Eight (8) Easy cons to make money online

Easy scamming ways to make money

If you are looking for easy cons to make money as an individual, then you have gotten to the right place. Engaging in simple cons to make money is meant for the smart people who have the mind to scam other people of their hard-earned money, not necessarily stealing the money by force.  There are different ways to make money illegally, so you can choose which one you fancy the most.

In this article, I will be listing out the simple cons to make money if you are in any part of the world. I can authoritatively tell you that there is nobody that is too smart to fall for a scam no matter how strong you think you are in your mind. In most cases, those people that fall for simple cons often do not know; they will be surprised at what they have been defeated too.

The simple cons to make money can be often done in the streets, or anywhere much people are gathered. As far as you have the mind to scam people, then the simple cons can be done by you.

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The list of Eight (8) Easy cons to make money include

The False Good Samaritan con

This is one of many simple cons to make money that is being practiced by streetwalkers. This con aims to show yourself as that person that needs help when your accomplice is with you.

Let me explain this con by putting up an example. As a trickster, you plan with your friend, who would serve as your accomplice. You would represent a thief who would steal from another person entirely in the streets. Your friend and accomplice would then fight to run after you and catch you and return what was taken back to the original owner of that item. The false Good Samaritan con aims to get a reward from the person you returned the stolen item to.

When the stolen item is returned to the owner, he/she will reward you handsomely with money or a gift. Then you and your accomplice, you depart from the street to where you would share the cash and the award given to you by the victim. All in all, the 2 of you will not get caught if you have done a great job by pretending.

However, for those who seek to avoid this type of con, you must stay watchful and lookout for people who are suspicious of their doings. Though there might be genuine helpers who will not request for a reward, you need to be watchful.

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The Job Scam

This con to make money is quite a simple one, and I will show you how to accomplish the scam. You are to convince several job seekers that you have access to insider jobs in various companies.

All you need to do is create a Whatsapp group where they will join after making payments into your account. There are lots of unemployed people roaming around the street, so this would be a good idea.

Note that the price shouldn’t be too high so that it becomes less of a worry on how to pay. If you play this game well, you are undoubtedly on your way to making so much money without breaking any law.

To fulfill your end of the bargain, visit job portals, and post jobs from there into the group. If anyone complains of not receiving good jobs, kick them out of the group. Others would learn to keep shut.

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If you have a website, this should be one of the simple cons to make money on street without stress.

What happens is that you need to visit several websites and subscribe to their newsletter. Most of them would give you several eBooks as a reward for joining.

I don’t need the eBook; I need money. So what I do is transform the eBook into cash by selling it on Amazon Kindle Publishing. The reseller’s scam is one trick that has earned me over $1000 consistently within the past six months I started this scam.

Once I download the eBook, I proceed to rewrite them immediately. After I rewrite them, I send them directly to my Amazon dashboard and publish it.

At the end of the month, I earn my royalties without hassles. Remember, you have to remove any trace of the original author. You don’t want to lose your money bag from a ban.

The Melon Drop

This is another widely practiced type of con people engage in to make money. It is a pure con to participate in, you can do this type of scam by yourself, but you need to be smart just like a drug dealer as well as having an imposing figure.

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What you are supposed to do is to get a product that is almost damaged, then go out on the street and pretend to clatter into someone and drop the product that is nearly damaged. Then when it has fallen and spoilt, you are to pester the victim and insist they replace it or compensate you with cash (More preferable).

Try to make the coming together of both you and the other person seem so real so that the other person will feel it is he/her fault. This type of con, like I said, is widely practiced, and it is very profitable if done well.

The pig in a poke

The majority of the less smart people often fall for this type of con. It is a type of scam that is very risky to engage in, especially when you know the person you are doing it to is very smart.

It is also one type of con you can engage in and make some cold cash from. This type of scam aims to sell a product to someone but exchanging the sold product to the customer so that they will end up with an empty product when they get to their homes. Doing this type of con requires you to be smart because you are supposed to exchange the product you have convinced the customer to buy.

When the customer pays you, you will exchange the product with an empty one so that the customer will go with it. However, this type of con should only be practiced on the streets so that they cannot come back to lay queries on you.

Advertising Fake Products

Advertising fake products is another simple con that you can do to make money. The counterfeit products you are likely to sell may range from drugs, fake technological equipment, and so on. It is advisable to advertise those counterfeit products on the streets so that you will not get caught when they come looking for you.

There is a detailed post on how to sell replicas online and offline. People would definitely buy from you no doubt.

The aim is to sell those fake products to the people walking in the streets, and you get your money. On an average day, people will not know that the product is fake until they have used it for some time. You are expected to convince the prospective buyer that the product is original, whereas it’s fake. It is often practiced in Africa, most notably and in the world generally.

Street Mechanic

This type of con happens if a person’s vehicle has a problem. When you notice that a person’s car has a hitch, you are to take advantage of that person, especially if it is the kind of person that does not have any idea at all about vehicle repairs.

When you approach a person whose vehicle has a problem and knowing quite well that the issue of that vehicle is tiny, you are to create an expression that suggests that the question of the car is enormous. And that he/she has to pay a large amount of money to replace the damaged part of the vehicle and to solve the problem. When you have finally succeeded in collecting the money, you will then proceed to buy cheap spare parts to use in replacing the damaged one.

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The victim would not know that you have pocketed a large part of the money that was given to the mechanic. To do this type of con, you should at least have little knowledge in repairing damaged vehicles and detecting a vehicle’s fault.

The Lost Girl

This type of scam would be perfect for girls. Just like it happens in the movies, this is how you can get money from a married man. I think this scam would take one of the simple cons to make money for girls. Here are the steps;

Pretend to be a girl who missed her appointment and is stranded in a club or anywhere filled with rich people

Act desperate

Avoid single guys

Wait for a rich man to call you

Sleep with him and collect his money

Run, run, run…

It is as simple as that. It is one of the ways a girl can get money from a married man with ease.

Money Flipping

I never knew that someone could fall victim to a scam as dumb as this till I saw a girl lamenting about how she lost her money to cash flippers on Instagram.

How it works is that someone will advertise that he can help you flip your money.

You reach out to Instagram users, asking them to invest a specific amount – let’s say $100, and they will get $200 in 45 minutes.

If the people on Instagram questions you, asking how legit it is, show them testimonials of people who have benefitted from your money flipping business.

These are some of the questions you might get while trying to make someone invest, and some possible rebuttals;

How do you get the profit you give us?

Ans: We invest in high yield trading platforms like Forex and Binary trades. We cash out in 10 minutes and use our profit to pay you ASAP.

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What if you lose, will you still pay?

Ans: There is no way we can lose. We are experts of over 12 years of experience, trading forex, and binary tips. But perhaps we lose, we have back-up funds that we use to pay our clients back the agreed profit.

How long does it take to get a payout?

$100 takes 50 minutes

$200 takes 1 hour, etc.

These are some of the easy cons to make money that can fool anybody both offline and online.


For you to participate in some of the listed simple cons to make money, you must be smart enough as well as watchful of your surroundings so that you will not get caught unaware. The list above contains the simple cons to make money that you can engage in today. Finally, if your credit score ever becomes bad, you can change credit score illegally.

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