owner suspicious.

Before you log out of the account, have the following account details in handy:

  • Bank account number
  • Bank account login credentials
  • SSN
  • Routing number (last 4 digits)
  • Residential address

Sign Up and Send the Money

Now that you have the login credentials and other account information, navigate to

On the registration page requesting sender details, use the information you obtained from the account such as the name and address. The website will also a phone number for verification and you are to use a disposable or burner phone number. You may google online for a burner phone number that matches the location of the bank account.

You may also use Talkaton, Dingtone, or Google voice to set up multiple phone numbers for use.

Note: The phone number that you are using should be such that can place outgoing calls.

Create a Dummy Email

Typically, I have a centralized dummy Gmail account that I use whenever I want to cash out bank logs.

You will need another email account that can forward all emails to the dummy Gmail account as I do. In this manner, I do not have to log in to the account multiple times.

Add the Bank to Send Funds Manually

You have to add the bank account with the 2 micro-deposits manually and it should take between 1 and 3 days to complete.

Look out for deposits to the bank account using and when you spot deposits, open the Western Union and enter the deposits. Choose the amount to send and the person’s bank account to send to.

Note, however, that Western Union does not allow you to send more than$2,999 to another person’s ban account for pickup.

So, you have to stay below the limit to avoid being suspected. I transfer usually between $2,000 and $2,700. Some of my accounts have about $15,000, so it is no big deal.

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Send the Funds

When I send the money, I include a test question to secure the transfer. Of course, I inform the person receiving the money about the test question.

Typically, money transfers complete within 2-3 days and the beneficiary can pick up the money in the early morning. Of course, Western Union will notify you when the money will be ready for you to pick up.

What to Note

To make this method concrete, below are the things I do:

After completing the transaction, collect your Money Control Transfer Number (MCTN) and call Western Union. You are wondering why right? After you run a fraud like this, you should find out a couple of things. Typically, fraudsters will hide immediately behind their VPNs and computers, but I do not think it is smart immediately after an operation.

You will call Western Union and inform them that you transferred a certain amount of money to someone. To show Western Union that you are in a haste, disclose the bank details to them during the phone call even though they advise against revealing personal information.

Such information you will provide include DOB and the full SSN associated with the account.

The person you are telling them that you are making a transfer to typically should be someone very close to you like a family, a colleague at work, or a dear friend.

If you do not have a convincing story to tell, you may use my sample story.

A Sample Bank Log Cashout Conversation with a Bank

My name is Mike Bush and I recently sent come money using my bank account to a niece of mine in California. My MTCN is ********** and the purpose of my call is to find out whether there is any more information you require from me.

Do you need my complete SSN or my DOB? You may request any information from me now because I want you to hasten the money transfer. My dearest niece is hoping for me and I have promised him that they will receive the money in no time. Kindly see to it that there is no delay.

It is my first time sending money via Western Union and I want to be certain that I am making the transfers the right way.

Yes, the bank account I used is mine. When should my niece expect the money in California? Alright, thank you.

I just want to be sure that I am making the right moves because the family needs the money to keep up after the death of their father, my brother.

Pardon me if I deviated slightly from our official conversation, but do anything to speed up the money for me. Do you need a bit of time? No problem, but do guarantee me it will be ready soonest. Thank you for having me.

Above is the conversation I put up with Western Union. I hope you understand the message I am trying to communicate.

I simply put myself in a new character to convince the company to hasten the transfers.

Typically, when any amount of money is sent, it goes through the fraud detection protocol, and their fraud filter sets in. When the official that assesses the transfer is suspicious, they will cancel the transfer.

Because I called them to explain the urgency of the money, they will endure that the transfer moves smoothly without delays.

If anything goes wrong, the representative I spoke with will notify them that I called in to confirm the money and that I even provided the account details voluntarily and that the transfer is legitimate.

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Accept the Transfer

You can accept the money transfer under the name of a fake ID. To withdraw the money, you need to give them information such as a name, Money Control Transfer Number (MTCN), and an answer to the test question. With Western Union, however, you do not require an ID to pick the money.

Usually, I inform them that I lost my wallet and they will overlook the problem. Besides, what they need are the MTCN and the answer to the test question to verify the pickup. Within 5 minutes, you should be out bf of the building with the money.

Park Your Car Around the Exit Corner

Usually, when I arrive to pick up the money, I park my car somewhere around the exit corner and away from the hidden cameras.

The distance between where I park my car and the Western Union building could be 2-3 minutes-walk. I also make sure that the Western Union is located about 21-35 miles away from my home.

There are instances when I drive nearly 2 hours to the next state to pick wire transfers. Of course, the distance and gas I burn are worth it because I made $5,900 in a day.

The exciting thing is that I would not be returning to the state any time soon if at all I will go back there.

The reason why I go through steps is to be safe from any tracking agency and it is important for me because it keeps me out of jail to hustle another day.

If you do not want to pick up the money from the store, transfer the money to a bank account; follow the same steps. The difference, however, is that you need the account and routing number of your bank drop.

Unlike Venmo that cancels anything related to a bank account, you won’t face the issue with Western Union.

Do this as many times as you can and make use of a different identity each time out.

Advantages of the Western Union Bank Log Cashout

Below are the reasons why I like this method:

a. It is Anonymous

When you send money with this method, it does not come out of the bank account until you receive the money. The money is hidden even until it is too late for spies to do anything about the transfer.

b. ACH Transfer

This method is an ACH transfer. It means that one bank (Western Union in our case) withdraws from another bank (our fullz) directly. Typically, this form of transfer takes place when you deposit in a check you received from someone.

The transfer will not be blocked because they are secure, even more than a debit card that can go missing easily.

Also, an ACH transfer is hardly declined, especially if there are funds in the account. A debit card purchase for $2,000 could be declined easily because of a suspicious activity or low limit.

c. You Are Sending Money to the State

When you send money using this method, you are sending the money to the beneficiary account in the states and not a particular Western Union branch. So, if the police had plans to bust you, it would be impossible unless they spare the energy to pay a visit to the entire Wester Unions in the state.

Of course, they are unaware which Western Union you would be picking up the money, which is impossible. The police are never going to trace you by the way. I am merely addressing this issue in case it bothers you.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do not appear suspicious when you go to pick up the money.

The money pickup location should be at least 21-35 miles from your home.

Park somewhere along the street in a place you do not suspect to have hidden cameras. It should take at least 2 minutes to walk from your car to the pickup building.

Never reveal your identity and do not use your ID.

The conversation you begin with the staff must be a conversation you can keep up with and it should not concern the money you want to pick up. It could be politics and about the current state of affairs to keep the staff from being focused.


Now you’ve known how to cashout bank logs, it is clear that you don’t misuse the knowledge and avoid getting caught. Every information here is educational, and you are on your own.

If you have questions, let me know using the comment section.

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