How to create a fake Facebook account without being blocked

know how to create a strong Facebook account without been blockedHow to create a fake Facebook account

Facebook account

Creating a facebook account that does not get blocked is one of the major problems Yahoo boys and girls face these days.

It is so because Facebook has updated its system to be able to detect not only spurious and fraudulent activities but profiles as well.

This has made the yahoo hustle a lot difficult.

In this post you will be shown how to properly create a fake Facebook account that looks so real, and also how to maintain it and stop facebook from blocking the account.

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  • Use a real person’s name.
  • Fill out all your profile information.
  • Look for and use a ‘real’ fake profile picture.
  • Do not upload too many pictures all at once when your profile is still new.
  • Do not add anyone as a friend for the past one week.

1. Use A Real Person’s Name: Some people make the error of using very strange names on Facebook. With the recent upgrade and update in the system it has become very easy to spot fake accounts. People tend to mix up names in very funny patterns that even a toddler will be able to tell that the name and profile is fake.

Solution to this problem: Before choosing a name do some research. Don’t just merge two words together and then okay it thinking that because it sounds good it is good.

You can even try my technique. If you want a Spanish name use the FB search and look for any Spanish group. View the group members, pick one person and use the person’s name. It is not a crime for more than one person to bear the same name on fb, is it?

2. Fill Out All Your Profile Information: Make you give fb a complete profile information without errors. This will convince them that you are the legit owner of the account.

As an intending yahoo boy or yahoo girl filling out your complete details on fb will even make your clients trust you the more. Whites are very particular about profile information and having a duly filled profile will give you a headstart to other yahoo yahoo boys out there.

Solution To This Problem; Fill out your profile info. It makes your account seem legit.

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3. Look For And Use A Real Fake Profile Picture in the Facebook account

Don’t you ever think you can get away with using just anybody’s pictures. Use a really obscure picture of a particular person.

On one of my fb account i use a pretty lady’s picture. Where I got the pictures of this lady is just unbelievable. From now till thy kingdom come Mark Zuckerberg will never be able to block my account.

I have more than 40 images of the girl and I upload her pics from time to time to keep the profile looking real and also to entice clients.

Solution: Make sure you get a good picture. When you pick a person whose photos you want to use, do a little search on facebook to see if the person’s pictures have already been used by many people. If it has, pick another person. Otherwise go ahead and use it.

4. Do Not Upload Too Many Pictures All At Once When Your Profile Is Still New: Most Gee boys and Gee girls just want to use the fast lane and end up blowing their accounts.

Do not upload too many photos during the first 5 days of creating your account. As a matter of fact, let your profile picture be the only picture on your account for a week plus. After that begin to upload pictures gradually, never rushing the uploads and never uploading more than one photo per day for about 1 month. Keep a low profile to avoid Zuckerberg” eagle eyes.

Solution: Do not be in a haste. Keep uploading photos one by one until your account has scaled the verification level successfully.

Facebook account

5. Do Not Add Anyone As A Friend For The Past One Week: This is the mistake most people make. Trust me, I’m also guilty. I have lost more than 6 profiles because I kept repeating this silly error.

On one of my accounts that got terminated i had my complete 5000 friends in just few hours. Ask me how! After creating the account i just started adding white folks as if I was being paid to do so.

One of the questions facebook asks people you send requests to is ‘ Do You Know…’ Once the person clicks NO say Bye Bye to your fake Facebook account. So please avoid doing this. Having to stay one or two weeks without friends is not a bad thing so long as you know what you stand to achieve at the end.

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So How Then Do You Get Friends in your new Facebook account?

Join groups. Join groups according to the calibre of clients you are looking for and also participate in the groups.

If you need Widows search for Widows group on Fb and become a member. Begin to make contributions in the group. Gradually you will begin to build an audience, and then friends, and then clients. And the next thing you’re building your bank account, cashing out millions.

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