Paypal carding method tutorial 2021

PayPal Carding

What’s up , Hustler? Today, I will expose all you should know about the  way to Card PayPal, which is called PayPal carding method.PayPal Carding

As you already know, PayPal is an electronic mobile wallet for making instant payments. The good news is that it is easy to card PayPal either by buying an account or creating a new account.

Anybody can card PayPal, including you, and you do not require professional carding skills to card PayPal for money. Just like Cash App Carding, once you follow these steps, it becomes very easy.

To card PayPal, make sure you get a life CC, Socks (preferably Socks 5), a fake email address, and then cash out.

In the sections below, I expose the steps to card PayPal successfully.

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Note: I will disclose 2 methods for carding PayPal.

Requirements to Card PäyPal

Before are requirements for carding PayPal:

  • Live PayPal CC

Of course, you need a live PayPal CC with complete billing information. If your PayPal CC is dead, no need to card.

You can check whether your PayPal CC is live by opening a premium account on to see whether it connects.

Or, go to and sign up with the card. If the sign-up is successful, CC is live. The only thing you will have difficulty knowing is the PayPal CC balance if you do not have access to the PayPal account.

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  • Socks5

I have not tried using Socks 4, so I am recommending Socks 5. Note that when you are enabling Socks, the proxy must be the same as the city+state of the CC. So, the PayPal CC vendor should tell you the state or it will be included in the CC if it is fullz.

If you do not know how to set up Socks, use a premium VPN. I believe that Amazon and PayPal have started collecting and blacklisting the IPs from VPNs. Sign up for a powerful VPN instead of a free VPN.

  • Fake Email Address

To card PayPal, you need an email address that matches with the PayPal CC name.
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You may use any email service such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. I use Gmail a lot because they make sender IP anonymous.

You may sign up for Proton or Hotmail; they are trusted.

So, if the PayPal CC or PayPal account name is Dollar mind, the email address you are creating must be something like

Since this method involves Amazon, the essence of making the email name match with PayPal CC is to make the account pass the Amazon buyer review.

PayPal Carding, Transfer, and Cash-out methods

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PayPal Carding Method 1:

Typically, you cannot pay on Amazon with a PayPal account directly. But with the PayPal Cash Card and PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, you can card Amazon.

Below are the steps regarding the PayPal carding method:

  • Create Account on Amazon
  • Cart Items
  • Logout and Login
  • Checkout and Receive Item

Create Account on Amazon

You do not have to buy an Amazon account. Go to and create an account using the billing information on the PayPal CC.

Note: Set Socks proxy to the city of the CC. If you are using a premium VPN, set the IP to the city of the CC. For example, if the CC address in Florida, your VPN must point to Florida. It also allows you to become anonymous, while doing your job.

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Also, use the email address that matches with the PayPal CC name to create the Amazon account.

Cart Items

After opening an Amazon account, I assume that you added the CC details to the account while signing up.

The security of Amazon is quite thorough and you must be extremely careful to avoid being flagged.

Note that when you place an order with a new card for the first time, Amazon reviews the card. But if the PayPal CC has been used some time ago on Amazon, it will not be reviewed.

To convince Amazon that you are a real buyer, add items to cart and spend some time looking at items.

Typically, I cart items below $100 but I always order for an item below $70 to stay below the radar.

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Logout and Login

After adding the items to the cart, log out of the Amazon account. If you want to card faster, return to the account after 6 hours.

If you can spare 24 hours, that is cool. But when you want to login to the Amazon account, enable Socks and be sure it matches the billing address.

Checkout and Receive Item

When you sign in again after some hours, check out the item and it will ship to the location of the PayPal CC.

Do not exceed $90 to avoid being suspected.

Since it may be the first time the PayPal CC is used on Amazon, the account will be reviewed and if it is successful, you can check out over $100 next time.

PayPal Carding Method 2:

Requirements to Card PayPal

Under this method, below are requirements to card PayPal:

  • Live PayPal account with balance and cookies
  • Live non-VBV CC
  • Multi-Account
  • CC Cleaner
  • Socks

Note: This method does not require an Amazon account.

Below are steps to card PayPal account:

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Buy a PayPal Account

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You need a hacked PayPal account from the dark web with cookies.

Before you login, connect the account using cookies to prevent 2FA  (Two-Factor Authentication).

Get Multi-Account

To card the PayPal account you purchased online, you need Multi-Account to change the user agent or remove the fingerprint verification.

Add CC to PayPal

Login to the PayPal account and connect your CC. You can add your CC by navigating to your PayPal account.

Click the Wallet link and click Link a Credit or Debit Card. Click either Credit or Debit Card and enter your CC information.

The required CC information include:

  • CC number
    • CC type
    • Billing address
    • CVV
    • Expiry date

Make a Donation Button

After you add your CC to the PayPal account, make a donation button on the account you intend to cashout. Now, pay with the hacked PayPal account that you purchased.


Note that for both methods in this article, you must use the right BIN; otherwise, the payment will be declined.

Other reasons the carding will not work include, dead CC, verified CC, and flagged carding.


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