How to create fake social media accounts-Facebook,IG etc

How to create fake social media accounts-Facebook,IG etc

Basically, in this guide, I will be showing you how to make a fake profile and let it look real. In most cases as a hustler, you’d want to create a fake profile for several purposes, but you don’t really know how to pad up the fake profile and make it look like a real one.

My Fake account on FacebookFacebook, Twitter and Instagram:Making your fake account to look real

No matter where you want to create this profile, these steps can be applied just on any social media site or even a dating site. When trying to use a fake profile on a popular site like Facebook, you can learn how to create a fake Facebook profile without getting blocked.

Some of these dating sites, social media sites lookout for fake profiles and eliminate them. So I will show you how to make a fake profile, and still make it appear real to anyone who views your profile.

Maybe you are trying to become anonymous online, it is also imperative to learn how to create a profile that wouldn’t get traced directly to you. This is to be safe just perhaps something happens to the profile.

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How to Make a Fake account?

Choose a Gender

This is the most important step if you are looking to make a fake profile. You must decide on which gender you’d love to pose around with. If you are using if for some illegal stuff, then you should know which of the formats would suit your needs better.

Opening a profile without setting a gender will definitely make the profile appear robotic. From experience, I would say that setting your gender to be female would give you a greater advantage.

Choose a Real Name

While setting up a fake profile, make sure you choose real names. It is very essential to making your fake profile look believable. If you want to pretend that you are from another country, make sure you research popular names in that country and use it as a real name.

It is essential that your name contains just alphabets; combining it with numbers might make it confusing for people to cram and remember.

Also, avoid popular television names like Angelina Jolie, Nicholas smith.” Names like this will make it obvious that your profile isn’t genuine and no one would believe you. So if you want to make a fake profile, use real names while setting up your profile.

Upload a “Real” Photo

Now, this is the most technical part while trying to make a fake profile look real. Since you don’t want to expose your face, you’d still need to put a “real picture” on your profile.

Upload Image Request

One of the ways to put an unknown picture on your profile so that people would imagine it to be you are to go sourcing for “non-indexed” pictures.

Non-indexed pictures are pictures that can’t be found on Google when the reverse searched tool has been used.

If you use the picture of a beautiful girl, many users on the platform where you use your fake profile would want to burst you. The first thing they do is make use of the Google image reverse tool to dig out where you got the picture from.

So I advise you to go to an App like Instagram or low-key dating apps and find photos of existing users there and use them.

Google doesn’t index images in applications – so you can’t be exposed by anybody. This will further improve your credibility.

Fill out your profile completely

The next thing you would want to do after uploading an image is to take time and fill out your profile. Here is the trick behind the whole stuff; people always assume that fake profiles aren’t detailed. So being an exception to the rule makes your own fake profile believable.

So why trying to make a fake profile look real, take time to answer all the questions and fill out every single detail available.

This wouldn’t just improve your credibility, it would also make other users not to question your profile.

Contribute to the platform

Whether a forum, website, dating platform, Facebook, Instagram, or any platform out there, the key to making a fake profile look real is by contributing positively to the discussion, activities, or any form of action taken there.

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Before you start bombing the users or carrying out your original plan of making a fake profile, you must buy the trust of users on the platform.

Contribute, share ideas, and then strike. Whatever was your ideas behind the fake profile, it would surely work with these tips I shared right here.

Avoid Spam

If you are sending out messages to other users of your platform, make sure you don’t spam them. If you engage in spammy activities, the others would suspect you and report your profile. Reporting your profile might lead to a ban or termination of your account.

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Please make sure you send messages to other users little by little and always sit back for a while to monitor progress.

Disclaimer: Dollar mind is not in any way promoting or encouraging any form of cybercrime( internet scam) rather, to inform and educate.You’re responsible for the consequence of indulging in this format carelessly.

It worked for me; definitely, I know it would also work for you. Feel free and try the above tricks I listed. If it worked for you, please let me know using the comment section.

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