How to use inheritance format for yahoo-yahoo scam 2022

Inheritance Format

For those looking for the inheritance format for Yahoo, this post will explain how to use and download the inheritance format for clients. The truth is that the inheritance format for clients is almost cast – because the white clients have gotten used to the format.

But if you read this post, you will see a new dimension that I will give you to follow. There are so many websites that have cast this format so that it might be difficult for you.

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So for the inheritance format for Yahoo, you will have to see the steps below and follow it very well.

How to use the Inheritance Format for Yahoo to Bill Clients

Any mistake you make with this inheritance format will cast it for you. So you have to be careful using this yahoo format. So these are the steps to make your inheritance format look genuine.

Know About your Client

You should at least know the name of the client you want to contact. When some G-boys are sending out their format, they will put something like “Hi Friend.”

If you do something like that, the client will know that you are a scam and it isn’t real. You have to be smart and not bombing clients with generic emails.

You have to make it a targeted email that contains the client’s name and a little bit about the client. Once you know all these, the email would look excellent and believable. A perfect example is;

“Hello, Mr. Ricky,

My name is Frederick Lindbergh and I am …”

The other ones would contain additional details that I will discuss below.

Pretend to Be a Lawyer or Bank

This time around, you have to pretend to be a law firm or an insider in a bank – especially a bank manager.

The reason is that most people save their investments with their lawyer, in a bank. So it is easy to believe that they have access to this kind of information that happens to be a significant investment package from a dead relative.

I prefer you to use a law firm because it makes it more believable. So as a lawyer, you are looking for someone you can collaborate with to clear the investment. An example is;

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“Hello Robert,

My name is David Jones, an expert in corporate and legal claims; I am a senior partner at AA Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law AA”

Do you see how sweet the message is becoming? You will soon know the outcome to become one of the best formats for yahoo.

Tell them the Reason for the Email/Message/Call.

If you send this inheritance format to their inbox, Yahoo mail or Gmail will flag it as spam and delete the email. So I will show you a new strategy in this post. Make sure you follow the plan. So you can tell the client.

#inheritance format

Fake bank cheque

“The reason for the message is that I just discovered a document that contains several inheritances of someone dead.

The last name of the dead owner is the same as yours. He claims to have a child abroad – of which you are also white. All of these is making me seek for someone who has all these, and you are a perfect match.

My senior partners are secretly reaching out to people who would help them claim the inheritance worth millions of dollars – approximately Five Million Dollars.

I am also reaching out to people, too; that is why I have contacted you. So if you are interested, quickly should get in touch with me as soon as possible for more information, a deal and sharing formula.”

Have a Legit Letterhead Stamp

Not having an impressive letterhead is one mistake most G-boys make when trying to use the inheritance format to bill clients. The send out documents and emails without letterheads that match the company they claim to be working for at that moment!!

Make sure you have a fake letterhead of the company or bank you are impersonating. It will help convince them that you are real and won’t start asking further questions.

Prepare all the documents to send to the Client

Most yahoo boys bomb clients with the inheritance format for Yahoo and don’t get a response back. The reason is that they already know the documents are fake and won’t believe you.

Forged document

Most of the clients would ask you for proofs, so you need to have all these documents ready and on hand. These documents should be able to convince any client that the stories you are telling them are real and authentic.

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Some of the documents you should have included;

  • Bank statements of the dead owner
  • His birth certificates
  • Death certificate
  • The request for sale of properties if next of kin doesn’t show up.

Connect with your Other G-Guys #inheritance format

Only you cannot run this format in case your client wants to speak to another banker or a tax agent to cut this deal.

As a sharp man, you should also have your tax agents and bankers to help you negotiate a deal. Involving all these people will show the client that you are real.

Some of them will request for a Skype calls and all, make sure you have an office you can use to pull this inheritance format scam and make it look legit.


Ask for their Identities once they Show Interest

Once you have gotten a client that shows interest in your inheritance format, the next step is to ask them to provide their identity documents like;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Details
  • Social Security Numbers

Having all of these can even allow you to take money away from their banks – but I will show you that for another day.

Asking for all these will make the client believe that you are serious and you mean business. They will understand you further.

Bill the Client Small by Small

After you got an interested client, they start waiting to see if you will ask them for money. That is their way of checking if you are a scammer or not.


But I know a way to make sure that they pay you. I will show you the steps;

  • Inform the client that they asked you to make payments to see the original documents of the inheritance. Tell your client the price but assure him that you have paid for it already.
  • Ask your client for a digital passport to allow your insider banker insert his face as the next of kin.
  • Tell the client that the insider is asking for a certain amount of money – like $500 (Billing 1)
  • Along the line, tell him that they need a total sum of $2000 for your law firm to win the contract of processing the document. Let the client know that you have paid half the amount, and he needs to complete the other half.

Small by small, you can keep bringing up other ideas to bill the client as time goes on. That is the way to use the inheritance format for Yahoo.

Tools you need for the Inheritance Format Scam

These are the tools that will enable you to complete your inheritance scam successfully.

Email Blaster

If you are going to reach your client via email, then you need an email blaster tool. You can download some online.

Photoshop Documents

Either you design them yourself, or you meet a graphics designer to help you achieve the design. You must create logos, letterhead, stamps, etc.

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Inheritance PDF format

The inheritance format PDF is the sample of the inheritance format. You can download the sample from this link. Please make sure you edit this sample, so many people will also be downloading.

Functional Laptop

This laptop will enable you to make your Skype calls, create professional emails, etc. Just any other thing like I have explained up there to bill your clients with inheritance format.

PayPal Account

PayPal is where all the money will be going to once your client starts paying. You will need to have it ASAP.

Where to Get Clients for the Inheritance Format Scam

There are so many places to get clients for the inheritance format for Yahoo. I suggest the following sites;

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Groups
  • Send them via Emails (You can get emails from the Facebook group).


Okay, guys; that is all for the inheritance format for yahoo scam. If you have questions that you want to ask, please do using the comment section. I have given you a link to download the inheritance format PDF; so don’t ask me for download again.

Thank you, keep hustling, and make sure you stay safe. Scam wisely

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